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How to Certify Your Pet As An Emotional Support Animal in Houston

Publish Date: Sept. 19th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Houston Emotional Support Dog Letter

An Emotional Support Animal letter is a prescription or letter of recommendation that authorizes the mental or emotional disability and states that the particular is deriving therapeutic benefits from ESA. An Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA) be any category of animal. The primary rationale of emotional support animals is to provide comfort, companionship, lessen loneliness, and smooth the progress of fighting with depression, anxiety, and absurd fears. This letter is usually prescribed by the doctor or some licensed mental health professional.

With the increase in the occurrence of mental health conditions, the federal laws considerably admire the role of Emotional Support Animals that could facilitate them in assisting their owners who are dealing with the stress, anxiety, or depression. Taking anti-depression pills is easy, but doesn’t provide the type of relief that an ESA could give to an individual. ESAs endow with therapeutic relief from mental illness, stress, or anxiety. ESAs don’t need any specialized training, and they are not required to be registered. If you require an ESA Letter in Houston but do not have adequate knowledge about it, then is article is for you.

Laws Governing Emotional Support Animals in Houston

For the protection, safety, and security of the owner and Emotional Support Animal, ESA Laws were intended. Here are several rules in place that manage the possession of an Emotional Support Animal.

Laws governing Emotional Support Animals

Housing Laws

As per the housing law, the landowner is not allowed to resist accommodation to occupants with Emotional Support Animals. They are also not permitted to expel tenants once they acquired an ESA.

Employment Laws

Employers are not permitted to differentiate between applicants or employees with ESA. In a situation where animals are not allowed inside the workspace, the employer must ensure to affix an exemption to the rule to accommodate the ESA in Houston of a competent employee.

Travel Laws

Traveling with an ESA in Houston is possible under the ACAA. All it needs is a little paperwork along with some documentation. Apart from this documentation, an Emotional Support Animal Letter is the only essential document that a traveler will submit in advance.

The Exceptions to the Regulations

These regulations may not be functional in several circumstances, likewise when an animal poses a threat to the landlord or any other individual residing in a property.

How to Get Qualified for Letter an ESA

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Houston

Acquiring an ESA in Houston requires a simple procedure to be followed by the individual. This procedure involves a valid prescription and a Legit ESA Letter signed by a licensed mental health professional. But before acquiring an ESA Letter, the state Government assures that a particular individual requires one. Owning a pet and owning an Emotional Support Animal both are different. A pet can be bought home devoid of any official formalities but taking an ESA home require following some procedures. Here we have compiled everything that you need to know about acquiring an ESA Letter in Houston.

Step: 1 Online Evaluation Assessment
The initial step to begin with the process for applying an ESA Letter is to submit an online evaluation assessment form. This form asks every minute detail that is required to analyze the actual mental condition of an individual. The individual must fill-up the form with accurate information only.

Step: 2 Get Recommendation from local Therapist
The process for getting a letter is online, and a Texas State Licensed Therapist will provide a recommendation to the individual.

Step: 4 Get Approval
After the recommendation process, if the medical state indicates that the individual requires an ESA for dealing with the current condition, official approval for owning an ESA will be provided in the form of an ESA Letter.

Step: 4 Receive an ESA Letter via Email
After the confirmation from a Licensed State Therapist, the individual will receive an ESA Letter via Email signed and recommended by a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

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Where Can You Take Your ESA?


There are ESA friendly parks where they can easily team up with the other ESAs as well as their owner. These parks proffer a wonderful outdoor space for the ESA and their owners where you can connect with the new people.

Baytown Bark Park

Another beautiful place to visit that certainly offers lots of relaxation and fun. This fun place has a lot to do with your ESA that includes drinking fountains, grass-covered lawn, benches, fun-filled pieces of equipment, shaded areas, and trails for having s perfect dosage of astounding outdoors.

Millie Bush Bark Park

The fun-loving place comprises of lots of fun-filled activities to do. It includes water fountains, benches, shaded areas, and a lot more.


Numerous restaurants restrict the entry of pets inside their dining area, but several restaurants are ESA friendly and offer meals for them as well.

Porch Swing Pub:

Numerous restaurants restrict the entry of pets inside their dining area, but several restaurants are ESA friendly and offer meals for them as well.

CoCo Crepes:

A perfect Lounge space to have a relaxed and calm ambience with so many sweet treats for the customers and their ESAs.


There are lots of Hotels that allow the entries with the ESAs.

Hotel Zaza Houston

A luxury hotel that offers a variety of services to the customers and accommodates ESAs as well. An elegant and comfortable ambience gives positive vibes to the customers that make them feel relaxed.

La Quintana Inn & Suites

Another great place with the ESA friendly environment and a great ambience to spend the weekend.


Few pet-friendly events comprise of a bunch of fun-filled activities and many more.

Dog Day at Minute Maid Park

It is a fun-filled event that offers a wide range of variety of activities to the ESAs and their owners.

Fast ESA Will Facilitate You

Suppose you are going through some mental illness, anxiety, or depression and need assistance in this concern but do not have a piece of knowledge. Fast ESA is ready to help you from locating licensed health professionals to providing an ESA letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to differentiate Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and a Service Animal?

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animals that endow with therapeutic benefits to their owner through fondness and camaraderie. On the Contrary, a Service Dog is skilled at performing a task to help someone with a disability.

Do Emotional Support Animals have a size limit?

There is no size discrimination allowed when it comes to an ESA unless it poses a threat risk to others.

Is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) permitted in no-pet housing?

Landlords and property owners must provide access for reasonable accommodations to tenants or prospective tenants with ESAs, even if the apartment, house, or college dorm does not permit pets.

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