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Emotional Support Animal Letter California

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A better tomorrow starts today! Having an Emotional Support Animal by your side facilitates mental and emotional health and well being. Get an ESA letter and stay secured with the legal protection under federal and state laws. It allows you to Live and Fly without any additional charges.

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Elements of a Legitimate ESA Letter

As per the recent modifications made in Emotional Support Animal Laws in California, the process for getting an ESA Letter in California has changed! The Fast ESA letter always stays updated regarding new ESA laws in California; that’s why we made modifications to make our letters helpful for our customers. The updated process to certify emotional support animals in California goes as;


Apply Online

Initiate the process by filling an online assessment form with accurate medical details and the need for an ESA.

Connect with a Health Professional

After you fill out and submit the form, our state-licensed health professional will evaluate your form and contact you for the same. The Health professional will confirm whether your mental illness is suitable for an emotional support animal.
After this, Our health professional will assist you regarding your mental illness and build a patient-doctor relationship with you for the next thirty days.


Get Evaluated

After finishing the thirty-day evaluation period, the health professional will again reach out to you for re-evaluation. If the health professional agrees that you can treat your mental illness with the support of an ESA, they will approve your ESA letter application.

Get ESA Letter

Lastly, you will receive your legitimate California ESA letter by email within 24 hours of the health professional’s approval.

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Elements of a Legitimate ESA Letter

A legitimate emotional support animal letter must indicate that the person is taking therapeutic benefits for treating the intense emotions, anxiety, or any mental illness.


Must be written on state-licensed mental health professional’s letterhead.


Therapist’s name and signature.


Date of issuance.


Therapist’s license number.


Date of the license, and state where it’s issued.


The need for an ESA for treating the individual’s mental health.


Details of the pet may be included.

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California and Emotional Support Animals

California is a non-interventionist state that has recognized the importance of the advantages and health benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal. An Emotional Support Animal endows with eternal love, care, and support to help in relieving anxiety, stress, or any mental illness and promotes wellness. ESAs are protected under federal and state laws that protect the ESA and its owners from discrimination due to mental illness.

An Emotional Support Animal Letter is a recommendation which states that an individual is taking the therapeutic benefits from the Emotional Support Animal for recovering from intense emotions and mental illness. Acquiring an ESA Letter from a legitimate Mental Health Professional grants you some special privileges like to stay and fly with your ESA. California has passed some state laws as well for reducing the struggle for jobs and transportation.

Ailments to Qualify for ESA

Several conditions are recognized under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. They include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder
  • Cognitive Disorder
  • Phobias and fears
  • Learning Disorders
Who Can Write an ESA Letter in California?

A state-authorized Mental Health Professional must prescribe an ESA Letter. This includes the following health care professionals.

  • A Primary Care Physician.
  • A Licensed Therapist.
  • Any Licensed Mental Health Professional.
  • A Licensed General Physician.
If you have a valid ESA letter in the State of California, the landlord or housing provider:
  • Must allow emotional support animals, even if there is a general “no-pets” policy.
  • Cannot charge pet deposits or pet fees in connection with the ESA.
  • Cannot place limitations on the size, weight, and breed of the emotional support animal.
ESA Housing Benefits
  • Live in no-pet housing
  • No more pet charges
  • 24 X 7 Online ESA Letter Support
  • A hassle-free downloadable copy of an ESA Letter.

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Emotional Support Animal Laws California

California has identified the vital role of Emotional Support Animals in promoting health and wellness and has passed specific laws along with the federal regulations for the protection of Emotional Support Animals.

California ESA Housing Laws

California legislation has adopted the federal housing law under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) that allows the individual to live with the Emotional Support Animal. Living with an Emotional Support Animal facilitates mitigating anxiety, stress, or any mental illness.

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act

California legislation has passed the employment laws that allow the emotional support animal in the workplace with a valid ESA Letter. California state laws endow with the protections to the employees dealing with the emotional or mental illness. As per this law, employers may not discriminate against the employee based on the disability and must make reasonable efforts to acclimatize it at the workplace.

Even if some employers do not allow the animals, with a valid ESA Letter Emotional Support Animal must be permitted at the workplace if the ESA facilitates in improving the performance of the employee. The same case applies to the landlords as well.

