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Fast ESA is a healthcare organization that aims to provide every citizen of the United States the legal right to stay with their Emotional Support Animal. While starting the Fast ESA Letter, we saw it as a perfect opportunity to help people in need. Where Housing authorities were so unfair for not letting people stay with their Emotional Support animals, we decided to deliver their rights with our ESA Letters. It wasn’t easy for us initially, but our health professionals, who shared the same empathy as we did, were on our every step, and here we are, the Top ESA Letter service provider in the United States.

Our journey was never easy, but the drive to serve society and help people in need kept us going. We are here due to our core values, trust and empathy. These are what we have from starting and will fuel our hearts to keep working more and expanding this organization for the benefit of all.

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A Bridge between World Class Mental Health Professionals and Patients

Our Telehealth services connect the United States’ top Mental Health Professionals with the Patients who are looking out for help. We remove the necessity to go anywhere as our mental health professionals evaluate the patients online. There is no need to travel all the way and wait in queues to book appointments to finally meet a mental health professional. Patients can get evaluated for emotional support animals from their homes by giving us the details of their mental or emotional illness.

We have been providing ESA Letter service in the United States for years and have gained the Trust of thousands of customers. We are known for our high-quality services. Check out our review section to know what our customers want to say about our services.

Trusted Name in the Industry!

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A Helping Hand in Need!

We have a team of Mental Health Professionals licensed in every state of the United States. These Health professionals have been chosen to be part of the Fast ESA Letter after assuring that they pass certain criteria and are perfect for our Patients.

These Health Professionals are not only highly qualified but sympathetic and understand the fragile condition of the Patients. Thus, the health professionals ensure the patients with the genuine demand to stay with their emotional support animal will get their natural rights with their signed ESA Letter.

We Get It!

A physical Injury is easily visible on one’s body and is something that can be healed with time. However, a mental illness isn’t visible to the naked eye. People don’t consider it severe, but it affects a person in many ways. A mental condition can cause permanent damages beyond repair if not treated on time. Medicine isn’t also reliable as results are not guaranteed, and the side effects are sadly painful in their own way.

Here, the Human- animal relationship is something that is the only trusted solution. Now, that’s what medical health professionals recommend that patients with mental struggles to opt for.

Valuing this animal-human relationship, we help people to benefit from this beautiful relationship and heal any mental trauma. With our ESA Letters, we help people stay with their Emotional Support Animals, no matter what. Therefore, their Emotional Support Animals are always available to support them in hard situations.

A licensed doctor’s Recommendation!

Our ESA Letter is a recommendation note by State-licensed health professionals. This ESA Letter is legitimate proof that the health professional approves that the person needs an Emotional Support Animal to heal from their mental illness. Our Letters help to:

  • Stay with Pet in a Rental Apartment
  • Avoid Pet Fees
  • Keep a pet no matter its breed, size, and type.
  • Dwell with Pets in College and School Dorms
  • Fly with a Emotional support animal in airlines which allows ESA.

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