Rabbits as an Emotional Support Animal

Publish Date: February 12th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Rabbits as an emotional support animal

Emotional Support Dogs and Cats are the most common animals that people adopt. You might have heard about Rabbits as Emotional Support Animals, but have you ever consider having one in your real life?
Rabbits are loving animals with cute personalities and docile nature. They can help any person who is suffering from mental disabilities.
Each rabbit is different in its own way as some are calm and shy, whereas some are goofy, affectionate, and energetic.
If you are looking to have a bunny friend for yourself, it would be a great choice to have a rabbit pet as an Emotional Support Animal. Rabbits are perfect ESAs, and here are some reasons why you should get one:

Benefits of an Emotional Support Rabbit

They live a long life:

Rabbits have a longer life span as they can live more than ten years.
By getting a rabbit as an ESA, you can establish a long term bond with these cute furry creatures. They can support you for a long time.

No Training Required:

They can’t be trained to help with physical tasks, but they are good at providing emotional love and support to their owners. Also, they can provide their therapeutic benefits to their owners through companionship.

Do not Require Lots of Space:

Rabbits can adjust accordingly in small spaces, but space should be comfortable to stretch out themselves inside the cages. While living in remote areas, ensure that there are no hideouts for your rabbits. If you have any, make sure to cover them all, as sometimes your rabbit may sneak out of your eyes, and it would be difficult for you to find them in small areas.

Quiet and Calm:

Bunnies are very friendly but also are very calm and quiet personalities. Unlike dogs and cats, they do not shout or bark or make noises. If you own one rabbit, you will love the humble nature of your bunny.


Rabbits are inexpensive, and you can get one at a low price quickly. They do not require expensive meals or food, and they usually eat vegetables, small leaves, and cheap grass. Rabbits do not cost as much to take care of once you get them home as dogs or cats do.

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Types of rabbits you can keep as Emotional Support Animals.

Here are types of rabbits that you can keep as an ESA that is suitable for you:

Mini Rex:

Mini Rex

Mini Rex is a small or mini-sized rabbit with calm, friendly, and quiet nature. They do not require a lot of training, and they can live up to 7 to 10 years. They have a standard size and height that is 3.5–4.5 lbs. They are considered the friendliest pets and are more suitable for children.

Holland Lop

Holland Lop

Holland Lop is another breed that does not require space to roam and sheds a lot in the summer. They are energetic and friendly with humans. They have a standard size with a weight of 2–4 lbs with a life span of 7–14 years. During summer, these rabbits shed heavily and, at that time, do not require brushing during that time.

Dutch Lop:

Dutch lop

Dutch lop is calm and gentle rabbits with high sociability. They can live up to 5–8 years and need some time outside their cages to hop around. Their usual weight is 4–5.5 lbs and will be suitable pets in your family. By appearance, they have distinctive black and white fur coloring with large ears.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit:

Netherland dwarf

Netherland Dwarf is a rabbit that originated in the Netherland and is one of the smallest rabbit breeds. Since these rabbits are innocent by their appearance, people also like to adopt them for their quiet and calm nature. They only weigh up to 1.1–2.5 lbs and can live for 10–12 years.

Mini Lop:

Mini Lop

Mini lop is one of the most popular breeds of rabbits sold or bred as pets and show rabbits. They are small-sized rabbits with floppy ears that only weigh up to 4.5–6 lbs. They have a playful nature and tend to chew things more than other breeds. They can live up to 5–10 years and loves to cuddle. They are friendly with other pets too.

Mini Satin:

Mini Satin

Mini Satin is another smallest breeds of rabbits with a shiny and lustrous fur coat with various patterns and colors. These animals are calm and friendly and are highly adjustable in small spaces. They can live up to 5–8 years and only weigh up to 3–4.5 lbs. These animals are Humble, calm, sweet, and are suitable for you.



Havana is a calm, gentle, and friendly rabbit and is not highly active. They can live up to 5 to 8 years and are good at making bonds with humans. They have a standard size and can weigh up to 4.5–6.5 lbs. They do not require more health care and are excellent pets for children due to their calm and quickly bonding nature.



Harlequin is a Playful, curious, and excited rabbit that enjoys exploring its environment or surroundings. They can live up to 5–8 years and fall under the large breed of rabbits that can weigh up to 6.5–9.5 lbs. These rabbits love to play with toys, and their active temperament makes them perfect playmates for children.

Well, these were some of the rabbits that you can adopt as Emotional Support Animals. These animals are cute, calm, and easy-to-care-for. These pets are simple to care for and do not require as much attention and care as dogs and cats. Also, with their low expenses, you do not need to buy expensive food items for them. You can cuddle anytime with them and can lower your all-day stress with these cute bunnies. Get your emotional Support Rabbit today and provide all the love and care to them that they truly deserve.

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