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Hawaiian Airlines Emotional Support Animal And Psychiatric Service Dog Traveling Policies

Published on April 25, 2024 by Darren Jorgensen

If you want to travel with your emotional support animal or service animal on Hawaiian Airlines, then you must be aware of its policies or procedures related to those animals. Understanding these policies is crucial to avoiding penalties and enjoying a hassle-free traveling experience.

While the procedures for service animals are slightly more manageable because of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), emotional support animals may face some complicated processes.

Here, we will disclose Hawaiian Airlines pet policy regarding emotional support animals and service animals so you can make more informed decisions while traveling.

Key Highlights

  • Psychiatric service dogs are allowed to fly with you without additional fees.
  • Two service animals are allowed per person, and the additional will be considered as a pet, subject to Hawaiian Airlines pet policy.
  • You need a DOT travel form and A PSD letter to fulfill their requirements.
  • You can get your PSD letter from home with the Fast ESA Letter.
  • Service animals are subject to specific sitting requirements.
  • Emotional support animals are allowed to fly but are subject to Hawaiian Airlines dog policy. However, they will not get accommodation available for service animals.
  • Only dogs, cats, and domesticated birds are allowed as pets and are subject to breed restrictions.
Hawaiian Airlines esa and psd traveling policies

Are Psychiatric Service Dogs Allowed To Fly?

Hawaiian air pet policy accepts psychiatric service dogs under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. However, there are conditions and requirements for bringing service animals on board to ensure everyone’s safety and security and meet the airline’s operational needs.

Do Hawaiian Airlines Charge Additional Fees For Service Animals?

As per the Hawaiian airline pet policy, you will not be charged for transporting your service animals. Service animals are free from additional fees to fly. However, you will be charged for any repairs and cleaning costs to the aircraft beyond normal wear and tear.

How Many Service Animals Are Allowed To Travel With A Single Passenger?

Hawaiian Airlines allows a maximum of two service animals to travel with a single passenger. The additional service animals will be treated as pets by Hawaiian airlines pet policy.

How Do You Travel With Service Animals On Hawaiian Airlines?

You must complete and submit the U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form to airlines.

You must submit the form 48 hours before your scheduled departure time. If you booked your trip for less than 48 hours, you must submit the form to their agent at your departure gate on the travel date.

Moreover, on any flight of eight hours or more, you must also submit the U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Relief Attestation as a transportation condition.

To submit the form, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Hawaiian Airlines website and go to the Make a Request page
  2. Select Topic: Service Animals
  3. Select Subtopic: “Service Animals

Moreover, you must bring your psychiatric service dog letter or PSD letter while traveling. As part of their vetting process, they may ask why you need the company of your animal and what work the animal has been trained to perform. A PSD letter will answer these questions, proving that you need your service animal.

What Is A PSD Letter, And How Do You Get It?

A PSD letter, or Psychiatric Service Dog letter, is a document or recommendation letter issued by a mental health professional that verifies the need for a psychiatric service dog for your disability.

To obtain a PSD letter, create an account on Fast ESA Letter and book an online appointment with a healthcare professional. Now join the consultation via phone or laptop and discuss your need for a service animal to manage your disability. Once approved, you will receive your PSD letter.

What Are The Sitting Requirements For Service Animals?

You are not allowed to sit in:

  • An Exit row
  • A seat where an animal could block the aisle
  • A seat needs to be accessible to allow for an emergency escape.

If you have a pet carrier, you can only sit in a seat with enough space. The Hawaiian Airlines pet carrier requirements for the cabin are 16″ L x 10″ W x 9.5″ H.
Additionally, your service animal must not occupy an empty seat. They must sit on your floor space, the floor space of an adjacent empty seat, or your lap.

What Are The Requirements For Health Certificates For Service Animals?

You must obtain a health certificate for your service animal if you enter Hawaii. Consider the following health certificate requirements.

  • Flights within Hawaii: Not required.
  • Flights departing Hawaii: Not required
  • Flights to Hawaii: This is required, and the certificate must be dated no more than 14 days before the flight arrives in Hawaii.

If your return flight back to Hawaii is on the same round trip reservation, you may use your original certificate, provided it is dated at most 30 days before arrival in Hawaii.
If your return flight back to Hawaii is on a separate reservation, you must have a certificate dated at most 14 days before arrival in Hawaii.

