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How to Get a Psychiatric Service Dog in Wisconsin?

Updated on June 16, 2023 by Vincent Maldonado
If you are considering getting a Psychiatric Service Dog in Wisconsin, you may have a few general questions! But don’t worry because we have covered every detail of the process that you would need to know before getting a psychiatric service dog.

Everything that you should be aware of, from laws to the training process of getting a psychiatric service dog is covered in this blog. So let’s start with the basics of what is a psychiatric service dog?

How to Get a Psychiatric Service Dog in Wisconsin?

What is a Psychiatric Service Dog?

A psychiatric service dog is a canine, i.e., trained to carry out one or more duties primarily related to their owner’s disability. However, a psychiatric service dog may look like a normal dog. But they are not because they are considered an essential part of the person’s disability treatment.
Psychiatric Service Dogs are covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) which provides them all the federal rights in Wisconsin. These dogs can live and travel everywhere with their owners. This covers all public locations open to the public but not pets.

Who is Eligible To Get a Psychiatric Service Dog in Wisconsin?

In order to be eligible for a psychiatric service dog or PSD, you must have a qualifying mental or emotional health disability that substantially limits your ability to perform daily life activities. This includes conditions such as severe anxiety, PTSD, phobias, panic attacks, or depression, etc.

If you want to know whether you meet the requirements of getting a psychiatric service dog in Wisconsin, consult a licensed healthcare professional. A licensed mental health professional will evaluate your condition and check whether you qualify for a PSD. If yes, they will sign a recommendation letter, also known as a “PSD letter,” for you so that you can take advantage of being a PSD owner.

You can also apply online on the Fast ESA Letter website to get a valid PSD letter signed by a licensed mental healthcare expert. By just sitting in the comfort of your home. YES! You heard it right. You can get a PSD letter with our simple three-step process.

How To Get a PSD Letter Online

process to get psd letter

Legal Rights of Psychiatric Service Dogs in Wisconsin

The state has passed specific laws in order to provide equal rights to people with mental health disabilities in Wisconsin. Take a look at these laws:

Fair Housing Act (FHA)

People who require a psychiatric service dog for their mental health disability have equal rights and opportunities to get reasonable accommodation under the Fair Housing Act. The FHA forbids discrimination by landlords based on sex, caste, religion, nationality, and origin. You also have a right to live on any property you choose without paying extra charges for your psychiatric service dog. Landlords are also prohibited from charging more because of your dog’s breed, size, or weight

Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

The Air Carrier Access Act states that psychiatric service dogs can fly with their owners. However, airlines are not permitted to charge extra from the owners who want to fly with their PSDs. Ensure you have completed all the formalities and submitted the Department of Transportation Service Animal Transportation Form before 48 hours of boarding.

Public Access Rights

Psychiatric Service Dogs are entitled to accompany their owners in public locations, including shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, parks, and other places in Wisconsin where pets are typically prohibited.

Training Methods Which You Can Adapt to Train Your Psychiatric Service Dog in Wisconsin?

As we all know, psychiatric service dogs are specifically trained dogs that assist their owners by performing daily tasks for them. Usually, there are some methods of training that PSD owners adapt to provide their dogs with adequate training. These methods are:

Working With a Professional Trainer

This training method is most popular among people because it allows them to work alongside the professional trainer in providing training to their dog. Hire an experienced trainer with expertise in training the psychiatric service dog as they can help you educate your dog on the skills you need in them so they can assist you with your disability. Also, they’re well aware of the ADA training guidelines, which helps you get a clear idea of what your dog can be trained to do.

Adopting an already-trained PSD

Getting an already-trained PSD can be expensive as owners will receive a dog who has already completed its training and is ready to help them in daily activities. Even though trained psychiatric service dogs can be more expensive, they are well worth the investment because they require little work from you.

Training Your Dog Yourself

Also known as ‘self-training.’ This training method can be overwhelming as it requires a lot of time, research, and patience. Training your dog on your own in order to become a psychiatric service dog is a lengthy process and usually takes months to complete. So, if you have enough time and energy to spend with your dog, you can opt for this training method.


We hope this guide is helpful to you! If you want to take the therapeutic advantages from the assistance of a psychiatric service dog and have one or more qualifying mental health disabilities, get a PSD letter today from Fast ESA Letter.

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