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Signs that Prove your Dog is Stressed

Publish Date: July 1st, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Signs That You Dog Is Stressed

Stress is common in humans that leaves us with the feeling of pressure and strain. In such situations, you may recommend a physician or take some medications to feel stable, but have you wondered that your dog might feel stressed too?

Though animals cannot speak or express their feelings verbally, it’s not every time that you may feel low or depressed. Your fellow companions may also feel so.

You may not be able to identify their moods instantly, but they also feel stressed and depressed. Your dog gives you some signs or states through body language and behavior that prove your dog is stressed.

It’s better to notice the signs of stress at an early stage, as doing so helps your dog take out of that stage before your dog turns into an aggressive or dangerous animal.

Cause of Stress in Dogs

Stress can be caused in dogs for many specific reasons:

  • It may occur with the confusion and memory loss associated with aging.
  • Separation from their owners and family.
  • Fear of new environments, loud noises.
  • Getting surrounded by big groups of people or crowds.
  • Leaving your pet dog alone at home.

Signs that can help you to identify your dog’s moods

Here are some signs that can help you to identify whether your dog is currently suffering from stress or not:

Unable to calm or relax :

Most pets love to take small naps and relax in the daytime. If your dog is not resting and does not wake up quickly on your commands, then your dog might suffer from stress. Making different body postures while sitting or walking is another sign of stress.


Body shivering or shaking can be the symptoms of anxiety or stress, but you must be aware that dogs also shake while they feel excited. Sometimes, it’s hard to differentiate excited trembling from anxious trembling, so it’s better to ask a vet instead of taking decisions on your own.

Sweaty Paws:

Everyone knows that dogs do not sweat more, but if your dog has sweaty paws, then your dog might feel low or stressed. Sweaty paws are a sign of increased body temperature. Contact your vet to get your dog out of such situations.

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Hair Loss:

Dogs start shedding their hair when there’s the usual shedding season. Other than this, if your dog starts losing hair, it means your pup is stressed. If there’s an increase in the constant hair loss, then it can be several health conditions.

Freezing in Place:

If your dog gets suddenly frozen in some postures, then this sudden stillness signifies that your dog feels the need to be cautious, which indicates stress or anxiety. Freezing is a clue that proves your dog doesn’t feel safe or confident.


Dogs bark at strangers or animals and sometimes may produce different sounds while feeling hungry or teased by someone. Dogs cry and may vocalize in various ways such as bark, whimper, whine, or growl; these vocalizations may indicate fear or aggression.


If your dog feels low, then, starts hiding under the furniture or beds. Hiding is considered a self-prevention method where your dog hides from a perceived threat. However, hiding can be a sign of illness or injury, so you must take care of your dog and pay more attention. Fix appointments with vets, if required.


Once your dog starts feeling stressed out, it may begin scratching itself without feeling itchy. Well, chewing and scratching release some of the trapped stress inside the dogs. Scratching in excess can also lead to hair loss and skin irritation, which can be a sign of skin issues.


Vomiting can be a cause of stress, and it can be due to the change in daily life routines or the changing environment. Other than this, vomiting is a health issue concern as your dog may suffer from nausea and vomiting because of stress. Vomiting can also occur due to dehydration.


If your dogs have any of the above symptoms, you must take more care of your dog. In all such situations, you must recommend a doctor and should spend more time with your dog. Take your dog for outings to make them feel happier. Sometimes, stress gets away with time, but feeling stressed in continuity can harm your dog.

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