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed To Fly With Hawaiian Airlines?

As support animals are not protected under the ADA, your ESA will be considered a pet when traveling with Hawaiian Airlines. Your ESA will be subject to Hawaiian Airlines dog policy.

Which Type Of Pet Is Allowed To Travel?

Hawaii airlines dog policy accepts dogs, cats, and household birds as pets for travel. However, the airline will not accept any dog or cat less than eight weeks old or any household bird less than two weeks old. The airline currently does not accept pets to or from Texas, New York, Massachusetts, American Samoa, or Florida through Hawaiian airlines pet cargo services.

What Are The Seating Requirements For Pets?

Your pets are not permitted in the bulkhead rows, the first-class section of the aircraft (except for interisland travel), the emergency exit rows, and any other seating location that may pose a safety risk. Moreover, you must keep your kennel under the seat directly in front of you.

What Is The Hawaiian Air Pet Policy for Baggage Compartment?

For flights arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii, the airline will transport your animal from baggage to the Airport Animal Quarantine Facility, where you will pick it up after inspection. You are responsible for their procedures and fees. However, you must sign Hawaiian Airlines’ general liability release form to transport your pet in the aircraft’s baggage compartment. After signing the liability release form, the airlines will not be liable for your pet’s loss, illness, injury, or death.

What Are The Kennel Fees For Traveling With Pets On Hawaiian Airlines?

The kennel fee for pet travel on Hawaiian Airlines within the State of Hawaii is $35.00, while the cost for travel between the State of Hawaii and North America is $125.00. The prices are subject to change. Please confirm with the airlines.

What Are The Requirements For An Acceptable Kennel When Traveling With Pets In The Baggage Compartment?

  • The kennels must be non-folding, non-collapsible, and non-rolling.
  • The kennels should be leak-proof, hard-sided, and constructed of rigid wood, metal, or hard plastic.
  • The kennels must have a single door located at the front, made of metal grate, and secured with metal bolts or screws.
  • The kennel must be appropriate so the animal can comfortably sit, stand, turn, and lie down. The recommended baggage Hawaiian airlines pet carrier requirements are 36″Long x 25″Wide x 28″Height.
  • The kennels used for flights between the Continental USA and Hawaii must have two dishes (one for food and one for water), accessible from the outside for filling without opening the door.

What Are The Pet Health Certificate Requirements?

The requirements of whether you need a health certificate for your pet depend on your route. It is not required If you travel solely within Hawaii. However, you will need it if you travel between Hawaii and the US Mainland. The health certificate must not be more than 14 days old before the flight arrives at the destination.

What Are The Pet Limits Per Passenger?

A single kennel may contain only one of the following options:
  • One adult dog or cat or two puppies or kittens of the same breed, provided they are between 8 weeks and six months of age.
  • Up to two adult household birds or two young household birds of the same breed, provided they are at least 14 days old.

What Are The Breed Restrictions For Pets On Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian air pet policy restricts some brachycephalic dog breeds (short-nosed) as checked baggage. It is because of the respiratory difficulties these animals may experience while in transit and Hawaii’s tropical climate. Some of the Snub-nosed dog breeds are.
  • American Bully
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Bulldog
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Bull Terrier
  • Chow Chow
  • Dutch Pug
  • English Bulldog
  • English Toy Spaniel
  • French Bulldog
  • Japanese Spaniel (Chin)
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pekingese
  • Pit Bull
  • Pug
  • Shar Pei
  • Shih Tzu
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Some of the Snub-nosed cat breeds.
  • Burmese
  • Exotic
  • Himalayan
  • Persian

When Can Hawaiian Airlines Disapprove Your Service Animal Or Pet Request?

As per the Hawaiian airlines pet travel rules, the airlines will remove your animal if it is offensive or disruptive. The decision on whether your animal is offensive or disruptive is based on their sole discretion, which may include:
  • Excessive barking (for dogs only)
  • Emitting strong odors
  • Aggressiveness
  • Growling or hissing
  • Failure to be housebroken

Take Away

As per the Hawaiian airlines pet travel rules, the airlines will remove your animal if it is offensive or disruptive. The decision on whether your animal is offensive or disruptive is based on their sole discretion, which may include:
  • Excessive barking (for dogs only)
  • Emitting strong odors
  • Aggressiveness
  • Growling or hissing
  • Failure to be housebroken
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