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How to Get Your Emotional Support Animal Endorsed in North Carolina

Publish Date: Sept. 24th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

ESA Letter North Carolina

An Emotional Support Animal is any type or category of animal that endows with its owner’s therapeutic support. Specific laws are passed to protect those individuals who acquire emotional and physical assistance from Emotional Support Animals. These laws are given against the discrimination done to the individuals who rely upon an ESA for support. The federal and state laws are conceded for ensuring that individuals recommended with an ESA are allowed to have their companion in their home, public accommodations, and while traveling as well.

Laws governing Emotional Support Animals

What Qualifies As a Disability in North Carolina?

An individual suffering from a mental disability such as severe anxiety, Phobias, depression, or mental illness can qualify. The mental health professionals now concern emotional support animals for their patients as a workable and feasible option. Having an animal gives the individual unconditional love, camaraderie, and support can facilitate the patient’s need to live a productive life. A Licensed Mental Health Professional endows with the prescription or an ESA Letter that grants the individual and ESA’s rights.

How to Get Qualified for Letter an ESA

How to Get Your ESA Endorsed?

Getting an ESA Letter in North Carolina is trouble-free and straightforward. This requires a simple procedure to be followed to acquire an ESA Letter issued by a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Step: 1

Filling up a registration form that is intended for evaluation purposes. This registration form includes the details of an individual, and the medical history required to be scrutinized by a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Step: 2

After scrutinizing the details and medical history, get the Recommendation from a state-licensed mental health professional. As the process is entirely online, every communication will be done on-site or through email.

Step: 3

As the whole evaluation process is complete, the patient will receive an ESA Letter via email within 24 hours, which protects an ESA and its owner from the discrimination in the areas covered by state federal laws.

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Federal & State Laws:

Few laws passed to benefit an ESA and its owner to protect them from discrimination.

Housing Laws:

As per the Federal Fair Housing Act, a landlord cannot refuse the request for accommodation for an individual asking for living with an ESA. The landlord must accommodate the ESA and the tenant if it is essential for the recovery of an individual. Tenants must be permitted to live with ESAs despite any pet policies. They are also constrained to relinquish any pet fees they may have.

In North Carolina, individual who have an ESA letter bestowed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional is protected with the subsequent housing opportunities:

  1. Residential facilities
  2. Condominiums
  3. Mobile homes
  4. Nursing homes
  5. Group homes

As per the law, a landlord may refuse a tenant with an ESA if it poses a threat to others.

Employment Laws:

Some employers are required to endow with accommodation to employees’ disabilities in rational ways and allow ESAs in the workplace. In such a situation, an ESA must be Potty trained and cannot pose a behavior that endangers others.


North Carolina imposes some travel laws instituted under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), which permits Emotional Support Animals to travel with their owner on flights. The travel guideline states that an ESA can travel in the cabin along with their disabled handler. With a legitimate ESA letter, you are permitted to take your ESA wherever you want, devoid of any hassle.

  1. Airlines are not allowed to charge any supplementary fees for ESA.
  2. Must provide the accommodation to ESAs.
  3. A single ESA per passenger is permitted.
  4. Airlines can reject to board unusual animals.
  5. Airlines are not permitted to distinguish based on breed or some other categorical restrictions.

An exception to Rules:

There are a few exemptions to rules that might be considered if it is harmful to anyone. If the ESA adheres to aggressive behavior, it destroys any property of landholders or poses a health or safety risk to anyone. In such cases, landholders are allowed to reject the request for keeping an ESA along.

Where to take your ESA in North Carolina?

There are several places for you to take your ESA in North Carolina! Here are a few of them.


ESA friendly parks comprised of some ESA-friendly pieces of equipment and fun activities for the ESA and its owner. Few locations that are included of ESA friendly and fun-filled activities in North Carolina are

  1. Emerald Isle Beach, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
  2. North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, North Carolina


Plentiful restaurants confine the entry of pets in the interior of their dining area, but several restaurants are ESA friendly and proffer the meals for them as well. Few of them in North Carolina are

  1. Angry Ales, Charlotte, North Carolina
  2. The George on the Riverwalk, Wilmington, North Carolina


Few pet-friendly events offer many fun-filled activities, and many more for ESAs and their owners are

  1. Terrace Thursdays and Music Mondays at Summerfield Farms, Summerfield, North Carolina
  2. Bark in the Park at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, North Carolina.

Fast ESA Will Facilitate You

Suppose you are experiencing some severe anxiety, depression, or mental illness and require assistance in this regard. In that case, Fast ESA is one stop to assist you with everything and facilitate you from locating a Licensed Mental Health Professional endowing with an ESA Letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Fair Housing Act (FHA) apply to all housing?

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) does apply to almost all housing types counting those for sale or rent.

It includes apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes.

Can a landlord or housing provider ask details about my disability?

While a landlord or housing provider may ask for certification or prescription of the disability-related need for the assistance animal, furthermore, he or she may NOT ask for personal medical details.

Is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) permitted in no-pet housing?

HUD offers an online complaint portal that individuals who feel they have experienced discrimination in housing can be easily accessed. You may access this at Hud Complaint Portal.

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