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South Carolina Emotional Support Animal Letter From Fast ESA Letter

What Should Your South Carolina ESA Letter Include?

A certified emotional support animal letter is the official letterhead that the person uses to get therapeutic benefits to treat their mental or emotional disorder. The best medicine is love and care, and an emotional support animal offers both.
A legitimate ESA letter must contain:

  • Signature and name of the therapist.
  • Date of issuance
  • Therapist’s license number
  • The person’s need for an ESA to address their mental health.
  • Details of the pet should be mentioned.

Emotional Support Animal in South Carolina

An emotional support animal is a pet that provides emotional comfort to a person who is afflicted with a mental illness. Studies show that those who utilize a pet as assistance experience lesser signs of their mental and emotional illnesses. With the help of the ESA letter, the person can have the assistance of an emotional support animal for therapeutic purposes in order to cope with strong emotions and mental illness. If you get an ESA Letter from a recognized mental health practitioner, you are eligible to use the ESA Letter for housing services.
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Who Can Write an Emotional Support Animal Letter South Carolina?

Only a licensed medical healthcare professional (LMHP) can sign and issue a legitimate ESA letter. Here is a list of a few specialists that have the authority to sign an emotional support animal letter in South Carolina:

  • A Physicians
  • A Psychiatrist
  • A licensed nurses’, practitioner
  • A licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT)
  • A Psychologist
  • A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)

Benefits Of Having an ESA Letter Online in South Carolina

  • Your landlord can not deny your emotional support dog in South Carolina, even if there is a general “no-pets” policy.
  • You can waive off any pet fees or deposit for your emotional support animal in South Carolina.
  • Your landlord can not restrict your emotional support animal based on the size, weight, and breed.

Emotional Support Animal letter laws in South Carolina

The importance of emotional support animals in enhancing the wellness of mental health. With this, South Carolina has significantly advanced the legal rights of anyone in need of emotional assistance. These legal rights are granted by a number of laws. Let’s discuss these laws.

ESA Housing Laws (Fair Housing Act)

Under the Fair Housing Act an individual seeking the therapeutic advantages of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is permitted to live with the ESA in a residential area devoid of any pet rules. As per the FHA, the landlord cannot forbid a renter from keeping an ESA at home if the tenant has a valid ESA Letter. The tenant must receive fair accommodation from the landlord at no extra cost.

ESA Campus Housing Laws

Many universities are providing the facilities of ESA Camping Housing. It means that the universities are providing accommodations for you and your ESA. However, you must ensure that you are not permitted to bring your ESA anywhere else on campus including the academic buildings like labs, lecture halls and Cafeteria.

Employment Laws

According to the Emotional Support Animal Employment law, a person who benefits from the therapeutic qualities of an ESA may bring it to work with them. However, the employer is not required to grant the request. If allowing the ESA in the workplace results in increased efficiency for the person, then the employer can consider the request to bring the ESA to the office.

Exception to Rules In South Carolina

There are some exceptions that may result in cancellation of your ESA. These are:
  • If your ESA hurts someone else living on their property.
  • If your ESA damages the landlord property.
  • If your ESA appears to be the threat for others.

Facts You Need to Know Before Receiving Your ESA

  • Any pet can be an emotional support animal as they do not require any special training like service dogs. Many people choose to have dog or cat as an ESA. But you can also keep miniature horse, lizards, rabbits as your ESA.
  • As service animals assists their owners from challenging situations ESA don’t. The main purpose of having an ESA is to provide emotional support to the person dealing with their disability.
  • Be aware of the Fake ESA letters as many companies are providing the services of ESA verification or Certification. Keep in mind that only a valid ESA letter signed by the state licensed mental health professional can provide you the emotional support animal in South Carolina.

Important Note: Don’t get scammed by Fraud ESA providers. Anyone asking you to get registered or certified your pet with the state government is a big con. Only a licensed mental health professional can write and issue a legal ESA letter.

