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Emotional Support Animal Letter Pennsylvania

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Keeping an Emotional Support Animal not only helps you in providing comfort but also assists you in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, ease loneliness. Get an Emotional Support Animal today and stay protected under federal and state laws.

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To get your ESA letter, firstly, you need to apply online by signing up your details in which you need to fill an online assessment form with precise details. Next, submit your details and proceed to the payment section. 


Get Evaluated Online

Once you are finished with the payment section, your details will get evaluated online by the state mental health professionals. 

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After getting evaluated, you will receive your ESA letter instantly through Email. You can further save it for housing and flying services. 

Elements of a Legitimate ESA Letter

A valid Emotional Support Animal letter must indicate that the person is acquiring the therapeutic advantages for coping with intense emotions, anxiety, or any mental illness.


Must be written on state-licensed mental health professional’s letterhead.


Therapist’s name and signature.


Date of issuance.


Therapist’s license number.


Date of the license, and state where it’s issued.


The need for an ESA for treating the individual’s mental health.


Details of the pet may be included.

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Pennsylvania and Emotional Support Animals

Pennsylvania Emotional Support Animal aims to provide medical services to the people who actually need the animal assistance to overcome their mental issues. 

We truly understand the value of an animal in human life. We are assisting many patients with our online services to make it easier and accessible and get your ESA letter as soon as possible. Our services are protected under federal and state laws that protect an ESA and its owners from getting biased due to mental disorders.

By acquiring an ESA letter, one can get access to the benefits of flying and keeping a pet on housing properties easily.

We have a team of licensed mental health professionals who are always there to grant patients in getting ESA letter approvals.

Health Qualifying conditions to get an ESA letter in Pennsylvania:

There are several health conditions that are recognized under the DSM-V, but also they are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder
  • Cognitive Disorder
  • Phobias and fears
  • Learning Disorders
Who Can Write an ESA Letter in Pennsylvania?

A state-authorized Mental Health Professional must prescribe an ESA Letter. This includes the following health care professionals.

  • A Primary Care Physician.
  • A Licensed Therapist.
  • Any Licensed Mental Health Professional.
  • A Licensed General Physician.
If you have a valid ESA letter in the State of Pennsylvania, the landlord or housing provider:
  • Must allow emotional support animals, even if there is a general “no-pets” policy.
  • Cannot charge pet deposits or pet fees in connection with the ESA.
  • Cannot place limitations on the size, weight, and breed of the emotional support animal.
ESA Housing Benefits
  • Live in no-pet housing
  • No more pet charges
  • 24 X 7 Online ESA Letter Support
  • A hassle-free downloadable copy of an ESA Letter.

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Emotional Support Animal Laws at Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has identified the essential role of Emotional Support Animals in improving the health and wellness of disabled persons and has passed specific laws along with the federal regulations for the protection of Emotional Support Animals.

Pennsylvania ESA Housing Laws

Pennsylvania has approved the Fair Housing Act (FHA) to stop discrimination while renting or buying a residence. This Act helps to prevent landlords from discriminating against tenants with mental or physical disabilities. The Act protects provides legal access to the people who are mentally disabled as they require an ESA to get over their disabilities. Also, a person is not required to pay any extra charges for their pet. 

Exception to rules in Pennsylvania


Accommodation Laws:

  • The Fair Housing Act won’t be applicable at your own home.
  • In case an animal seems to be a threat to others, a landlord may reject the application for living with an ESA. 
  • In case ESA causes any harm to the property, the individual may need to pay for the repairs.

Punishment for Misrepresenting an Emotional Support Animal

Pennsylvania does not have a lawful punishment for misrepresenting an emotional support animal. However, if a person seems to do so, are suppose to leave that place at the moment, and the pet no longer is considered as an ESA.

Places where I can take my ESA in Pennsylvania?

The place offers countless outdoor activities that you can enjoy along with your furry friend. People can enjoy swimming, relaxing, and ride the boat ramp and dock.


A perfect beach location to calm the mood and enjoy the sunbath with your Emotional Support Animal.


Cedar lake has a large area of about 76 acres and is full of adventures and outdoor activities. With the scenic views of this campground, you can come along with your pet and spend your time.


Edinboro Lake is a 245-acre long lake that has two established beach areas and a public park that provides public access to the lake. Edinboro Lake supports diverse fishery. 


Clayton Park is a seasonal campground, and the boat launch is pet-friendly! The place has expanded into a camping and rental destination that gives relaxing experiences in the countryside.  

