Benefits of Having an Emotional Support Animal Letter

Publish Date: November 5th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Benefit of  having an ESA letter

An Emotional Support Animal Letter is a prescription or recommendation given by the Licensed Mental Health Professional that confirms the mental or emotional disability and states that the particular is deriving therapeutic advantages from an Emotional Support Animal. The chief purpose of emotional support animals is to endow with companionship, alleviate loneliness, and facilitate in fighting with depression, anxiety, and specific irrational fears. Let’s get familiar with a few benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal Letter.

Benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal Letter

  1. Enables access to restricted places: An Emotional Support Animal Letter is a sort of license that facilitates you in taking your ESA where you cannot take normal pets.

  2. Gets you a reliable Travel Buddy: If you desire to go for a vacation and also want to take your pet along, an ESA Letter is the legal permission to take it along with you on the flight. Different laws let you travel with your Emotional Support Animal, and an ESA Letter will give you a buddy to travel along. With a valid ESA Letter, you can fly with your ESA.

  3. AN ESA Letter enables the possession of an ESA to help you fight depression or anxiety: ESAs are capable of helping you fight loneliness, anxiety, depression, or any mental illness. An ESA letter is like a green ticket to get hold of an Assistance Animal.

  4. Exemption from the pet charges: Having a valid ESA Letter exempts you from paying the fees you have to pay for keeping a pet with you. ESA Letter waives off the pet policy on your ESA. Also, you are allowed to visit a place devoid of any pet charges.

  5. You can keep an ESA regardless of age: Sometimes, people refuse to keep a pet at their place due to their age. However, as per the Emotional Support Animal Laws, Anyone must not Emotional Support Animals based on their age, weight, size, or breed. You can Keep any pet as ESA that is helping you in improving your health condition.

  6. You can live with your ESA: Several landlords refuse to keep the ESA in their residential area, or some societies have pet policies that don’t allow pets to stay in the residential area. An ESA letter is the license to access the residential areas where the pet policies are applicable. It will grant you to stay with your ESA.

  7. With a valid ESA, you get a new friend:  ESAs are the most reliable friends that have so much to offer to the owner. An ESA is a dependable friend that will help you during the hard times and endows you with emotional care, love, and affection. It enables you to deal with stress, anxiety, and any mental illness by indulging you in all sorts of activities. However, to get such a close friend, you need a valid ESA Letter.

  8. Enables an outing with your ESA: Usually, there are many pet restricted areas where the pets cannot move out. However, this does not apply to the ESAs. Everyone is aware of the COVID-19 effects, that everyone is still suffering from it, and has triggered a lot of impact on humans and animals. During the strict lockdown, when the other pets were not allowed to move out. With an ESA Letter, ESA owners are allowed to go out with their ESA so that the patient’s mental state doesn’t worsen.

  9. Legal Permit:  A valid ESA Letter acts as a legal permit that gives access to all the places that normal pets don’t have and keep you ESA with you at home or while traveling.

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