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Fish as an Emotional Support Animal

Publish Date: March 1st, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Fish as an Emotional Support

Fish is an aquatic animal and truly wonderful pet for people who don’t have the time or physical space to give to a higher-maintenance companion animal. One can keep fishes that are pet-friendly in a glass tank called an aquarium.

Have you ever wondered why hospitals, dental surgeries, and waiting reception areas keep aquariums?

Studies have shown that fishes can reduce stress levels up to 10-12%.
Keeping a fish can help you reduce stress, reducing the blood pressure level along with the symptoms of pain and anxiety. Well, many of us are facing several mental or emotional disorders due to our daily life stress.
Not everyone likes to own dogs and cats as Emotional Support Animals. Some of them find peace in watching small creatures floating in the water like fish.

So, those thinking of adopting one must have an eye on the benefits of adopting fish as an ESA and the types of fishes that can be adopted.

Benefits of keeping a Fish

Keeping fish as a pet can add various benefits to your health. There are several mental health benefits of keeping fish. Some of them are as follow:

Reduce Stress:

Fishes help reducing stress and anxiety. Looking at the fishes moving in the water might divert a stressed person’s focus and ultimately reduce the stress level. It also is the color palette of the fishes that can reduce the stress level in a person.

Lower Blood Pressure and pains:

If a person suffers from high BP or other heart health issues, having a fish tank in your home could help you immensely. According to scientific statements, keeping an aquarium in dental clinics can decrease the pain felt during dental procedures and the amount of pain medication needed afterward.

Quiet and calm:

Emotional support animals like dogs and cats can sometimes be irritating as they create a lot of noise by barking and shouting. In contrast, fishes are very quiet and calm aquatic animals and also more suitable for younger families as they are entirely silent.

Got adjust in small space:

Petting an Emotional support cat or dog may require a lot of space as they need more area to hang or wander around. On the contrary, keeping fishes as an Emotional Support Animal requires much less space as you can store them in an aquarium which you can place at one corner of the house.

Inexpensive than Other Pets:

Fishes do not cost much compared to other animals, and keeping a fish is not an inexpensive hobby for pet-lovers. Well, the cost mainly depends upon the type of species you own, and it’s evident that the fancier you go, the more expensive it becomes, but it does not cost as much as the dogs and cats do. Feeding a fish is also much cheaper than other animals as they do not cost much.

Looking to Apply for an ESA Letter for a Fish

Get Started by following these Steps:

1. Start FIlling up the ESA Evaluation form with your details.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local ESA Doctor once the submission is complete.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Letter In Your Email.

Apply Now

How to acquire an Emotional Support Animal Letter for fish?

Fill-up an ESA Evaluation Form:

The initial step is to fill an online evaluation form with your medical condition and describe your ESA. Select the recommendation you need and submit the form online.

Get Evaluated by a Licensed Professional:

After finishing with the form, a Licensed Mental Health Professional will review the form. Depending on your answers, they will approve your request for an Emotional Support Animal and sign a recommendation letter for you.

Get your ESA Letter Instantly via Email:

Once getting approved by your licensed physician, you will receive your letter instantly by your email. After that, you can download or save your letter and present it to the landowner.

Fishes you can keep as Emotional Support Animal

There are many types of fishes that are adopted to lower stress levels. Some of the most pet-friendly fishes are as follow:



Goldfishes are mainly kept indoor aquariums as a pet and relatively small member of the carp fish family. These fishes vary in size, body, Configuration, and color (found in various combinations of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, and black are known). Goldfish tend to stay about 1 inch to 2 inches long and may grow larger if moved to bigger fish tanks, but they usually do not grow longer than 6 inches.


Neon Tetra

Angelfish is a well-known freshwater fish that can grow up to 6 inches in length and 8 inches tall. They come in various colors or patterns and eat plants and animals, like small insects and shrimp, and should not keep along small fishes. Angelfishes can also be territorial, so it’s better to keep them in a tank without many fish.

Neon Tetras:


A small freshwater fish mainly found in South America most popular amongst the fish keepers due to its vibrant colors and ease-of-care. They have a peaceful temperament and mild dietary requirements that make them ideal beginner fish. Neon Tetra exists in three different colors blue, red, and translucent. These fishes can live up to 8 years.


Sword tail

Swordtails are the perfect fish choice for those who are amateur aquarists to keep. These fishes can be found in many color varieties, like black, red, and many patterns. These fishes are relatively small, as the males can grow up to a maximum of 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) and the female to 16 centimeters (6.3 inches).



Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish is an excellent choice for aquariums. These fishes are well- known for their highly territorial and aggressive nature with other fish, mostly males. You can only keep these fishes in a large tank with other fish species if your Betta is quiet and calm. They mostly liked to be in the same kind of species.

Mentioned above are the types of fishes that you can keep as a pet. Fishes are a great choice to keep as an Emotional Support Animal, and therefore, you can add fish to your family. They not only help in maintaining our mental health but can also beneficial to us to improve our heart health. They lead us in taking good sleep as it gives our brain time to strengthen memory and make new connections. So, get your Emotional Support Fish certified today with FastESA Letter.

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Darren M. Jorgensen has a fondness for all animals, though dogs especially, have a huge home in his heart. He enjoys quilting, making handcrafted soap and bodyworks and anything that produces practical products. Jorgensen lives with his own service dog who doubles as an Emotional Support Animal. He gets it.

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