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Welcome to the Fast ESA Letter!

Fast ESA Letter is dedicated to protect and secure customer information at every level. Your privacy is our main concern protecting your privacy is an integral part. Below-mentioned is our privacy policy for information gathered through the website and email lists. Fast ESA Letter has been a trusted symbol of excellence, professional services, consistency for several years, and linger committed to those principles.

We may make modifications to our Privacy Policy from time to time. When we make any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will try our level best to inform you about the revisions done by us via:

  1. Sending electronic mails to your registered email address.
  2. Sending a push notification to you.

Please read the points mentioned in this Privacy Policy thoroughly.

NOTE: If You do not concur with the terms specified in the document below, please do not access the site.

How We Protect and Use Customer Information

Safeguarding the security and integrity of customer information:

We do not authorize any other third parties to gather personally restricted information concerning your online activities when you visit our site. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding the information of our customer by:

  1. Restricting employee access to confidential data.
  2. Upholding private policies and procedures.
  3. Making use of reliable security programs against unauthorized access.

Derived Data:

Gathering and Upholding customer’s information as an element of providing the finest service. We as a team working with the belief of not disclosing any personal information. Data confidentiality is the primary goal of our privacy policy so that no personal information is accessed by some unauthorized individual and only used to provide improved services to our users. We only maintain personal data as it is necessary to provide the services you have requested.

Browser information collected on our website:

Examining our website logs to constantly improve the value of our website. We create and assess different kinds of reports that consist of page views, unique views, unique visitors, repeat visitors, frequency of visits, and peak-volume traffic periods. We do not practice this service to collect, request, record, collect, or track any Internet users’ personally identifiable information.

Customization of Content:

For providing our visitors and clients with the personalized and customized experience we make use of cookies on our site. This is done to put a note on the website of how the site users make use of the content on the website. We utilize cookies to a better understanding of how our visitors use our site. Denial of cookies will lead to a disadvantage of not receiving the personalized content offered by us. However, accepting all the cookies or filtering it by modifying the browser preferences will facilitate receiving customized content.

Children’s Privacy:

We care for your concern towards your children and that is what our concern too. We do not deliberately contact or gather personal data or information from the under-aged children. An age restriction of a minimum of 13 years is maintained by us. We have a policy of automatically blocking the users who are under-age whenever we get to know about that.

Data Collection:

We prefer gathering data and information from Contests, Giveaways, social media platforms, and Surveys. We also gather the data available from publicly accessible databases. We generally use the web analytics to gather the information Google Analytics to gather the information concerning how you interact with our Website, along with that what pages you visit, what site you visited before visiting our Website, how much time you spend on each page, what operating system and web browser you use. This data collection does not hinder the privacy policy of any other and is not used for misusing the gathered data. We gather and cleave to your personal information which may be comprised of your name, email address, phone number, mailing address, date of birth, and the details about your ESA that is the type of animal(s), the number of animals, historical information that you endow with, other data collected that could directly or indirectly identify you, and any other information you have shared for supplying our services to you. We may also gather your card or bank details by storing the payment details.

Health Information:

Concerning the use of the Services, Emotional Support Animal Registration may also gather personal health information bestowed by you or generated through your use of the website. Health information is maintained for the record purpose so that it can be retrieved or verified at any point of time whenever required.

Account Information:

While creating the account when the user enters the sign-up details on the site, the account information in such a case is stored after being a registered user to verify that the account is created by a particular individual only. The account information provided by the user is stored in the repository to remember the user credentials for retrieving the account.

Location Information:

We may collect the information based on your location. This comprises general information as well as more specific information. The general information includes ID address, Zip code, etc. whereas the specific information includes the GPS based information that might be used later to filter the information based on the location-based information for promoting, advertising, etc.

Confidentiality of Email List:

Maintaining an email list for the newsletter. Visitors have the option of choosing the request to join the mailing list. We assure not to disclose the email addresses mentioned in our mailing lists by configuring our list server software to decline to reveal the email addresses of our list subscribers to anyone rather than authorized individuals.

Data Security:

Using industry-standard encryption tools while transferring and retrieving economic data from our site with appropriate security measures to prevent the loss or misuse of data. End-to-end encryption tools is used to protect the data and maintain high-end security for the users accessing the website.

Securing, Storing, and Retrieving Your Data

  • Gathering and storing data during transmission and receive along with the utilization of encryption, we follow the worldwide accepted standard to protect and store the data.
  • Retaining the personal data only for as long as essential to endow with the products or services you have applied for and subsequently for a variety of legal or business purposes. These might be comprised of protection periods:
  • Authorized by law, contract, or analogous obligations applicable to our business operations.
  • For protecting, resolving, defending, or implementing our legal/contractual rights.
  • Required to uphold sufficient and precise business and financial records.

Sharing of Information

We may share personal information about you as follows:

  • To contact you whenever required or demanded.
  • Among third parties to endow with, uphold, and perk up our services and website, together with service providers who access information concerning you to carry out services on our behalf.
  • With our associates and allies so that they may employ such information for purposes mentioned in this Online Privacy Policy.
  • With our associates, allies, or other third parties to permit them to get in touch with you regarding products, programs, services, and promotions that you might be interested in.
  • In association with, or during the conciliation of, any amalgamation, sale of company stock or possessions, financing, acquirement, divestiture, or termination of all or a portion of our business.
  • we believe that revelation is rationally essential to act under:
  • Any applicable law, regulation, officially authorized process, or governmental appeal.
  • To implement applicable user agreements or policies.
  • To defend the security or confidentiality of our website or services.
  • To save from harm us, our users, or the public from damage or prohibited activities
  • With your permission or upon your request.

Your Rights

Under CCPA, California residents hold several rights relating to their confidential information. However, we will proffer these privileges to ALL users of this website, within the bounds of this privacy policy. You have the right to request the following Details from us:

  • The categories of Personal Information gathered.
  • The sources from which the Personal Information was gathered.
  • The business or commercial purpose for gathering or selling the Personal Information.
  • Categories of third parties with whom we share Personal Information; and
  • The specific pieces of Personal Information we collected about you.

You also hold the right to request the removal of the confidential data that we gathered from you and reserved, subject to certain restrictions. Once we receive and authenticate your correct consumer request, we will eliminate all of your data from our records, unless an exception applies.

Communicating with you:

We may get in touch with you directly or with the help of a third-party service provider about the services you have signed up for or acquired from us. We may also get in touch with you with offers for added services we believe you may find helpful and useful. These contacts may comprise:

  • Email
  • Text (SMS) messages
  • Telephone calls
  • Automated phone calls or text messages.

Contact Information for Submitting a Data Request:

For any queries associated with this Privacy Policy or to submit a Data Request, you may contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

To exercise any of the rights mentioned in the section above, please submit a valid Data Application.

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