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How To Get A Psychiatric Service Dog In Florida?

Updated on June 07, 2023 by Vincent Maldonado
In America, mental health illness is one of the common concerns among people. Many treatments are available in the U.S., and medicine intake is one of the common routes people look for. But with time, people have realized the importance of a psychiatric service dog in Florida for their mental well-being.

Psychiatric support dogs not only make your daily life easier, but they also help improve your quality of life by reducing the symptoms of mental illness and helping you with averting harmful behaviors.

How To Get A Psychiatric Service Dog In Florida

What is a Psychiatric Service Dog?

A service dog that is trained to carry out a specific task to help a person with a mental illness is known as a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD). These dogs enjoy the same legal protections as service dogs who work for a physically disabled person. A person should have a psychiatric disability that can benefit from the actions carried out by a trained dog in order to be eligible for the assistance of a PSD.
According to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), there is no limit on the size and breed of a psychiatric service dog. Also, it’s crucial to remember that only dogs can be treated as PSD under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

What is the Difference Between the Psychiatric Service Dog and an Emotional Support Animal?

Understanding that Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Service Dogs are different is crucial. PSDs go through specific training to perform the tasks for their owners. While ESAs receive training from their handler, this training does not prepare them for any particular roles or tasks. Instead, their primary responsibility is to offer emotional support to a person struggling with an emotional or mental disorder like depression, anxiety, phobias or PTSD, etc.
Additionally, ESA are not protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), so they are not permitted to accompany their owners in public places where the public is allowed. While some businesses might welcome ESA inside, their legal right only applies to housing-related matters. The Department of Transportation (DOT) continues to provide protections for psychiatric service dogs, but airlines are no longer compelled to accept ESA.

Who is Eligible to Get a Psychiatric Service Dog in Florida?

Psychiatric service dogs frequently help people whose mental illnesses are so severe that they affect their ability to perform daily tasks. In order to be eligible for a psychiatric service dog, you should be dealing with at least one mental health illness, such as the following:

  • Anxiety 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Panic attacks

A PSD can be trained to carry out various tasks depending on the handler’s specific medical condition. For example, if you have PTSD, then in this case, a psychiatric service dog can walk in front of you to make sure that the environment is safe. This can make you feel more secure and prevent the symptoms of panic attacks.

How Do I Get a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

A Psychiatric Service Dog letter or a PSD letter is authentic proof of your mental health condition. To get a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter in Florida, you must apply on the Fast ESA Letter website. The Fast ESA believes in providing legitimate solutions for all the issues concerning your mental health. So don’t rush to the public counters and avail the online services by sitting at your home.

Apply Online
Start the process by filling out the small application form in which you have to mention your details and mental health conditions. Submit the form once you have mentioned all your details in it.

Get evaluated by LMHP
After submitting your form, you will get evaluated by a licensed mental health professional online. They will verify whether you qualify for a PSD or not.

Receive a PSD letter
Once the evaluation process gets over, you will receive your PSD Letter online via email. You can download your letter for living on rental properties with your PSD.

Psychiatric Service Dogs Rights

The owners of psychiatric service dogs are protected under many laws and rights. These are:

Fair Housing Act (FHA)

A Psychiatric Service Dog is protected under the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). Under this Act, psychiatric service dogs have the right to live in buildings that typically prohibit pets at no additional cost, even if there is a no-pet policy rule. Because it is a federal law, it cannot be violated by any landlord or owners of housing organizations in Florida. An individual can file a complaint with the local law enforcement agency if a landlord refuses to provide reasonable accommodation because of a PSD.

Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

According to the ACAA, you and your PSD have the right to access transportation without paying an extra fee. The purpose of this Act is to safeguard people with disabilities. These legal protections guarantee that PSDs can travel with their owners wherever they go.

Before taking a flight with your PSD, check with the airline to see if they require a Department of Transportation (DOT) service animals form to check the animal’s health, behavior, and training.

Public Access Rights

PSDs are allowed in all locations open to the public or consumers, like restaurants, shopping malls, or stores. If any pet fee or charges are imposed at a particular place, you’re not required to pay because of your PSD.

Where Can I Get a Psychiatric Service Dog in Florida?

Many companies in Florida are helping people in getting a PSD and also providing training to them. Places Where You Can Adopt an PSD in Florida are:

  • Southeastern Guide Dogs
  • New Horizons service Dogs
  • Dogs for Life
  • Canine Companions for Independence
  • K9s for warriors
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