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Step-By-Step Guide On: How To Make A Dog Throw Up?

Updated on May 15, 2023 by Vincent Maldonado

It might be easy to make a drunk friend throw up, but the same might not be the case with your dog. No, we are not talking about alcohol here!

Nevertheless, your dog can eat many food items like; Chocolates, Raisins/ Grapes, Jalapenos, Almonds, etc., that are not good for their health.

Or, leaving all these possibilities out, your dog might have some food item to which it is allergic. In cases like these, all you can think of is how to get the food out of your dog’s system, so that it can take a sigh of relief. Not kidding, your dog can also consume some deadly non-edible substance.

If the same is the case with humans, they can intentionally throw up. But now comes the question of how to explain or teach this to a dog. How to make a dog puke?
Challenging, right?

Well, don’t worry! We got your back!

In this blog, we will explain to you “how to make a dog throw up?”

Keep reading to know more about dog puking.

Firstly, if you are in a situation where your dog swallowed some harmful substance

Living creatures are created in a way that when a toxic substance enters their bodies, they try to eliminate it naturally. Well, sometimes our bodies respond too late, due to which we can not fix all the subsequent damages that the presence of that toxic substance can cause inside the body.

A similar can be a case of a dog, and it might find it hard to puke the ingested toxic substance out. Now, taking no chance, you should take your pet to the Vet; however, if that seems time-consuming and might worsen your dog’s condition before you reach the Vet’s clinic.

In that case, put your dog’s Vet on the call! Explain the whole situation;

  • What did your dog eat?
  • How long has it been?
  • Is your dog showing any side effects?
  • Any medical history?
  • Does your dog eat something before consuming the toxic substance?

The last-mentioned query is important to describe to the Vet as it is necessary that the dog has eaten something. It will help in the smooth passage of toxic substances while throwing up. If not, the Vet won’t recommend you induce your dog to puke right away.

How To Make A Dog Throw Up?

When Not to Make a Dog Throw Up?

These are the following scenarios, even with the telephonic assistance of the Vet, the home throwing-up approach is not an option;

  • Starting with, if your dog is unconscious or lethargic, you just cannot make it vomit. The situation is more critical if your dog is also getting seizures. It is a medical emergency and requires a professional’s help!
  • Secondly, how long has it been that your dog consumed harmful substances? If it’s been more than three to four hours, there is no used to induce vomiting. Consumed substances have already left the stomach and must have entered the intestines. Therefore, oral discharge won’t work in this case.
  • If you are sure that your dog consumed rat poison, it is also a medical crisis, and home procedures won’t work in that scenario.
  • Bleach or other chemicals cannot be eliminated by induced puking without the help of a specialist.
  • If placed carelessly in the house, there are chances that your dog might swallow batteries. Suppose the dog tries to chew the battery. In that case, all the harmful chemicals can leak into the dog’s mouth and enter the stomach following the esophagus. If swallowed, the battery can block the dog’s esophagus. In either of the cases, throwing up is not an option as the toxic contents will cause aspiration pneumonia in dogs.
  • Similarly, throwing up gasoline or kerosene oil ingested by the dog is also not a choice due to the subsequent aspiration pneumonia.
  • If your pup belongs to breeds like Pug, Bulldog, boxer, Sher Pei, etc., they need a professional’s help. It is because short-headed breeds (also known as brachycephalic breeds) are more prone to aspiration pneumonia. Therefore, these are more sensitive to possible risks of throwing up ingested harmful chemicals.
  • Just in case your pup ingests sharp pointy objects like a glass material, induced puking will damage the throat and esophagus lining. The Vet might need to follow the surgical procedure to remove these objects.

Take your dog to a nearby vet as soon as possible in any of the above scenarios.

If your dog is not in any of the above cases, you can proceed with the home procedure for the dog to throw up food or other unwanted substances. Still, you will require the assistance of a Vet over an audio-video call to carry out the procedure.

How to Make a Dog Throw Up?

If you are wondering how to make your dog throw up in your home, then these are the following methods used for throwing up in dogs:

Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture

Hydrogen peroxide is the most common antiseptic used on cuts and injuries to avoid dangerous unwanted infections. However, can you use hydrogen peroxide on dogs?
The answer is Yes. You can not only use Hydrogen peroxide on dog wounds, but you can also use it to make a dog puke. For that, you will need;

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Teaspoon and a bowl
  • Feeding syringe or turkey baster

Caution: Higher concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide Solution can harm your dog’s digestive system lining. Make sure you have a 3% solution Hydrogen Peroxide solution.

As a dog might be anxious at that stage, let us explain to you that you might need help from someone while giving Hydrogen peroxide dosage to them. Therefore, it is better to take the assistance of someone else in this situation.

The step-by-step process using hydrogen peroxide to make a dog vomit is as follows;

  • If your dog hasn’t eaten anything other than the unwanted consumed substance in the last 2 hours, give them a small meal to eat so that your dog can puke easily.
    Caution: We advise you to keep the vet over the call during the whole procedure.
  • Now take 3% hydrogen peroxide and use 1 teaspoon of it per 5-pound body weight of your dog. For example, an average Pomeranian weighs around 5 pounds, and 1 teaspoon of Hydrogen peroxide is enough for them. Similarly, a 22 pounds Beagle will need 4 teaspoons of Hydrogen peroxide to throw up.
    Tip: You can use a tablespoon reference for heavier breeds, considering 3 teaspoons equals 1 tablespoon.
    Caution: No matter how heavy your dog is, don’t give more than 3 tablespoons of Hydrogen peroxide solution without the vet’s recommendation.
  • Transfer the Hydrogen peroxide mixture into a container and use a Feeding syringe or turkey baster to give the mixture to the dog. Fill the Hydrogen peroxide in the Feeding syringe or turkey baster that you have used and transfer it into the dog’s mouth.
    Caution: Don’t let your dog inhale Hydrogen peroxide through their nose.
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes for the dog to puke. If still, they don’t vomit; with vet approval, give them a second dose.

Caution: Make sure your dog won’t eat back the vomited material.
Closely examine your dog for at least an hour after vomiting. Take your pooch to the vet if they show any unusual behavior.

Other Medications

If you are thinking, how to make my dog vomit without hydrogen peroxide?
Well, if you will be able to take your pet to the vet, they will use medications instead of hydrogen peroxide. Mainly they use medications;

  • Apomorphine,
  • Clever

To induce vomiting in the dog.

Apomorphine is given in injection and rarely in the form of tablets. And Clevor is an eye drop mixture that targets dopamine receptors which induce vomiting.


Till now, we must have cleared all your doubts regarding; How to make a dog vomit?

Not, in any case, take these matters lightly. If you ever get stuck with your dog in this situation, calm down, and with the above information in mind, ensure whether;

Should you take your dog to the vet?

Or would home remedy be enough?

After a bit of clarity, act accordingly. As stated earlier, situations need to be handled calmly but require immediate action.

After the procedure completes, your dog must be devastated by vomiting and weakness. Ask for the vet’s advice on what to give to calm the dog after the vomiting. If required, you can take the dog to the vet for a standard checkup and after-care guidance.

If the dog doesn’t puke even after your efforts, take the dog to the Vet, Immediately!

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  1. Joycelinwall Entine

    How to make a dog throw up after eating Bleach?

    • Tracy Deslaurier

      No matter what kind of Bleach it is. Take your dog to the Veterinarian as early as possible. Bleach Poisoning can even Kill your dog. It is not advisable to wait for home remedies.

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