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Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animal in Pennsylvania

Every little help!

Emotional Support Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are preferred more as an Emotional Support Animals due to their kind, friendly, and confident nature. They are medium-sized dogs and are calm, naturally intelligent and biddable, and have an exceptional eagerness to please.

Emotional Support Beagle


Beagles have a great sense of smell and are superior in tracking instincts. They are more preferred as detection dogs and have a gentle disposition. These little animals are active and entertaining, also are very friendly with new people that make them excellent therapy dogs.  

Emotional Support Pug


Pugs are small in size and are known for being social and gentle companion dogs. They are remarkable and charming personalities with rare aggression and are suitable for families with children. They are more loyal and close to their owners and crave attention from their owners. 

Emotional Support Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are another dog breed that is more preferred for their active and supportive nature. They are also well known as therapy dogs due to sweet, gentle features. These dogs are very loving, playful, extremely patient, and eager to please. Such dogs are good with children and other dogs. 

Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support Animal in Pennsylvania

Every little help!

Emotional Support Rag doll


Ragdoll is recognized more for having a docile, calm, and floppy nature. They are large and have soft, silky long hair with blue eyes. They are more known for affectionate, intelligent, relaxed in nature, gentle behavior. They are closer to their owners and tend to provide emotional comfort to them. 

Emotional Support Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian Cats are regal, beautiful, and quiet in nature. These cats are closer and have affection for owners. They are friendliness towards strangers that make them excellent Emotional Support Animals. 

Emotional Support Manx cat

Manx cat

Manx has a small stub of a tail but is more known as being entirely tailless that makes them different from other cats. They are considered as social and gregarious cats, and very attached to humans, but also shy of strangers. Manx is said to be more social, tame, and active. 

Emotional Support Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a curious and calm animal that is well known for its friendliness, intelligence, and reserved nature. They love to play with a variety of toys and make loyal bonds to their loved ones and other family pets.

Where Can You Adopt an ESA in Pennsylvania?

All 4 Paws: All 4 paws are situated in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania that was started in 2009, and since rescued over 10,000 animals. Being a foster-based rescue, they keep their animals in Foster homes that allow their animals to receive socialization, care 24 hours a day, and preparing them to be adoptable pets. 

Wet Nose Rescue: Wet Nose Rescue was started in 2008 that is located in Southampton, Wet Nose Rescue. It is an all-breed dog foster-based rescue center. This adoption center offers dog training to new pet owners in Pennsylvania.

To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc: To Love a Canine Rescue is a foster-based rescue located in Chester County. They maintain honesty in their adoption process, providing owners with all the information they have about each animal. Their team tries to make the adoption process successful for each of their animals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an ESA letter in Pennsylvania?

You can apply on the Fast ESA letter to get an ESA letter in Pennsylvania. We have a team of licensed health professionals who will evaluate your ESA application. You can start the process by filling out our form and answering your mental and pet details. After this, our health professional will evaluate your application according to the details you provided on the form. Our health professional will approve your application if your mental illness is fit for an emotional support animal. You will receive your ESA letter on the same day via email.

Who can write an ESA letter in Pennsylvania?

Only a state-licensed mental health professional can evaluate patients of Pennsylvania to approve and hence write an ESA letter to certify their animal as an emotional support animal. Following health care specialists can assess the patient’s applying for ESA letter in Pennsylvania:

  • A licensed psychologist
  • A Licensed Therapist
  • A Licensed General Physician
  • A licensed psychiatrist
  • A Primary Care Physician
  • Any Licensed Mental Health Professional
How do I register my emotional support dog in Pennsylvania?

To verify your pet as an emotional support animal and hence savour the benefits of ESA laws, you should certify your pet with an ESA letter. ESA registration is just a scam and Pennsylvania ESA laws don’t provide any protection to pets registered on some scam company’s database.

You can certify your emotional support dog with Fast ESA letter’s legitimate ESA letters. Apply now to start the process!

Do landlords have to allow emotional support animals in Pennsylvania?

Yes, as long as tenants have an ESA letter to prove their pet as an Emotional Support animal, landlords are obliged to allow the tenant’s emotional support animal on their property. Click here to understand ESA laws and rules that landlords must know if a tenant comes up with a request to keep an emotional support animal with them.

When can a landlord legally reject an ESA in Pennsylvania?

In case the tenant provides a fake ESA letter or the ESA seems to be a threat to other tenants’ safety, a landlord can reject an ESA in Pennsylvania.

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