New Emotional Support Animal Laws in California

Firstly you should know that Emotional Support Animals are different from service animals due to the following reasons;

The emotional support animals are adopted by individuals who have a disability under the DSM-V, whereas service animals are adopted by patients with disability under the American Disabilities Act.
Emotional Support Animals don’t require any special training, whereas Service animals are trained to assist their owners.
You can make almost any animal as your Emotional Support Animal, whereas Primarily dogs and, in some cases, miniature horses qualify to be service animals.
It is quite evident that service animals serve a much greater purpose; that’s why they are specially trained to assist their owners. For that very reason, they are provided with more privileges than emotional support animals. However, to savor these privileges, many fraudsters falsely claim their ESA’s to be service, guard, signal dogs.

These activities are against the law, and in order to halt these fraudulent activities, recent emotional support animals California law, AB 468, passed last year on September 16, 2021, became effective from January 1, 2022. All the citizens are obliged to follow the new guidelines set by CA emotional support animal laws.

The guidelines are for all the businesses or individuals that sell or provide emotional support animals anywhere in the state of California. While giving an emotional support dog, they also have to provide written notice in 12 points bold type to the customer or recipient, stating that;

The dog is not trained as a guard, service, or signal dog.
The dog cannot savor any rights exclusively provided to guard, service, or signal dogs.
If anyone intentionally and falsely claims themselves to be the owner or coach of a guard, service, or signal dog is guilty of violating Section 365.7 of the Penal Code.

Further, the law stated regulations for ESA certifications, ID, tag, vest, leash, or harness, providing individuals and businesses. Under which, while providing their services, they have to make it clear that over a written document too, that the certification, ID, tag, vest, leash, or harness is for an emotional support animal and in no case can provide the ESA with similar rights as a guide, signal, or service dog. Similarly, Intentional and false claims to be an owner or coach of a guard, service, or signal dog will be a direct violation of Section 365.7 of the Penal Code.

Anyone who violates the above guidelines under California law on emotional support animals have to pay;

$500 for the first violation.
$1000 for Second Violation.
$2500 for third and any subsequent offenses.

Talking about the health professionals who write ESA documentation, they can evaluate and approve a patient only if they follow mandatory instructions. As per the guidelines, it is compulsory that the ESA doctor in California;

“(1) Possesses a valid, active license and includes the effective date, license number, jurisdiction, and type of professional license in the documentation.
(2) Is licensed to provide professional services within the scope of the license in the jurisdiction in which the documentation is provided.
(3) Establishes a client-provider relationship with the individual for at least 30 days prior to providing the documentation requested regarding the individual’s need for an emotional support dog.
(4) Completes a clinical evaluation of the individual regarding the need for an emotional support dog.
(5) Provides a verbal or written notice to the individual that knowingly and fraudulently representing oneself to be the owner or trainer of any canine licensed as, to be qualified as, or identified as, a guide, signal, or service dog is a misdemeanor violation of Section 365.7 of the Penal Code.”

If the health practitioner violates any of the above guidelines, they have to answer to the licensing board and pay for their consequences directly.

Unruh Civil Rights Act

California legislation has passed this act which specifically outlaws the discrimination based on color, religion, sex, disability, genetic, or any medical condition. This act is codified as California Civil Code section 51 that protects individuals from discrimination against any illness.

California Disabled Persons Act

California legislation has passed this act which indicates that individuals with disabilities or medical conditions are free to use the streets, sidewalks, highways, or other public places. This act is codified as Civil Code section 54 that asserts the equal rights to the disable or conditional medical individuals.

Where can I take my Emotional Support Animal in California?

California has identified the need for Emotional Support Animals. So the state has passed several pet-friendly locations where the ESA owner can take the ESA and change the mood. Along with the hotels, restaurants, and parks, California has allowed the ESAs in the beaches too. Some of the famous places in the top most cities like San Jose, Chulavista, Los Angeles, Oakland etc are listed below

Ocean Beach, San Diego

A perfect beach location to calm the mood and enjoy the sunbath with your Emotional Support Animal in San Diego.

John McLaren Park, San Francisco

This park is in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. The park is less than 10 acres, but is fenced in, allowing dogs to run off leash

The Grove, Los Angeles

The Grove offers shopping, dining, and enjoyment in a pet-friendly (and child-friendly) atmosphere in Los Angeles.

Todd Beamer Dog Park, Fresno

Your’re welcome with your dog to romp off leash at the Todd Beamer Dog Park located in the Fresno.

North Natomas Regional Park, Sacramento

Sacramento has offered North Natomas Regional Park, a fun time spot to enjoy the fun activities with your Emotional Support Animal.

