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How to Ask the Doctor for Emotional Support Animal Letter

Publish Date: September 9th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

ESA Doctor Letter

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) plays a vital role in an individual’s life that is living with a disability or suffering from anxiety, depression, or any mental health issues. Just like any other health issue, talking about your mental health is also crucial. People generally feel shy regarding talking about their mental health. It gives them an embarrassing feel to talk about their mental condition. When it comes to visiting a specialist in this regard, they generally feel low about concerning a doctor for their mental issues. Though in reality, it requires a different approach. In general, an individual who is facing mental disorders such as stress or anxiety requires that needs the same attention as any other health issue needs.

When to see a doctor?

Individuals are required to visit a doctor when they feel depressed or influenced by a mental condition. Talking to a medical health professional openly and sharing everything with them is mandatory in this process to get over it. Though talking about mental health is still considered as something abnormal or unusual topic. But at the same time, this is treatable and requires appropriate guidance. Anti-depression pills are not the only solution for mental problems. Sometimes simple advice or an ESA would be a great help to deal with this. Emotional Support Animals tend to provide companionship, lessen loneliness, and help in dealing with depression, anxiety, and absurd fears. A medical health professional will facilitate you with the appropriate treatment and take manifold sessions to deal with it.

How to Ask the Doctor for Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If you are getting treatment from an LMHP for a diagnosed mental illness or any emotional disability, you can ask them to write you an ESA letter. If you feel awkward in approaching a doctor or you do not have time for appointments, we recommend you to get an ESA letter online. Not every individual needs a recommendation for an Emotional Support Animal for their treatment. It is up to their mental and medical state. Getting an ESA Letter online is an uncomplicated process, but it could make a real difference. It just includes a simple procedure of a few steps.

Fill-up and submit ESA Evaluation Form Online

To initiate the process, start with filling an online assessment form. This online assessment form includes the medical details concerning the individual. The purpose of the online assessment form to gather the personal and the medical information concerned with an individual. This online assessment is responsible for the evaluation purpose. Along with the individual’s details, this form asks for the Emotional Support Animal details as well. It also requires the type of Emotional support animal and essential information like weight, breed, gender, and name of the pet. After filling up the required information and the exact medical condition of an individual, the form needs to be submitted online for the further processing of it.

Get evaluated by a Licensed Professional

Subsequently, A Licensed Mental Health Professional will review the form that was submitted by the individual. Based on the answers and the medical history details, they will first evaluate and scrutinize your answers and verify the minute details. In case of verification, they might connect with the individual over a call. If everything is the same as per the mentioned details, they will approve the request for an Emotional Support Animal and a signed recommendation letter for the individual. But before endorsing a patient, the details are scrutinized strictly. Only a licensed mental health professional can recommend an ESA letter.

Get Approved

After scrutinizing every minute detail about the individual mentioned in the online assessment form, further processing of the questionnaire is done. If approved, the individual receives an ESA Letter signed by the authorized signatory. If the physician disapproves the particular, the ESA letter is not signed. The particular is informed, and a 100% refund is processed immediately.

Receive Your ESA Letter Instantly via email

Once the physician completes the evaluation of the online assessment form, they prepare an ESA recommendation, and we deliver it to the email of the individual. The Patient can use it in the legal formalities while traveling or to the landowner.

Once the physician completes the evaluation of the online assessment form, they prepare an ESA recommendation, and we deliver it to the email of the individual. The Patient can use it in the legal formalities while traveling or to the landowner.

Getting an ESA Letter

Living with an ESA or taking an ESA with you in airlines hold different rules, and with a valid ESA Letter, both an ESA and the individual gets the hold of specific rights. As per the ESA Laws, some rules and regulations proffer special regulations for ESA and ESA owners.

An ESA letter makes you and your ESA qualified for officially authorized protections, whether it is in concern with the traveling or living. An ESA Letter must signify that the particular person is experiencing mental issues or some anxiety, and the ESA is mandatory to remain at all times as part of their treatment. It is done with the help of authorized medical professionals only. Fake ESA letters may lead to some legal actions against the individual. An ESA letter must be on a letterhead paper and must indicate the conditions described below with the duly stamp of the medical professional or their signature.

An ESA Letter include

  1. The Name of Mental health professionals.
  2. letterhead and signature.
  3. The date of the issue.
  4. LMHP license type, the date the license was issued, license number, and the state that issued their license.
  5. Authentication that an emotional support animal is an imperative part of your life.
  6. Description of how the animal will aid the condition.
  7. ESA Prescription.
  8. Patient’s name.
  9. Details about your pet.

Fast ESA Letter Will Facilitate You Get Valid ESA Letter

Do you need help regarding aid your mental health but do not have a piece of adequate knowledge or feeling awkward to visit a licensed medical professional?

We at Fast ESA Letter are ready to facilitate you from locating a licensed physician to providing an ESA Letter if you are mentally or emotionally disabled.


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