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How to Get an ESA Letter in Georgia Online

Writing an emotional support animal letter in Georgia isn’t something that an ESA owner can do by itself. You must get your letter from a licensed mental health professional who can practice in your state. Thus, to get an ESA letter online in Georgia, an individual must consult the LMHP. After the online consultation, if the professional feels that having an ESA could benefit you, they write an ESA letter. It’s important to get yours from a legitimate professional and always have it on you, especially when planning to move into a new house. Under the Fair Housing Act, the ESAs can accommodate their handlers without any hassle. Besides, the landlord is not even allowed to charge any fee for the ESA.

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What Does Georgia Law Say About An Emotional Support Animal?

There is no therapist in the world, like a furry creature licking your face! All they add is love!! An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) includes any animal that endows its owners with immense love, support, and care. With love, anxiety can be controlled. An emotional support animal provides therapeutic advantages to a person suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or intense emotions and facilitates alleviating the symptoms.

If you are a resident of Georgia and wanted to get your ESA letter for your pet, then you need to understand the importance of animals in your daily life. Emotional Support Animals are great companions that can help you to feel more relaxed, and safer, and cope with your emotional or mental disability.

Georgia Emotional Support Animal Laws

In Georgia, the rights of Emotional Support Animal owners are protected under the FHA. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) allows a person with a disability to live with an Emotional Support Animal in any rental accommodation.

This act was passed to stop the discrimination against the person with the disability and provide them with a reasonable accommodation devoid of any no-pet policies. Moreover, the landlord cannot charge any additional pet rent or fees for your Emotional Support Animal.

Allowing an Emotional Support Animal in the workplace means modifying the workplace policy. Since the Americans with Disability Act does not protect an ESA, a Georgia employer can reject your request. However, employers can request medical documentation when an employee requests accommodation. So, you can get a letter for your Emotional Support Animal from Georgia LMHP. Considering your disability, they may permit your ESA to the Workplace.

However, if someone tries to falsely misrepresent their animal as an Emotional Support Animal in public places, then a person might result in eviction from housing, ejection from public places, and even banishment from universities.

If you have a valid ESA letter in the State of Georgia, the landlord or housing provider:

  • Must accept reasonable accommodation request, even if there is a no-pets policy.
  • Cannot charge deposits and security fees for the animal.
  • Cannot place limitations on the size, weight, and breed of the animal.

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Great service. I have real bad anxiety attacks and my letter expired from my therapist and I needed a new letter. They were fast and efficient received it in less than a day. Thank you guys for everything.

Brandon Y.


Very fast process. The doctor was available within 10 minutes. Communication was excellent with nurse and Dr. Clendenin. They addressed my concerns and answered questions. Everything was straightforward.

Chris Boodhoo


Exceptional service that I was offered with. Everything from online assistance, to application, to delivery timing, it was perfect. Will use their service and will recommend to everyone from now onwards.

Lisa Perez


The Fast ESA letter is the best platform for getting a legitimate Emotional Support Animal Letter. Their online process of applying is so easy and understandable. You can chat anytime with them as they are best in their respective jobs.

Finley Randall

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Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal for Georgia Residents

Georgia residents with certain mental or emotional conditions that can prevent them from living their lives to the fullest may benefit from the presence of an Emotional Support Animal. Here are the benefits of ESAs that Georgia residents can avail:

  • Constant Companion: Having an Emotional Support Animal always by your side offers constant companionship that can be beneficial for those suffering from depression, anxiety, etc. Due to the unwavering companionship of these little creatures, they are called companion animals. They can help you combat emotional and mental health conditions.
  • Improved Physical Well-being: Apart from emotional and mental well-being, an Emotional Support Animal also aids in improving the physical well-being of the individual. An individual may feel calm or relaxed due to the presence of an Emotional Support Animal. Moreover, ESAs also aid in normalizing heart rate and blood pressure, reducing stress, and alleviating emotions of loneliness.
  • Improved Outlook In Daily Life: An Emotional Support Animal helps to improve the overall outlook of your daily life. Emotional Support Animals positively impact the life of their handler, assisting in their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

How To Get A Psychiatric Service Dog In Georgia?

The basic requirements for obtaining a Psychiatric Service Dog in Georgia include having a qualifying health disability, a PSD letter from an LMHP, and a skilled dog that can help you alleviate your mental disability symptoms.

The Psychiatric Service Dog letter is a letter from a licensed mental health professional (LMHP), such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse, or counselor stating that the PSD is part of the treatment of the individual’s mental or emotional disability.

One of the best and quickest ways to get a Psychiatric Service Dog letter in Georgia is to use Fast ESA Letter’s telehealth portal which can virtually connect you to a licensed mental health professional in Georgia.

Why Georgia ESA Parents Love Fast ESA Letter?

Fast ESA Letter Telemedicine portal offer a streamlined solution to check your eligibility for an emotional support animal. Our professionals conduct secure evaluations adhering to latest ESA Laws in Georgia. Our telemedicine solution ensures that you don’t leave you home, spend extra on appointments, or run behind your schedules.

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Fast ESA letter understands what privacy means for you. That is why we strictly adhere to HIPAA Standards. We never share the data of our customers to third party.