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Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animal

Every little help!

Golden Retriever


The well-admired breeds of retrievers are Labrador and Golden Retrievers. These are well-known for the unwearied and friendly nature and make exceptional Emotional Support Animals.

German Shephard

German Shepherd

German shepherds are well known for their friendly nature and intelligence. They can prosper with humans in public places with some training. It’s an easy-going, approachable, and loyal breed.



Chihuahuas can endow with the vital emotional support to humans by learning the socialization. These are easy on-the-go travel breed. They do not require much exercise and come out to be the best family pets when treated with respect.



Pugs are the most loving pets that play nicely with kids. However, any age can advantage from their support. Pugs are cute and energetic support and provide so much love and support to humans. When trained, these come out to be an intelligent and friendly breed.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is an extremely large dog that is well admired for its calmness, affection, and smartness. These are skilled at diminishing human anxiety.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are counted as loving companions for those who desire plenty of attention. Giving love and care to an ESA can sometimes be even more curative than receiving it.



Corgis is an affectionate, intelligent, and highly trainable breed. This breed requires more physical and mental activities to be healthy.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are a sensitive natured breed that helps in understanding human feelings. These are cuddly as well as staggering in size. It’s an easy-going dog breed that can make you feel loved and safer than ever.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an Emotional Support Animal?
An ESA is an animal that provides emotional assistance to a mentally ill patient. Studies have shown alleviation in symptoms of mental and emotional disorders in patients who take the assistance of a pet. The U.S government realizes the importance of emotional support animals for these patients; that’s why they come up with ESA federal laws to protect them.
Who can write ESA letters in California?
An LMHP (Licensed mental health provider) can evaluate and approve you for an emotional support animal in California. Following health professionals can evaluate a patient applying for an ESA letter in California:

  • A licensed psychiatrist
  • A licensed psychologist
  • A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • A Licensed Behavioral Therapist
  • A Licensed Addiction Therapist
  • A Licensed Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist
  • A licensed doctor qualified to conduct mental health assessments
  • A licensed Professional Counselor
  • A Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Any Licensed Mental Health Professional
How do I register my dog as an emotional support animal in California?

No, as no state of the United States, including California, registers dogs or other pets as emotional support animals. However, some fraud sites fool people by claiming to register pets as emotional support animals on their site’s database. If you are looking to verify your dog as an emotional support animal to savour ESA laws. In that case, we recommend you get an ESA letter instead of some fake Emotional Support Animal Registry or registration.

How do you qualify for emotional support animals in California?

To qualify for an emotional Support animal in California, you need to have one or more emotional or mental disabilities stated suitable for an emotional support animal assistance as per DSM-V. Under these conditions, a state-licensed health professional can qualify your application for an ESA letter.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder
  • Substance-related disorder (alcohol, drugs)
  • OCD- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Phobias
  • PTSD-Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Acute Stress Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Learning Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Sexual disorder
  • Developmental coordination disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Autism and many more
How many emotional support animals can I have in California?

There is no limitation set by the ESA laws regarding the number of emotional support animals you can have in California. However, the main concern is that you must have enough resources and space to accommodate the number of emotional support animals you are looking to keep with you in your apartment

Do schools in California allow emotional support animals?
Although schools don’t allow pets on their school campus, most of them allow students to keep ESA in school dorms if they are seeking emotional or mental benefits from their pet and have an ESA letter for the same.
Can a therapist prescribe an emotional support animal for me in California?
Yes, a state-licensed therapist can write an ESA letter in California.
Do restaurants allow emotional support animals in California?

Although Restaurants are not obliged to allow emotional support animals, some may allow them. You can confirm this over a call before taking your ESA to the restaurant.

Can hotels reject my ESA in California?
Yes, hotels can reject an ESA. However, some hotels happily welcome ESA and ESA owners. You can contact and ask about the hotel staff before booking the hotel.
Is online ESA certification legal in California?
Yes, as long as the ESA letter is legitimate, it is totally legal to get ESA certification online. You can apply on the Fast ESA Letter portal; our ESA letters are legitimate, signed, and approved by your state-licensed health professionals.
How to get an ESA letter in California?

The process to get an ESA letter is simple and easy. Apply on the Fast ESA Letter portal and fill up a simple form. After reading the details you mentioned on the form, your state’s licensed health professional will evaluate your application. If the health professional finds your application suitable to have an ESA letter, you will get an ESA letter via email on the same day.

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