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What Is An ESA Letter?

An Emotional Support Animal Letter is an official document that is written and signed by a licensed mental health professional. It recommends a pet as part of an ongoing treatment program for a mentally and emotionally challenged person. Any LMHP, such as a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist can provide an ESA Certification if an individual qualifies during their evaluation.

What Are the Benefits of an ESA Letter?

Emotional Support Animals can help Mentally detached Individuals to deal with their mental and emotional disorders like Stress, Depression, PTSD, etc. Besides health Benefits, Emotional support animals also provide federal protection to their owners in Both Housing and Travel. ESA Owners are allowed to:

  1. Live with their emotional support animals even in “No Pet Housing Apartments.”
  2. Fly With Emotional Support Animals in Cabin of any Airline without paying any fee for their ESA.
  3. Devoid any kind of security deposits and pet fees that a landlord or airline may charge otherwise.
  4. Devoid any kind of discrimination that resists them to live or fly with their ESA.

What Are The Types of An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Based on Federal Laws, ESA Letter are of 2 types. Emotional Support Animal Letters can play a significant role while living with a pet in a rental apartment or traveling with a pet in an airline.

ESA Letter for Housing

An ESA Letter for Housing is a Document that is followed by the Fair Housing Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It allows a mentally and emotionally challenged person to live with an emotional support animal in rental accommodations.

An ESA letter for housing protects disabled patients from discrimination by landowners. In many cases, such as no-pet housing, pet fees, and deposits, ESA owners are federally protected.

ESA Travel Letter

An ESA Letter for Travel complies with the Air Carrier Access Act. It prohibits airline discrimination with patients traveling with support animals for their mental or emotional needs.

An ESA Travel Letter permits a patient to fly with an Emotional Support Animal. For instance, you can travel with your Emotional Support Animal in the cabin of any domestic and international air carrier, without paying any fee.

*As per DoT’s new guidelines, Airlines are no longer obliged to accept Emotional Support Animals onboard. So, A few airlines may not accept your ESA Letter. Check the list of airlines that are still accepting Emotional Support Animals here.
*If you are a California resident, you will need to establish a client-provider relationship with the doctor for at least 30 days before getting documentation, as per AB 468 (effective January 1, 2022).

Additional Benefits

Avoid Pet Fee’s and Deposits

Protects from Discrimination

Who Can Get An Emotional Support Animal?

Any mental or emotional disability that is recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and can be healed by an ESA can help you get an ESA letter from a licensed physician.

Medical Conditions To Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal As Per DSM-V

  • Learning disorders.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder
  • Sexual disorder.
  • Intellectual disability (Mental retardation).
  • Provisional Tic disorders.
  • Developmental coordination disorder.
  • Bipolar disorder.
  • Gender identity disorder (GID).
  • Substance-related disorder (alcohol, drugs).
  • Neurocognitive disorders (NCDs).

How to Get An ESA Letter?

Getting an ESA Letter is Easy. Now you can receive a recommendation directly from licensed professionals in just 24 hours. All it takes is three clicks. Here’s how you can get started.

Step – 1
Fill-up and Submit ESA Evaluation Form Online.

To begin with, fill the online assessment form with your medical details and describe your emotional support animal. Select the letter you need and submit the form.

Step – 2
Get Evaluated by a Licensed Professional.

Afterward, A Licensed Mental Health Professional will review the form. Based on your answers, they will approve your request for an Emotional Support Animal and sign a recommendation letter for you.

Step – 3
Get Approved, and Receive Your ESA Letter Instantly via E-mail.

Once your recommendation is ready, we will send it to your email. After that, You can download or print your letter and present it to the landowner or Airline.

A Team to Trust

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Melissa Ringel Review

Melissa Ringel

2 Reviews

We had an excellent experience with fastesa. I had many questions about an esa for a minor, and a specific form my community required. All my questions were answered promptly, I was able to receive the specific form I needed, the price was fine, and everything was seamless.

Samantha Arpallan Review

Samantha Arpallan

Local Guide 13 Reviews 8 photos

After being informed that (most) medical/medicad providers ( psychiatrists & therapist) in San Diego do not provide patients with “ESA” letters I had to do further research and found this professional clinical who assessed my current disability and identified my symptoms that could be improved with the support of an animal. The process was professional , effective and official ( money back guaranteed). I was emailed an accredited letter and now will provide it to my landlord so that i can bring my support dog home !

Esmeralda Flores Review

Esmralda Flores

3 Reviews

honestly the best experience I’ve had. my dog comes with me everywhere I go and being that she is a big dog it’s hard to find housing for me. currently going through a divorce, being forced to move, dealing with depression and constant anxiety i most of the time find it hard to get through the day or find motivation to get up and do anything. my dog is all I have living on my own in a different state and just trying to make it. fast ESA made it so easy and they were super fast at responding. and even after my new apt complex requested a form to be filled out the doc got it done in just a few hours! honestly this has eased my stress on finding a home knowing I’m mow approved with my dog.

Why Choose Us

Fast ESA Letter is designed to simplify the online process to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter from a Licensed professional. We are here to acknowledge you with the best information available regarding Emotional support Pets. We are the most trusted service providers by millions of ESA owners, just like you.


Our physicians provide recommendations to mentally challenged patients in keeping with federal law.


Our online process is easy and secure. You can get your ESA letter from the comfort of your home and lead a healthy life.


Our therapists follow strict moralities to keep your information private. We strive to make ESA certification easily accessible.


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