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People living in Pittsburgh might be suffering from any health debilitating mental or emotional conditions that can make a huge impact on their lives. Getting an Emotional Support Animal can help a person to get over their disabilities.

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How to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Pittsburgh?

The process of getting an ESA letter is simple and hassle-free. You only need to follow these given steps:

Apply Online

Firstly, you need to apply now and fill an online evaluation form with your personal details. After filling in all your details, you need to submit the form online.

Get Evaluated Online

Once you submit your form, all your details will get evaluated by our licensed mental health physicians. If you get approved, our physicians will send you a letter.

Receive an ESA Letter

At last, you will receive a letter online via email after getting evaluated. You can further download or save the letter as proof to show it to your landlord.
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Elements of a Legitimate ESA Letter

Here are some points that practitioners must take care of while writing a valid Emotional Support Animal letter as follows:
The professional should write it on their letterhead. It must not include the name of an online company.
It must contain the name and signature of the therapist.
It must consist of the date of issuance.
It should include the license number of the physician.
The letterhead must have the date on which the license had issued and the state.

It must describe why does the individual need an emotional support animal.

The letter must have the details of the pet.

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Pittsburgh and Emotional Support Animal

In the city of Pittsburgh, Emotional Support Animals are assisting people with mental health problems such as depression, stress, traumas, or anxiety. With the increase in the population, there’s a rise in mental health issues. Pets are perfect companions that provide company to their owners and a partner for life. If you get an Emotional Support Animal, it can help you to get out of their psychiatric health issues. Both the animal and its owners are protected under the Fair Housing Act that provides them with certain rights.
Punishment for Misrepresenting an ESA in Pittsburgh

If any person tries to misrepresent an ESA in Pittsburgh, it will fall under an offense, and you may charge a fine of up to $1,000.
Falsifying a pet as an ESA on housing properties can affect those who actually need emotional support animals to cure their medical conditions. Also, if you try to represent an emotional support dog as a service dog, then you may fall into trouble.

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Pittsburgh Emotional Support Animal laws

Housing Laws (Fair Housing Act)

The fair housing Act protects individuals from getting discriminated against for their disability. According to this act, a landlord must make reasonable accommodation for a person with an emotional support animal who is living on their rental property. It means a landlord cannot refuse an ESA owner even if they follow the ‘No pet’ policy. A landlord may not charge any additional deposits or fees in advance for someone with an ESA. However, an ESA owner will be responsible for your pet’s destructive behavior.

An Exception to rules in Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, not every time, the law protects you. There are some exceptions in which you may no longer cover under FHA. A landlord can refuse an ESA if your animal shows any kind of aggression, abuse, or destroy the owner’s property. Some sizes and types of private rental accommodation are also exempt from the terms of the act.

Places where you can visit with your ESA in Pittsburgh

The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh

The Westin convention center Pittsburgh is a pet-friendly place where are can come along with two dogs up to 50 lbs without paying any extra fees. Make sure not to keep your dog off-leash in guest rooms. The place is filled with grass, but cats are not allowed.

Coca Café

Coca Café is popular for its inventive and delicious Sunday brunch and dog-friendly outdoor seating. It serves various classic options such as cheese omelets, French toast, blueberry pancakes, apple cinnamon panini, and curry chicken salad. The café is open till 3 pm seven days a week.

South Park Dog Park

South Park Dog is a dog-friendly park, where you can find drinking water, benches, or bushes. Dogs are only allowed on leash in most of the rest of this 2000 acre park.

Peta Gogy

Petagogy is another pet-friendly place in Pittsburgh that offers a great selection of premium and natural pet foods and supplies. Your pet can find collars, leashes, toys, and more. Petagogy.

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At Fast ESA, we understand the true value of an Emotional Support Animal in the city of Pittsburgh. People are suffering from many mental and emotional diseases that are affecting their lives. In such a situation, no one can better understand you other than a pet. We are serving many people to get their legitimate ESA letter online with an easy process. Our services are 100% secure and trustworthy as all our information is kept confidential under HIPAA compliance.

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Places where you can find a suitable ESA in Pittsburgh

Animal Advocates: Animal advocates aim to provide high-quality care for the well-being of rescued cats and dogs until they are placed in forever homes. They care for their loving animals.
Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh: HARP is one of the largest non-profit organizations dedicated to the welfare of animals, pet owners, and the community. HARP operates two low-cost, high-quality veterinary medical centers.
Pittsburgh’s Purrfect Cat Rescue: Kitty Queen Cat Rescue is a no-kill cat organization dedicated to helping homeless, unwanted, and special needs cats find loving homes. They aim to provide shelter to every cat.

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