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20 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

Publish Date: May 2nd, 2021; Author:Blake Quinn
Emotional support animal dogs
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50 million, like seriously 50 million Americans, are facing mental disorders! As per the Mental Health America statistics, Out of these 50 million people, most of the mentally struggling Americans belong to New Jersey. No wonder these stats are so disturbing!

As we can see, the problem is enormous, and it’s necessary to focus on the solution, too! Medications and therapies can show good results in curing these mental disorders. But the most trusted and the one with a nil amount of side effects is Animal support.

Yes, you got it right, animal support.

Humans have been petting animals for their mental betterment for centuries. The foremost option of humans has always been Canines. Petting dogs is not only good for health, but it is fun too! No doubt why people choose them as their emotional support dog.

Let us tell you; that emotional support dogs are not much different than regular dogs. It is the purpose that they serve that makes them unique.

In this blog, we will try to give a complete and clear picture of what emotional support dogs are, why you should get one, the best breeds to choose from while getting one, and lastly, how to get one!

Stick to your screen and keep reading to understand this.

What are Emotional Support Dogs?

As per Wikipedia;

An emotional support animal is an animal that provides relief to individuals with “psychiatric disability through companionship.” Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, an emotional support animal encompasses animals from all species.

Therefore these animals are specially petted with the purpose of curing psychiatric disabilities. However, because almost any animal can be petted as an emotional support animal, most people prefer dogs over any pet. For that very reason, dogs are the superior choice as emotional support animals. Therefore,

“The dogs that provide relief to their owners with psychiatric disability through companionship are called emotional support dogs.”

Dogs are preferable ESAs over animals from all species, not just because they are adorable. They are more than that. Keep reading to learn about this.

Why are Dogs preferred as the best emotional support animals?

Dogs are preferred over other animals as the best emotional support animals, because;

  • Dogs help their owners to help with anxiety issues.
  • They can benefit their owners to overcome depression.

  • Dogs can comfort a person suffering from severe trauma.

  • They enhance activity levels in their owners.

  • They can help you to manage your day-to-day stress.

  • Dogs can also help to fight loneliness.

These are just a few reasons; it would take all day to cite every single reason why they make great ESAs. However, the points mentioned earlier would have given you clarity regarding this.

What are the top 20 ESA dog breeds?



You must be aware that in 1943, an American film hit the screen named “Lassie Come Home.” In this movie, Lassie was a rough collie breed dog. After Lassie’s debut, collies gained a lot of limelight among the American people. Collie’s beautiful coats and charming personality clearly indicate that such appreciation and recognition at that time were evident. Collies are actually herding dogs. Therefore, they make sure that their family is safe and happy at all times. Due to their devoted nature, collies are great emotional support dogs and the best to bring to a family environment.



Poodles are known for their style and allegiance. Well, it’s not that they adapt over time, but they are born with a touch of class. However, looking at these traits, you just cannot underestimate the poodles’ smartness. They are intelligent, highly obedient, and easy to train. They love a challenging environment and love to compete. For that very reason, Poodle owners like to compete their Poodles with other pups in dog shows. Due to a perfect mix of style and smartness, even poodles never disappoint their owners in such challenging situations. Talking about why they are one of the highly chosen ESA, their obedient and loyal nature is the answer.



One can spot a pug from far after seeing its wrinkly, short-muzzled face and cutely curled tail. Adorable, aren’t they? Due to their ability to adjust their emotions very well with humans, they are considered the best ESAs for children. They are suitable as emotional support dogs because they have the skill to sense emotions. Whenever they are around their owner who feels sad, low or stressed, they will try to cheer up their owner’s mood. Their cute small nose, along with the charm, also brings a problem for them, i.e., difficulty breathing. Therefore pug parents should take special care to protect them from situations where they might find breathing hard.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
“Retriever,” as the word suggests, Labrador Retrievers like to find, retrieve things and finally give them to their most loved human. Mainly, they are obsessed with their owners and obey them at all costs. That’s why they are considered the most loyal dog breeds. Labrador Retrievers like to go out and are a highly active breed. Along with this, they are too bright in sensing human emotions. Because of that, most people pick them as their emotional support dogs.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Being petite enough to hold in arms and put on a lap, Yorkshire Terriers are deemed to be the most adorable lapdogs. Well, there is no denial of the fact that they are pretty portable. Therefore they can be the best fit for the person who wants to carry them in socially awkward situations. Most people adopt them as their ESAs who get anxious in social gatherings and take these cute Yorkshire terriers to calm themselves by carrying them all the time. They are not viewed as guard dogs, but for sure, they can warn you by barking during dangerous situations.


