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Signs That Indicate You Need an Emotional Support Animal

Publish Date: June 18th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Signs that indicates you need an Emotional Support Animal

At some point in life, you might have thoughts in your mind that nobody understands you in a better way, and it’s obvious to think as people nowadays do not have that much time to understand you.

In such circumstances, you may feel alone, depressed, and often get irritated for no reason. You need someone by your side who can listen to you and provide you with the company.

Yeah, and there’s no one more suitable than a pet animal. A pet is not just a companion but a creature that can take all your emotional and mental pains away.

If you are confused at a moment of your life, whether to opt for a pet or not, then find out the situations where you need to get an ESA or not.

Here are the conditions that define your need for ESA

You can consider the following points through which you can identify your need for an ESA:

You Have a Mental Health Issue:

A mental health issue can affect your life drastically. You might take it for granted, but you never know how and when it can impact your personal and professional life. To maintain or stabilize these mental issues, you need an Emotional Support Animal that can be a dog or cat. The possible reasons for a mental health issue can be extreme daily life stress or depression.

You Have Depression or PTSD Symptoms:

If you feel depressed due to any reason, you can get an emotional support animal that does not let you in any trouble. Identifying depression on your own can be challenging, but these issues can trigger your mental health issues that can have more severe results in real life. When medications stop working anymore, the pets such as dogs have some unique skills that can alleviate all such issues naturally.


Intense fear about things or being caught by someone, fear of being surrounded by people in a gathering are anxiety issues that can affect a person’s life. Anxiety sometimes is caused by the situation that you are going through that passes with time. Mainly, anxiety is formed in adults; this may be due to exam stress, life-changing phases. By owning a pet, you can socialize with the people around you while going for hikes or walks, making new friends, and opening up with your thoughts.

Extreme Loneliness:

Loneliness is a phase of life that triggers more mental emotions, such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Living alone can make your mental state poor, making you lose your interest in living life. Pets provide a purpose for life and make your faith in living life. Caring, feeding, cuddling, and sharing a life with a pet can restore your emotions for love.

Looking to Apply for an ESA Letter for Your Pet

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2. Get Evaluated by a Local ESA Doctor once the submission is complete.

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Frequent flashbacks of the traumatic event:

The more possible reasons for trauma can be sudden loss in business, death of your loved ones, unhealthy or rushed relationships with friends, mistreatment by people, or being tortured. In all such situations, you may face flashbacks of some past events that can affect your mind if it lasts for too long. Playing, cuddling, or walking every day with your dog can help you forget all your posts from your life and make you more happy and cheerful.


Sometimes, you may get irritated by people’s behavior, by your surroundings. Irritation is a common emotion contributed by the lack of sleep, low blood sugar levels, and hormonal changes. However, getting used to this natural state of mind can be harmful or let you suffer from more stress and depression. Recent studies have shown that cuddling a furry pet for 5 to 7 minutes can reduce the level of stress and irritation from your mind.

Mood Swings:

Mood swing is a situation in which you go through a rapid change of moods. It may be caused by minor depression or bipolar depression. In females, it happens during the time of menopause or perimenopause.
Mood swings make you feel low and sometimes upset. In such a situation, you need a pet that you can play with or that can make you cheer up.
Pets are more sensitive to human emotions and can turn your mood swings into happy moments instantly.


Having mental health issues is a point of concern that can contribute to more physical issues and destroys a person from the inside. It’s not like only if you feel unhealthy, you might get an ESA. Pets are companions that give company and help improve your life in more ways than you can imagine. Pets are precious gifts to us and are trustworthy friends. With this blog, you might get some ideas for yourself to own a pet and get a furry friend forever.

About Post Author

Darren M. Jorgensen has a fondness for all animals, though dogs especially, have a huge home in his heart. He enjoys quilting, making handcrafted soap and bodyworks and anything that produces practical products. Jorgensen lives with his own service dog who doubles as an Emotional Support Animal. He gets it.


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