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The 10 Best Emotional Support Animals.

Updated on April 10, 2023 by Lisa Tevis
In recent years, a lot of demand for emotional support animals (ESAs) have seen among people. Having an emotional support animal means having a great support system that can improve your life in a better way.

These animals assist people with mental or emotional health disabilities by providing unconditional love, companionship, and affection. They can genuinely alter the way you perceive the world! While all animals can offer you support, there are certain animals that make them more likely to excel in the role.

In this post, we have compiled the list of the 10 best Emotional Support Animals if you’re considering getting one for yourself! These are:

10 Best Emotional Support Animals

10 Best Emotional Support Animals


dogs as emotional support animals

It should come with no surprise that the dog is the first animal on our list since they are among the most preferable choices when choosing an emotional support animal for any mental health condition.
Dogs are excellent emotional support animals that give their owners a lot of support and mental stability. Dogs are cheerful and happy. Their extraordinary capacity to offer their owners an excellent companion is unmatched.

2) Cats

Cat as emotional support animal

If you’re not a dog person, you can consider getting a cat as an emotional support animal. Cats are independent, so most people like getting a cat as an ESA rather than choosing any other animal. According to the studies, stroking and cuddling with a cat can release happy hormones in a person’s body that help decrease anxiety and stress symptoms.

3) Sheep

Sheeps as emotional support animal
Sheep are an excellent choice for emotional support animals since they have a variety of interesting characteristics. First, they acclimate to human contact (the sheep’s smooth, woolly coat is especially delightful to touch and pet). Second, they are surprisingly intelligent and social creatures that can be taught to carry out various activities. They often treat people with kindness and calmness, which helps them in their difficult times. They are highly lovable creatures that can be significant emotional support animals.

4) Ferrets

Ferret as ESA
A four-legged loving companion is becoming increasingly popular when choosing an emotional support animal. If you like to travel around the world, this animal would be the best for you because they are active, friendly, and small in size, so you can easily carry them along with you.

5) Birds

Bird as an esa

Birds are extraordinary pets and emotional support animals for people with mental or emotional health issues such as depression, anxiety, or phobias. Their ability to mimic human voices makes them an absolute joy to interact with, and there is some evidence that they can respond to their owners’ emotional states. They are incredible animals for people with anxiety and learning disabilities.

6) Hedgehog

Hedgehog as an emotional support animal
Hedgehogs are adorable tiny creatures that are scalable and entertaining at the same time. But, you might encounter issues while traveling with these small animals because hedgehogs are not often accepted as emotional support animals in some public places. So it is advisable to confirm whether they can enter any general location with you in advance.

7) Snakes

Snakes as emotional support animal
Some individuals believe that snakes are excellent at fostering emotional support. They are calm and quiet, which has a soothing effect. Because they are hypoallergenic, snakes are a perfect option for those who suffer from allergies.

8) Hamsters

Hamsters as ESA
People who enjoy spending time alone in their rooms might consider getting a hamster because they will always be around to accompany you. Teenagers aren’t the only ones who want hamsters as pets. They are incredibly endearing animals that make lovely emotional support animals for people of all ages. Hamsters require little maintenance; therefore, it is unquestionably a budget-friendly choice.

9) Rabbits

Rabbits as emotional support animal

Rabbits make excellent emotional support animals due to their fluffy, cute, easygoing nature. People with anxiety, depression, or PTSD may appreciate keeping a rabbit as an emotional support animal because they are cuddly, peaceful, gentle animals. They also have adorable tiny eyes, which is one of their most significant features. It could be impossible to choose another animal if you look into a rabbit’s eyes.

10) Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig as emotional support animal
Most people are using guinea pigs as their emotional support animals these days. These creatures are low maintenance and don’t take up much of your space. These adorable tiny creatures, much like the rabbit and mouse, can provide the precise emotional support you require.

To sum up:

The animals mentioned above are not the only ones that qualify for an ESA, as there are no restrictions on choosing the best emotional support animal for you. After deciding which animal to adopt as an ESA, you can apply for an ESA Letter today!


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