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Discover the ultimate Airline Guide for hassle-free travel with your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and psychiatric service dogs.
Published on April 12, 2024

Air travel can be daunting for anyone, but if you rely on the support of your ESA or PSD, it comes with unique challenges and considerations. From ensuring your pet’s comfort to understanding airline policies and regulations, there’s a lot to navigate.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) has been a pivotal piece of legislation in this arena, ensuring you can fly with your psychiatric service dog (PSD) or maybe with an emotional support animal (ESA). However, recent amendments have reshaped the landscape, changing how airlines accommodate ESAs and service animals.

That’s where our guide to flying with an emotional support dog and a psychiatric service dog can help. We’ll unpack the latest rules and explain what they mean for you and your animal companion.

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How To Get a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

Any LMHP including a psychologist, doctor, therapist counselor can write a PSD letter.

What Is ACAA, And How Does It Affect Air Travel With ESA Or PSD?

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), enacted in 1986, prohibits airlines from discriminating against passengers based on disability and requires them to provide accommodations, including those related to ESAs and PSDs. The provisions of the ACAA cover all domestic and foreign airlines doing business in the United States.

These accommodations may include allowing your emotional support animals on planes free of charge or with no breed restriction. However, you must comply with each Airline’s requirements and documentation procedures to facilitate a smooth travel experience.

Can You Fly With An Emotional Support Animal?

An amendment to the ACAA, as of January 11, 2021, the allowance of emotional support animals onboard flights may vary from Airline to Airline. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is no longer bound to recognize emotional support animals as service animals and doesn’t require airlines to transport support animals.

Which Airlines Allow Emotional Support Animals?

Each Airline has its policy regarding traveling with an emotional support animal (ESA). Most airlines restrict ESAs or transport them as pets. However, a couple of airlines may allow emotional support animals on planes. We recommend double-checking with the airlines before booking your travel. Here are the airlines that allow emotional support dogs.

  • Alaska Airline
  • Allegiant Airline
  • American Airline
  • Delta Airline
  • Frontier Airline
  • JetBlue Airline
  • Southwest Airline
  • Spirit Airline
  • United Airline

What Are The Expert’s Tips For Selecting Airlines That Accommodate ESAs?

After the update to the ACAA in 2021, flying with an ESA dog has become more complex but possible. If you fulfill their requirements, you can fly with your ESA.

Each Airline has its rules, and some are more pet-friendly than others. After researching, your support animal can still be your travel buddy. Here are some tips before traveling and booking your tickets with specific airlines.

  1. Breed restrictions
    Most airlines only allow smaller dogs and cats in the cabin. However, some airlines may extend flight privileges to birds, rabbits, and other small household animals. You should choose one that accepts your animal in the cabin.
  2. Age of ESA required to fly
    In most airlines, your ESA must be at least eight weeks old, but some airlines require them to be at least 16 weeks old to fly. Choose an airline that accepts your animal’s age; otherwise, your animal will travel in the cargo.
  3. Number of ESAs allowed onboard
    If you have multiple emotional support animals, select airlines that allow various ESAs.
  4. Select an appropriate pet carrier
    Your ESA must fit comfortably under the seat in front of you. It would help if you consider the TSA-approved pet carriers. Also, check your Airline’s requirements, as the size may differ depending on the Airline.
  5. Cost of pet travel
    Almost every airlines charge additional fees for traveling with pets, including ESAs. However, the cost may vary from Airline to Airline. Select airlines that allow you to travel with your ESA without burdening your wallet.
  6. Check ESA accommodation options
    Determine whether the Airline allows ESAs to accompany you in the aircraft cabin. Some airlines may have restrictions or specific requirements for where ESAs can sit, so it is crucial to understand these details in advance.
  7. Evaluate documentation requirements
    Please review the Airline’s documentation requirements for traveling with an ESA. These include a letter from a licensed mental health professional certifying the need for the emotional support animal.
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What Is An ESA Letter, And How Can It Be Helpful While Flying with an ESA?

An ESA letter certifies your need for an animal to treat your medical conditions. With an ESA letter, you may fly with an emotional support animal. However, you must present a legitimate ESA letter to the Airline. Airlines use this letter to verify that your animal provides emotional support that helps with your medical condition.