Most people consider Beagles as a cute dumb breed of dogs. Well, they are not that dopey, but they have mild energy levels. They are even-tempered, stay primarily calm, and react aggressively only in cases of danger. Beagle dogs are so quiet and lovable that they make up the best emotional support animals. Due to their fun nature and low maintenance, Beagles are also perceived as the best family dogs. Therefore it’s the best match if you are looking for an ESA that can pet easily in a family environment.



After hearing about the breed Corgi, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are the Queen’s dogs. Actually, the Queen of England has owned more than thirty royal Pembroke Welsh Corgis since acquiring the empire. Corgis are a pretty active breed; therefore, choose them if you are ready to take care of an active dog. You might have to take them for walks, play with them, and match their energy levels to keep them entertained.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Did you know that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are considered a “sporting toy breed?” Now that’s because their traits are a mixture of a spaniel and a toy. Being sweet-tempered and calm, they also have some athletic traits. They are quick learners and like to please their owners. Therefore it is really simple to train them. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can be your best companion for morning walks too. These are considered excellent options for being emotional support dogs.



Pomeranians are regarded as cuddly dogs. These furry balls like to cuddle with owners and enjoy random belly rubs. So, it must be clear that they love attention and want to be around their owner all the time. Being small in size, pomeranian puppies are easy to take anywhere. These traits make them the best emotional support dog breed for people who feel lonely and need someone to always be around them.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are the top choice and the most popular dog breed in the United States. They are excellent snuggling buddies due to their shining golden and incredibly soft coats.
Retrievers are not just deemed the best emotional support dogs but the prime choice for family dogs. Their friendly, well-mannered, and calm temperament makes them suitable to keep in a house with growing kids. The children also adore them. Retrievers are adequate for kids or even adults who find it hard to socialize, as they can indeed up your socializing skills.

Vizsla dog

Vizsla dog
Have you ever heard of a dog called a “Velcro dog?” Well, Vizslas are considered a Velcro dog breed. What it means is that these dogs are clingy. They like to follow their owner wherever their owner goes. They easily get attached and are known for their loyalty and intelligence.
Further, these dogs also have great stamina and are highly energetic. To ground this energy, they require to do a lot of physical activity and get trained more. Dog sports are a healthy option for Vizslas to maintain their physical and mental health.

Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound

If you are looking for a human-sized cuddle buddy, then Irish Wolfhounds might be the best match. Due to their gigantic size and soft coat, they come out to be great cuddlers. Irish Wolfhounds belong to the most sensitive breeds in disparity to their massive and hairy physique. They sense humans’ emotions without any difficulty. That’s why most people nominate them as their emotional support dogs. However, before picking one, you should ensure that you have enough space in your house to pet them comfortably due to their enormous size.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise is an easily excitable breed, and they are always keen to learn tricks. They are reputed as happy dogs who like to greet everyone with a cheerful attitude and wiggling tails. They are effortless to breed, but your expenses might rise due to their grooming routine. You might require to visit the groomer occasionally to maintain its incredible coif. So, it’s better to be prepared for that before choosing Bichon Frise. Some people are also allergic to them; therefore, ensure that you or someone from your family might not face an allergic reaction due to the Bichon Frise company before getting one as your ESA.



Havanese are more like small energy packets that prefer to be loved and adored. They are quite attention seekers. For that very reason, this breed also belongs to the “Velcro dogs” class and loves to follow their owners. Due to their sticky nature, these dogs also like to stay around their owners. That is why people with anxiety and depression complications love the company of a Havanese. So, it must be clear to you why people choose them as their emotional support dogs, especially those who face anxiety issues.