Pet Friendly South Carolina
Like humans, animals also love to spend time outside the room or home. That is why ESA owners should take their furry friends outside to play or spend time with them. In this way, the pet owner can also socialize with others. As a matter of course, the state government of South Carolina has provided many pet-friendly places where you can enjoy spending time with your pet as well as socialize with people.
Places Where You Can Adopt an ESA in South Carolina
  • Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary (Hollywood, SC)
  • Humane Society of York County (Fort Mill, SC)
  • Pawmetto Lifeline (Columbia, SC)
Places to visit in South Carolina with an ESA
  • James Island County Park (Charleston, SC)
  • Burkes Beach (Hilton Head Island, SC)
  • Hunting Island State Park (Saint Helena Island, SC)

Places to Eat in South Carolina With an ESA

  • Lost Dog Café (Folly Beach, SC)
  • Willy Taco Feed & Seed (Greenville, SC)
  • Skull Creek Boathouse (Hilton Head Island, SC)
100% moneyback

We offer our Customers a 100% Money-back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments are Required.

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Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animal
American labrador

American Labrador

The most popular breed of dog in America is the adorable, sweet-faced Labrador Retriever. For a family searching for a medium-to-large dog, labs make sociable, outgoing, and affectionate companions with plenty of love to go around.
French Bulldog
French Bulldog
One of the most well-known little dog breeds in the world. The lively, observant, versatile, and utterly appealing Frenchie with deep wrinkles wrapped over it.
Great Dane
Great Dane

These dogs are a great companion of joy to live with. The coat comes in different color and pattern. The best pattern that is usually seen in these dogs is a combination of black and white patchwork pattern known as ‘harlequin’



Beagles are happy, loveable, compassionate dogs. The Beagles s fortune is in his adorable face with its big brown eyes set up by long nose. These are curious, energetic dogs who require plenty of playtime.
Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support Animal
One of the famous cat breeds in Nebraska is Calico. Calico cats are known as a state cat because of their white, black and orange color.
These cats are also very famous in Nebraska. They are sweet and quite cats who do not trouble you. She demands your attention and will also be loved by your family members.
Tabby cat
Tabby cat

A tabby is a domestic cat with distinctive M- shaped markings on his forehead. She looks super cute in a white and gray combination covered with long hair. Likes to get the attention of the owners.

These cats are super cute who loves to cuddle all the time. Basically this beauty is a lap cat and is very gentle and friendly in nature. She’s always playful with children

Frequently Asked Question

Does SC recognise emotional support animals?

Yes. The state government of South Carolina recognises emotional support animals.

Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal in SC?

No. a landlord can not deny your emotional support animal until he/she has a valid reason to do so. It can be:

  • If your pet causes any damage or harm to neighbors, your landlord can restrict your ESA.
  • If someone on the property has health issues, like allergies to pet hair, then your ESA can be refused by your landlord.
  • If your pet imposes danger on nearby people, your landlord can evict you after 10 days’ notice.

How do you get an emotional support animal in SC?

You can assign your furry friend as an emotional support animal with a valid ESA letter if you already have one. But if you don’t have a pet, you can adopt one of the following pet shelters in South Carolina:

  • Palmetto Animal League Adoption Center, Jasper County
  • Animal Protection League of South Carolina, Hopkins
  • Humane Society of York County
  • Pet Helpers Adoption Center and Spay/Neuter Clinic, Charleston
  • Charleston Animal Society, North Charleston

How do I connect with an LMHP in South Carolina Today!

You need to get in touch with us to get connected with a licensed mental healthcare professional (LMHP). You can follow the below-mentioned steps for ESA certification:

  • Fill in the simple questionnaire
  • Get evaluated by a local licensed doctor
  • Receive your ESA letter via email

The whole process of getting an ESA letter can take up to 24 hours without stepping out from the comfort of your home.

Can your primary doctor give you an ESA letter?

A primary care physician or a family doctor can issue an ESA letter if the doctor or primary care physician is still licensed. But, make sure that your doctor should have detailed information regarding your health condition and medical history so that the doctor will suggest an ESA as part of their treatment plan confidently.

Can I have a bird as an emotional support animal in SC?

Yes. You can have a bird to designate as an emotional support animal in SC.

I am suffering from depression and have two dogs and one cat. I am changing my apartment, and the landlord is asking me for additional charges for my pets. What should I do?

If you are suffering from depression and your pets are helping you cope with emotional support and love, you can apply for an ESA letter to designate them as emotional support animals. With the help of a valid ESA letter, your landlord can not restrict your pet or ask you for additional pet charges. You can stay with all your pets without any hassle.

I have an ESA letter housing. Can I stay with my ESA in my university apartment?

Yes. You can stay with your ESA in your University apartment but keep in mind that you can not bring your ESA in the academic buildings:

  • Labs
  • Library
  • Lecture Halls
  • And Cafeteria
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Andrea Baywood

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