It’s crucial proof of your need for an ESA to ensure compliance with airline regulations. Moreover, under the ACAA, airlines can request documentation, including an ESA letter, to comply with airline policy. Provide this document to avoid being denied boarding or experiencing other travel complications.

Are Psychiatric Service Dogs Allowed To Travel In Airplanes?

The Air Carrier Access Act recognizes and allows PSDs to fly with you in the aircraft. These dogs are exempt from pet fees or policies that don’t allow the transportation of animals in the aircraft.
Your service dogs must meet the requirements set by the airlines, such as being trained to perform specific tasks related to your disability. Airline companies are not required to recognize other animal species as service animals. You must follow the particular guidelines for service animals set by the ACAA, and some of these are:

  • Your service dog is to be harnessed or leashed during the flight.
  • Your dog must be well-behaved during the flight and not create disruptions. That means no jumping on others, barking or acting aggressively.
  • If your service dog causes any damage to the airplane cabin, you are responsible for the damage.

How Do You Notify Airlines When Traveling With A PSD?

The process of accommodating service animals varies from Airline to Airline. However, all airlines require a specific form to know about your psychiatric service dogs. You must submit the Department of Transportation or DOT form 48 hours before departure. It provides essential information about your PSDs to the airlines. Moreover, you can also tell them about your PSD while booking your tickets.
You can submit the DOT form or any other form required by your airlines online or offline. Some airlines provide an online portal to submit the form, while others use offline methods. Please check your Airline’s policy for further information.

What Forms Can An Airline Require From You?

The forms that airlines are permitted to require from you as a condition of flying with an emotional support animal are:

  1. A U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form.
  2. A U.S. DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form. It applies to flights for eight or more hours.
  3. Forms that must comply with requirements from a Federal agency, U.S. territory, or a foreign jurisdiction, e.g., Hawaii animal permit requirements.

You must also bring a PSD letter so that airlines can verify your need for a service dog.

How To Get a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

Any LMHP including a psychologist, doctor, therapist counselor can write a PSD letter.

Other Federal Regulations Impacting Pet Travel On Airlines:

In addition to the DOT regulations governing travel with PSDs, other federal rules may impact your travel with service or emotional support animals.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also issues guidelines and regulations regarding the transport of emotional support animals on planes.
As per the FAA, airlines may disallow your service animal.

  • If the animal poses a direct threat to the safety of others.
  • The animal is disruptive and aggressive.

However, your airlines must always conduct an individualized assessment Before denying transport to a service animal. Airlines must also consider any point that may help you. They must provide you with a statement explaining why they refused to transport your animal within ten days of the refusal.

Can Emotional Support Dogs Fly?

Yes, but as a pet. You would not get any special accommodations available for the service animal owners. However, there may be a couple of airlines that accept emotional support animals.

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed On Planes?

According to the ACAA, airlines are not legally bound to allow emotional support animals (ESAs). They are only bound to allow service animals on their plans. However, you can still travel with your ESA. The Airline will consider your ESA a pet, and you will not get any special accommodations.

Do Emotional Support Dogs Fly For Free?

You have to pay a fee to fly with your animal. Fees may vary from Airline to Airline. It’s a good idea to contact your Airline before booking tickets.

Can ESA Dogs Fly In Cabin?

Your ESA can fly in a cabin if your Airline allows it. A couple of airlines recognize the importance of emotional support animals in your life and have policies in place to accommodate them. You must have an ESA Letter that lets your emotional companion dog fly. However, each Airline may have specific guidelines and requirements for traveling with ESAs. It is always recommended that you contact your Airline before booking your flights.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Airline?

An emotional support animal airline is a term that may used to refer to airlines that accommodate passengers traveling with emotional support animals. These airlines have policies and procedures to allow you to be accompanied by emotional support animals on planes.

Do Service Animals Fly Free?

Service dogs can fly for free. According to the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), service animals can travel in the cabin with their handlers at no additional cost. However, you must inform the Airline and provide any necessary documentation to ensure a smooth travel experience. So, if someone asks you, do service dogs fly for free? Say yes with confidence.

