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Emotional Support Animal Letter California

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A better tomorrow starts today! Having an Emotional Support Animal by your side facilitates mental and emotional health and well being. Get an ESA letter and stay secured with the legal protection under federal and state laws. It allows you to Live and Fly without any additional charges.

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Elements of a Legitimate ESA Letter

A legitimate emotional support animal letter must indicate that the person is taking therapeutic benefits for treating the intense emotions, anxiety, or any mental illness.


Must be written on state-licensed mental health professional’s letterhead.


Therapist’s name and signature.


Date of issuance.


Therapist’s license number.


Date of the license, and state where it’s issued.


The need for an ESA for treating the individual’s mental health.


Details of the pet may be included.

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California and Emotional Support Animals

California is a non-interventionist state that has recognized the importance of the advantages and health benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal. An Emotional Support Animal endows with eternal love, care, and support to help in relieving anxiety, stress, or any mental illness and promotes wellness. ESAs are protected under federal and state laws that protect the ESA and its owners from discrimination due to mental illness.

An Emotional Support Animal Letter is a recommendation which states that an individual is taking the therapeutic benefits from the Emotional Support Animal for recovering from intense emotions and mental illness. Acquiring an ESA Letter from a legitimate Mental Health Professional grants you some special privileges like to stay and fly with your ESA. California has passed some state laws as well for reducing the struggle for jobs and transportation.

Ailments to Qualify for ESA

Several conditions are recognized under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. They include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder
  • Cognitive Disorder
  • Phobias and fears
  • Learning Disorders
Who Can Write an ESA Letter in California?

A state-authorized Mental Health Professional must prescribe an ESA Letter. This includes the following health care professionals.

  • A Primary Care Physician.
  • A Licensed Therapist.
  • Any Licensed Mental Health Professional.
  • A Licensed General Physician.
If you have a valid ESA letter in the State of California, the landlord or housing provider:
  • Must allow emotional support animals, even if there is a general “no-pets” policy.
  • Cannot charge pet deposits or pet fees in connection with the ESA.
  • Cannot place limitations on the size, weight, and breed of the emotional support animal.
ESA Housing Benefits
  • Live in no-pet housing
  • No more pet charges
  • 24 X 7 Online ESA Letter Support
  • A hassle-free downloadable copy of an ESA Letter.

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Emotional Support Animal Laws California

California has identified the vital role of Emotional Support Animals in promoting health and wellness and has passed specific laws along with the federal regulations for the protection of Emotional Support Animals.

California ESA Housing Laws

California legislation has adopted the federal housing law under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) that allows the individual to live with the Emotional Support Animal. Living with an Emotional Support Animal facilitates mitigating anxiety, stress, or any mental illness.

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act

California legislation has passed the employment laws that allow the emotional support animal in the workplace with a valid ESA Letter. California state laws endow with the protections to the employees dealing with the emotional or mental illness. As per this law, employers may not discriminate against the employee based on the disability and must make reasonable efforts to acclimatize it at the workplace.

Even if some employers do not allow the animals, with a valid ESA Letter Emotional Support Animal must be permitted at the workplace if the ESA facilitates in improving the performance of the employee. The same case applies to the landlords as well.

California ESA Travel Laws

California legislation has adopted the federal travel law under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) that allows the individual with some mental or emotional illness to travel with their ESA. People get anxious while flying and Emotional Support Animals helps in calming down the feeling of anxiety or fear. This law indicates that the airlines must make reasonable accommodation for an emotional support animal and its owner in the cabin while flying. However, the following conditions must be satisfied by the passenger.

If you have a valid Emotional Support Animal Letter in the state of California

Emotional Support Animal must be:


calm, relaxed, and well-behaved.


ESA must be adjusted under the seat, in a cabin, or on the passenger’s lap.

The Passenger must:


Not offer any additional charges for taking the ESA along.


Submit essential documents and forms 48 hours before boarding.

The airlines:


Must allow the passenger to travel with ESA IN-CABIN.


Must allow at least one ESA per passenger.

ESA Travel Benefits

Fly with your ESA in Cabin.

No additional charges for pet.

Priority Boarding.

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Unruh Civil Rights Act

California legislation has passed this act which specifically outlaws the discrimination based on color, religion, sex, disability, genetic, or any medical condition. This act is codified as California Civil Code section 51 that protects individuals from discrimination against any illness.

California Disabled Persons Act

California legislation has passed this act which indicates that individuals with disabilities or medical conditions are free to use the streets, sidewalks, highways, or other public places. This act is codified as Civil Code section 54 that asserts the equal rights to the disable or conditional medical individuals.

Where can I take my Emotional Support Animal in California?

California has identified the need for Emotional Support Animals. So the state has passed several pet-friendly locations where the ESA owner can take the ESA and change the mood. Along with the hotels, restaurants, and parks, California has allowed the ESAs in the beaches too.

Ocean Beach, San Diego

A perfect beach location to calm the mood and enjoy the sunbath with your Emotional Support Animal.

Fiesta Island, San Diego

Spend your weekend in the Fiesta Island and get those soothing and calm vibes essential for promoting mental health.

Coronado Dog Beach, San Diego

San Diego has offered Coronado, a fun time spot to enjoy the fun activities with your Emotional Support Animal.

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Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animal

Every little help!

Golden Retriever


The well-admired breeds of retrievers are Labrador and Golden Retrievers. These are well-known for the unwearied and friendly nature and make exceptional Emotional Support Animals.

German Shephard

German Shepherd

German shepherds are well known for their friendly nature and intelligence. They can prosper with humans in public places with some training. It’s an easy-going, approachable, and loyal breed.



Chihuahuas can endow with the vital emotional support to humans by learning the socialization. These are easy on-the-go travel breed. They do not require much exercise and come out to be the best family pets when treated with respect.



Pugs are the most loving pets that play nicely with kids. However, any age can advantage from their support. Pugs are cute and energetic support and provide so much love and support to humans. When trained, these come out to be an intelligent and friendly breed.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is an extremely large dog that is well admired for its calmness, affection, and smartness. These are skilled at diminishing human anxiety.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are counted as loving companions for those who desire plenty of attention. Giving love and care to an ESA can sometimes be even more curative than receiving it.



Corgis is an affectionate, intelligent, and highly trainable breed. This breed requires more physical and mental activities to be healthy.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are a sensitive natured breed that helps in understanding human feelings. These are cuddly as well as staggering in size. It’s an easy-going dog breed that can make you feel loved and safer than ever.

Where Can You Adopt an ESA in California?

Much Love Animal Rescue: A non-profitable animal rescue that helps the pets to find a family and love. It is a well-admired location for the adoption of the animals. They endow the animals with community education.

The Voices for Animal Foundation: An animal foundation works for all the animals in danger. They endow animals with care and love until they find their homes.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center: A well-admired animal center that not only saves pets but also functions at controlling the population with their “Spay Don’t Litter” program. They also offer special incentives to the adopting parties for giving an animal a forever home.

Grateful Dog Rescue: Grateful Dog Rescue is one of the oldest all-breed rescue centers in San Francisco. They assure that the animals are ready for adoption and well-socialized to help individuals with mental conditions.

Muttville Senior Dog rescue: Muttville is a decent place that is all about the older dogs that are at least seven years of age. They believe in pairing the senior dogs with the seniors whenever possible.

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