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We offer risk-free evaluations. All our services are backed by a 100% Money-back guarantee. You will not be charged if you are not approved during evaluation.

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If you are confused about obtaining an ESA or PSD letter, or if you have any other questions on the subject, you can reach us via chat or by calling.

Our ESA Letters are Accepted by Georgia Landlords

If you are ready to move in to your new apartment, our ESA and PSD Letter can come in handy. Almost every landlord in Georgia accept ESA and PSD Letters from our professionals.

We Assist You in Verifications of ESA Letter

We will assist you in completing the verification of your ESA and PSD Letter. Whether you have additional documentation from your landlord or travel company, we will take care of it all.

Our Letters Adhere to Fair Housing Policies

We will help you in completing the verification of your ESA and PSD Letter. Whether you have additional documentation from your landlord or travel company, we will take care of it all.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Fast ESA Letter BBB Accredited?

Yes, Fast ESA Letter is accredited by Better Business Bureau as a credible, authentic, and reliable platform. After assessing our service, BBB has declared that Fast ESA Letter is committed to resolving customers’ issues every day.

Is Fast ESA Letter Legit?

Yes, our services are completely legal. We adhere to every guideline required by,

  • The Fair Housing Act,
  • Air Carrier Access Act,
  • Americans with Disability Act, and
  • The American Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

We have a carefully chosen team of healthcare professionals, each licensed in their own respective states. These health practitioners evaluate patients while following every guideline set by ESA law, and only those patients with qualifying mental health conditions for animal assistance will receive an ESA recommendation.

We are also HIPAA-compliant. Therefore, you never need to worry about the information that you share with us, as it is completely safe and secure.

What is the Fair Housing Act?

The Fair Housing Act is one among the federal laws that protects the rights of Emotional Support Animals. It illegalizes discrimination against a person based on,

  • Religion
  • Race/Color
  • National origin
  • Sex
  • Family Status
  • Disability

This applies to any housing providers such as landlords, real estate agents, and commodities like banks, municipalities, house lending companies, or others.

Solely from a standpoint of discrimination based on disability, it is illegal to refuse the “reasonable accommodation” request of a disabled individual by house lending authorities.

Therefore, as per the Fair Housing Act, a landlord or any house lending authority cannot deny a mentally or emotionally disabled person’s request to accommodate an emotional support animal with them.

Do I Need to Register My ESA with the State?

No, you do not need to register your pet as an emotional support animal with the state. State regulations do not require pet owners to go through the hassle of registering their pets in order to qualify them as ESAs. All you need is an ESA letter from a state-licensed healthcare professional. This letter serves as valid proof that your pet is an emotional support animal and that your condition necessitates their presence.

Are ESA letters state-specific?

ESA letters can be acquired in all states. However, their rights can be state-specific as some states may be friendly, while others have more strict guidelines for Emotional Support Animals.

What qualifies as an Emotional Support Animal?

A pet animal that comforts people suffering from mental or emotional challenges is called an emotional support animal. The affection and support it provides you define it as an emotional support animal. They assist in alleviating your feelings of depression and loneliness while giving you loving affection, a feeling that might not have some people in their daily lives. Maintaining your emotional support system helps you establish routines and life management skills. It is perfect for people who struggle to stay motivated daily.

How can I determine if I am eligible for an Emotional Support Animal?

You can connect with a professional who will conduct a diagnosis to determine your eligibility. This includes being diagnosed with mental health conditions like:-

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Autism
  • Agoraphobia
  • Epilepsy
  • Panic Attack
  • Partial blindness and deafness

What does the process for obtaining an ESA letter look like at Fast ESA Letter?

Obtaining your ESA letter from Fast ESA Letter is quite simple. Register at Fast ESA Letter to meet with a professional to get started. After that, you will consult with the professional via an audio or video call. They will diagnose your medical requirements and describe whether an ESA Letter suits your needs. Your official recommendation letter will be sent to your email in the last step.
Resisting in Montana, California, or Arkansas might require two consultation sessions and a 30-day relationship with a healthcare provider.

Can a current pet be considered an Emotional Support Animal?

ESAs are not limited to any breed or species. Almost any animal can qualify until it risks others' safety.
Your already existing pet can qualify as your Emotional Support Animal if they can offer you therapeutic health benefits. Because they can provide emotional comfort, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are likely to be eligible. On the other hand, your current pet can be your ESA if it's not a dog or a cat, such as a rabbit, ferret, bird, hamster, or iguana. There are no breed or species restrictions on ESAs. Until an animal endangers the safety of others, almost any kind of animal is eligible.

Emotional support animals are not limited to any breed or species. Almost any animal can qualify as an ESA if it does not risk others' safety. Your already existing pet can also become an emotional support animal if they offer you therapeutic health benefits. Meanwhile, domesticated dogs and cats are among the most popular pets. Breeds like rabbits, ferrets, birds, hamsters, or iguanas can also qualify as one. There are no breed or species restrictions on ESAs. Until an animal endangers the safety of others, almost any kind of animal is eligible.

How do I ensure my ESA letter is legitimate and not a scam?

