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An emotional support animal in Milwaukee also enjoys legal protection, namely concerning housing and during a flight. People with mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can be ESA owners in Milwaukee.

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How to get an ESA letter in Milwaukee?

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The process to get an ESA letter in Milwaukee is easy and smooth, you only need to follow these steps:

Apply Online

To get an ESA letter for your pet, you will need to fill in all your details on an online evaluation form. You will fill in your medical information and a requirement for an ESA in your form. After completing your details, you will submit the form online

Get Evaluated Online

Once you submit your form online, you will get evaluated by the licensed mental health practitioners online. They will verify whether you qualify for an ESA or not.

Get Approved

After you get evaluated, you will receive your ESA Letter online via email. You can further download your letter for living on rental properties with your ESA.

Emotional Support Animals and Milwaukee

An Emotional Support Animal is not the same as therapy dogs, nor a pet, nor a service dog.
An emotional support animal in Milwaukee does not have to be a dog.

If you want to qualify for an ESA, then, you need to be diagnosed with any mental health condition like severe anxiety, dementia and Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and much more.

You can take your ESA to dog-friendly or animal-friendly places.
An ESA letter can be recommended by a licensed mental health professional.

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Housing Laws (Fair Housing Act)

The fair housing act provides ESA owners to live with their emotional support animals on rental properties. A landlord can’t refuse their housing because of the ESA nor charge a pet fee. Being a tenant with an emotional support animal in Milwaukee means that the law is on your side. You must show your ESA letter to your landlord to be protected under this law. Make sure that your dog does not harass or cause any harm to neighbors. Other than regular houses and apartments, assisted-living facilities and multi-family housing units are also covered by the FHA.

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Exception to Rules

Emotional Support Animals and their owners are protected under FHA but in some cases, there is some exception to rules:

  • You’ll have to pay for any damage your ESA causes.
  • Aggressive emotional support dogs may get denied for housing.
  • If you do not show the required documents then you might not be protected under FHA.
  • If you neglect your ESA, the state can intervene and take them away.
  • Faking an ESA letter means the laws won’t cover you, and you will be punished.

Places where you can visit with your pet in Milwaukee

Have an outdoor adventure with your ESA in Milwaukee’s Pet-friendly places Reach out to us with the map directions!

Granville Dog Park:

Granville dog park is a huge off-leash park that includes hills, woods, and grassy areas with creek and walking trails along the river. Your dogs must be licensed and should have proof of current rabies vaccination, as well as a Dog Exercise Area.

Estabrook Park Dog Exercise Area:

Estabrook dog park exercise area that provides a space for the dogs and dog owners to enjoy some off-leash play. There is a common area for all dogs along with a separate area for small dogs. The area requires dogs visiting the park to display their current license, proof of rabies vaccination.

Wi Old Fashioned Cocktail Class:

Wi Old Fashioned Cocktail Class’ is a pet-friendly area where dogs are welcomed if they can be quiet during class time. The experience lasts 2 hours and can accommodate up to 10 guests ages 21 and up. Rates start at $40 per person.

Milwaukee Boat Line Cruises:

Milwaukee Boat Line cruises welcome well-behaved, leashed pets on their public cruises. Dogs are welcome on all general cruises, but restrictions apply for specialty voyages. Travel tours are offered from May through October.

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Places where you can adopt an ESA in Milwaukee

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: The Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is an urban wildlife hospital and wildlife resource center. They have a small team of licensed wildlife rehabilitation, rehabilitated, rehabilitate, rehabilitates staff, an energetic team of seasonal interns.

Lucky mutts rescue: Lucky Mutts rescue has been rescuing dogs since 2013, they focus on dogs facing euthanasia due to placement in high kill shelters, overpopulation, abuse & neglect, or owner surrender.

Rescue Gang: The rescue gang provides the highest level of medical care for each animal’s specific needs. They provide extensive age-appropriate vetting including spay/ neuter, rabies, distemper, Bordetella, heartworm testing, heartworm/ flea/ tick preventive, intestinal parasite screenings, prescribe appropriate deforming medications.

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