Which Airlines Let Pets Fly Free?

Since pets are not protected under the ADA, they can not travel for free. You must pay a fee to fly with an emotional support dog. However, to fly for free, you must obtain a PSD letter, for which your pet must be trained to perform tasks related to your disability. After getting the letter, your pet will become a PSD or Psychiatric service dog. A PSD is protected under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) and ACAA (Air Carrier Access Act ), allowing it to accompany you in the cabin at no additional cost on most airlines.

Can Therapy Dogs Fly?

Therapy dogs are not granted the same legal protections as service animals under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). While some airlines may allow therapy dogs to fly in the cabin with their owners, it is not guaranteed, and policies vary among carriers.

Can Therapy Dogs Fly On Planes?

Unlike service animals, therapy dogs do not require specialized training to perform tasks related to a disability. Therefore, passengers traveling with therapy dogs may be subject to the Airline’s pet policies, including additional fees and restrictions.

Can My Emotional Support Dog Fly With Me?

You can fly with an emotional support animal, but the animal is subject to additional pet fees. The fees vary from Airline to Airline. So, can you fly with an emotional support dog if someone asks you? Say yes, but be ready to pay additional fees and complete the other procedures.

Can Service Dogs Fly On Airplanes?

Service dogs can fly on planes without additional fees. These dogs are protected under the ADA, so they have the right to accompany you on the plane.

Can Service Dogs Fly In The Cabin?

Yes, service dogs can fly in the cabin. If they meet the requirements,

  • Your service animal must be fully trained.
  • They must be trained to perform tasks for the benefit of their disability, including sensory, psychiatric, or physical disabilities.
  • Service animals in training travel as pets, not as service animals. Hence, it is subject to pet fees.
  • Your service dog must behave well with others or airlines.

Where Do Service Dogs Sit On Planes?

Service dogs can sit on the floor at your feet during flights. They must be positioned in a manner that minimizes disruption to other passengers. Your service dog cannot sit near the exit, and your dog must not block the aisle. Some airlines may provide a designated space for service dogs, such as an empty seat or a designated area in the cabin. However, this may vary depending on the Airline’s policies and the specific aircraft configuration.

Can Emotional Support Dogs Fly On Airplanes?

Yes, emotional support dogs can fly on airplanes. However, regulations regarding ESAs have changed. As of January 11, 2021, the U.S. Department of Transportation revised its airplane ESA regulations. Airlines are no longer required to recognize emotional support animals as service animals. This means you have to follow specific procedures or provide additional documentation to travel with an ESA.

Airline Specific Emotional Support Animal & Psychiatric Service Dog Policies

Southwest Airlines PSD Policy Guide

We compiled a useful guide to Southwest Airlines’ service animal policy, offering valuable insights and answering common questions. We’ll also cover the documentation and requirements needed for traveling with them and the accommodations provided by the airline.

American Airlines PSD Policy Guide

We are here to explore the Psychiatric Service Dog Policy Guide of American Airlines, a leading airline that prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility. Understanding American Airlines’ PSD policy is crucial for individuals with disabilities and their loyal service dogs. It ensures a seamless travel experience for all.

Delta Airlines PSD Policy Guide

Welcome to the Delta Airlines PSD (Psychiatric service dog) Policy Guide! We are here to explain the comprehensive guidelines Delta Airlines provides to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers with disabilities. Our PSD Policy Guide is valuable, offering insights and assistance to passengers, their families, and caregivers.

Delta Air Lines ESA Policy

If you are deciding to travel with Delta Airlines, you must be aware of the various policies of delta airlines ESA policy before taking a flight. You should fulfill some requirements and rules before flying with your ESA.

Alaska Airline ESA Policy

Alaska Airlines is serving people to make your travel experience easy, safe, and comfortable. Alaska Airlines assists those who are suffering from any mental or physical illness by making them travel with an Emotional Support Animal.

Looking To Apply For an Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

Apply for your PSD letter online and get approved by a State Licensed Mental Health Professional. All done from the comfort of your home.

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