An effective ESA letter should clarify that your pet is providing you with emotional, anxiety, or mental health support. It ought to contain:

  • A letter signed and bearing the doctor's name.
  • The date you received the letter from the doctor.
  • Explain what makes an ESA necessary.

Do I need a certificate, license, ID card, or vest for my ESA if I have a letter?

If you have an approved letter from a licensed mental health professional, you don't need a certificate, license, ID card, or vest for your ESA. Federal and state rules don't require emotional support dog vests or ID card registration.
Such items are only considered accessories under laws and hold no legal weight. You can purchase it for personal convenience, but it will not provide any legal benefit.

What should I do if my landlord rejects my valid ESA letter?

If your landlord refuses to accept your valid emotional support animal letter, ensure that the health professional credentials are written on it. Your landlord can contact them for confirmation. A few property owners need to learn more about Emotional Support Animals. In this case, you can educate them about their rights. If they still refuse, you can complain to the Department of Housing.

What happens if I move to another state? Is my ESA letter still valid?

If you move to another state, your ESA letter is still valid as long as a licensed therapist has issued it in your previous state. Fair Housing rules only require the ESA letter to be from a different state where you're seeking accommodation from your landlord.

How can I protect my rights if someone challenges the validity of my ESA?

It is crucial to make them aware of emotional support animals and the rights of those who own them. Understanding any confusion is often accomplished by exchanging private stories and helpful resources. By educating and encouraging one another, we can ensure that everyone understands the importance of emotional support animals and the rights individuals with mental health problems hold.

Does my emotional support animal letter disclose information about my medical condition?

Your ESA Letter does not include information about your medical condition. Instead, it consists of details that define your mental or emotional needs. This is done per federal laws, so you can quickly access your sources of support without disclosing your information.

Do I need to consult a mental health professional to obtain an ESA letter?

Consulting a mental health professional is essential to getting an Emotional Support Animal. Federal Housing laws require you to contact a state-licensed mental health professional and let them diagnose whether you are an eligible candidate for an ESA.

Can my ESA travel with me on an airplane?

Because of new rules established by the Air Carrier Access Act, airlines can choose whether to let emotional support animals on board. Many popular airlines, such as Alaska, JetBlue, Southwest, United, and American Airlines, have stopped accepting ESAs. However, a few still do, so it's advisable to check what the airline says before you fly.

Can I take my ESA to work with me?

Your workplace is considered a public accommodation, so it must follow accessibility rules. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires reasonable accommodations for employees with mental health problems.
However, a trained animal must assist since it is a public accommodation. ESAs, unlike service animals, receive no formal training. As a result, it is totally up to the employer whether to accept your ESA.

Are there any specific training requirements for my ESA?

Emotional Support Animals don't need specific training like service animals do. Their sole purpose is to comfort their handler by providing support whenever necessary.

Do I need to register my ESA or get a special ID?

No, you don't need to register your ESA or get a unique ID for them. Having an ESA letter from a legitimate provider is enough. Online registration companies have a private database where they add the details of your ESA. These databases hold no recognition under federal rules.

Can I upgrade my ESA to a service animal status later?

Once your animal is trained, you can upgrade your ESA to a service animal. Also, Service Animal status is limited to a few species, including dogs, cats, and miniature horses. If you own any other animal species, they can not qualify as service animals.

How can I protect my rights if someone challenges the validity of my ESA?

Educating people regarding the role of an ESA is important. Educating and encouraging people ensures that every individual understands the importance of assistance animals and fosters a healthy environment for everyone.

Is it necessary to renew my ESA letter periodically?

Yes, it is important to renew your emotional support animal letter annually. You can contact the same licensed professional or go to another professional to renew it. However, if you are struggling to find an LMHP in the state or have lost connection with your existing provider you can apply to Fast ESA Letter. We work with a team of licensed mental health professionals who provide recommendations after a thorough evaluation.

Can my ESA letter apply to multiple emotional support animals?

Yes, you can have more than one ESA if a mental health professional recommends them. Each of your ESAs must have its own ESA letter signed by an LMHP in the state. Landlords must let you live with all your ESAs and cannot charge extra fees or deposits. According to the FHA, there is no limit on the number of ESAs one can adopt. Nevertheless, while adopting one must make sure that their ESA does not burden or pose a risk to fellow tenants.

What privileges do you get with an ESA letter?

With a legitimate emotional support animal letter.

  1. You get access to all rental housing including the 'no-pet-allowed' one with your ESA without objection from your landlord
  2. You get access to the college dorm without anyone questioning your assistance animal.
  3. You get a support system that aids in improving your mood and reducing stress.

Do I need an ESA letter before adopting my support animal?

You can get an emotional support animal letter before getting an ESA, as it proves that you need an assistance animal to alleviate your disability-related symptoms. Getting an ESA letter early also gives you the benefit of getting the time for permission from the landlord to bring an animal in-house.

Does insurance cover the cost of getting an ESA letter?

Health insurance might cover the cost of getting an emotional support animal letter from a professional. However, it is essential to note that online companies do not accept insurance. You can contact and confirm the company before a visit to ensure that your insurance can cover costs.

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