Affenpinscher is made of 2 words. “Affen” means (in German) “ape/monkey,” and “Pinscher” means “terrier.” Consequently, these breed dogs are also called “monkey dogs.” It is mainly due to the reason that they were once the hunters of small animals. Despite being working dogs in the past, they are presumed to be toy dogs nowadays. Therefore they are considered clownish entertainers. Still, we cannot overrule their spunky and energetic traits. They are a great match as home dogs due to their alertness and protective nature.



Petite size and cleverness attributes describe much more about a Chihuahua. It is a surprisingly alert breed that is highly responsive to verbal and visual signals and commands. Due to the longer life span, it is the best partner if goodbyes are hard for you. Further, the petite size is beneficial to carry it around anywhere you like. Because of their portable quality, cheerful, and easy bonding nature, getting a Chihuahua can guarantee effortless full-time emotional support.

Great Danes

Great Dane
Great Danes are more kind of pose and calm dogs. They are regarded in the top list of guard dogs. Being a guard dog, it is natural for a Great Dane to have traits like loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and commitment to protecting its owner. However, that doesn’t mean they are cold and unfriendly; instead, they are pretty affectionate and adore their owners. Great Danes might be a perfect match if you are looking for these attributes in your emotional support dog.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Indeed German Shepherds are not lap dogs, but what makes them good pets is their playful and protective nature. They are effortless to train dogs and are highly competitive in nature too. However, Shepherds have a bad image due to their popularity as an aggressive breed. Now, that comes down to their upbringing of the German Shepherds. A Shepherd pup raised in a loving and family environment won’t leave its protective and loyal traits but will absorb qualities like affection and love for its owners.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are also called Frenchies. They are considered perfect city dogs due to their fondness for humans, poise nature, and adaptability to small spaces. Further, these are low-maintenance dogs and have a good temperament. Frenchies are good at sensing emotions, and that’s why they are deemed suitable emotional support dogs. However, due to their short and cephalic heads, they belong to brachycephalic breeds. For that very reason, you should try to keep them cool if you reside in a hot environment.

American Pit Bull Terrier

american pit bull terrier
Believe it or not, American Pit Bull Terriers can be better ESAs too. They have a highly affectionate and loving nature and are called Pibbles. They might seem cold, but they love cuddles and hugs. Pibble parents describe it as a perfect blend of the responsible and loving breed. They have an irritating habit of chewing; therefore, if you don’t want to spoil your furniture, make sure to stuff your home with chew toys for your Pibble’s entertainment.

How to make a dog an emotional support dog?

Now, if you have picked up a breed that is most suitable to be your ESA, here comes the part where you need to make it your emotional support dog. However, these dogs don’t require any special training to qualify as emotional support dogs. What they really require is an “Emotional Support Animal Letter.”

An emotional support animal letter written and signed on official letterhead by a state-licensed health professional recognizes a pet as an emotional support animal. This ESA letter is legitimate proof that the pet is an ESA and its owner seeks emotional or mental benefits from their pet.

Fast ESA Letter provides a legitimate ESA letter service in the United States. You don’t need to find a health professional, as we have a team of state-licensed health professionals that can evaluate your application and write an ESA letter for you. You just need to follow these steps;

  • Fill up and submit Evaluation Form Online:Start the process by filling up an online evaluation form describing your medical and dog details. Once done, submit the form.
  • Get Evaluated by a State-Licensed Professional:After that, a state-licensed health professional will evaluate and approve your application if your mental illness qualifies to have an emotional support animal.
  • Receive ESA Letter via Email:Once approved, you will obtain an ESA letter written and signed by your state’s licensed health professional. Download it from your email address and use it whenever you want.


As you can see, there are so many options to choose from as your ESA dog. You can pick almost any and stay with it on any rental property, school, or even college dorm by certifying it as an emotional support animal with a legitimate ESA letter. So, What are you waiting for? Pick a dog’s breed you like and certify it with the Fast ESA Letter today!

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