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Should You Let Your Dog Sleep With You?

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Blake Quinn
Written By Blake Quinn

October 18, 2021

Should you let your dog sleep with you?

You come from a long hectic day of work. All along the way home, all you are thinking about is sleeping comfortably on a full-size bed frame. To avoid wastage time, you even took a takeaway and ate your dinner on the way. As you came back home, the first thing you did was slip into cozy pajamas and crawl into your comfy purple mattress. You kept your head comfortably on the pillow and closed your eyes.

“amm.” Heavenly breaths.
And, all of a sudden, you feel a dog wagging tail in sleep on your face.

Now, all you can think is,
Why does my dog sleep on top of me at this time of the night?

We know you love your furry friend; however, in moments like these, it gets hard to adore someone you love, right?
Well, don’t feel bad; you are not a bad pup parent. Their love is just sometimes too much to handle.

So, if you are wondering,
Should I let my dog sleep with me?
Well, there is no one-line reply to your query.

Read this blog to get your answer.

Firstly, Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Do you know that;
“Dogs spend 50% of the daytime snoozing out?”
Well, this seems too much. Then we can suggest you not compare your sleep with your furry friend. You have a lot of work to do, but they have nothing to do other than love you.

Other than this, dogs are a highly active animal species. Racing around strolling here and there can be tiresome. One needs a good amount of food to make up for that amount of energy.

However, not all dogs spend half of their life sleeping, as dog sleeping depends on many factors like dog breed, age, and size.

Older dogs sleep more than younger dogs as they need more rest.

Pros and Cons of a Dog Sleeping in Your Bed

Coming to the primary purpose of this blog, for which you came here.
“Where should my dog sleep at night time?”

Well, it is not a hard-fast rule for this. We have listed a few pros and cons of a dog sleeping in your bed. Check the following and decide on your own.


Comfort and warmth:
Who wouldn’t like sleeping by hugging a breathing furry soft toy? Just imagine sleeping cuddling with a warm poach on cold winter nights. Well, it’s not that greedy to keep your own poach heater beside you, then pay costly electricity bills.

Eliminates anxiety and depression:
Most therapists suggest patients who suffer from mental issues like stress and depression stay and sleep with emotional support dogs. It is due to the reason that dogs help in realizing the love hormone oxytocin that directly helps in reducing anxiety and depression.

Scientific reason:
Other than releasing oxytocin, studies have shown the release of other happy hormones in humans sleep in with dogs that directly create theta brain waves. In simple words, these waves calm the brain, and that’s why it’s good for mental health.

A feeling of safety:
Dogs are alert creatures. They have strong instincts and can sense danger earlier than humans. Well, it’s a known fact that your pup will be the first one striking if a thief breaks into your house in the middle of the night. Further, Do you know that?; dogs can sense natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes way more before you. So, if your pup gets uneasy in the middle of the night, be alert!

Reduces insomnia:
As we mentioned earlier, dogs promote theta waves in your brain. These ways are released in a deep sleep named the REM part of sleep. That’s how your four-legged pet can also help you to remove insomnia.

Reduce stress:
There is a term named the Pet effect famous these days. We won’t puzzle you more as we have already mentioned that pets reduce depression and anxiety. Naturally, puppies reduce stress in your life too. Studies have shown a decline in stress in seventy percent of pet parents by sleeping with their puppies.


Even if you are not sensitive to dog allergies, there are many instances where pet parents conceive allergies. It is because dogs gather allergens on mattress.

Poor Health:
Just like allergens, most of the time, dogs bring fleas and plagues with their fur. That’s why many people complain that; the dog has fleas and sleeps in my bed. It is the main reason behind the decline in their immunity.

Sleep disruption:
Numerous fur parents confess that their furry pet is the reason behind their sleepless nights. Dogs are bad farters; a lousy dinner of your pup can cost you a lot. God bless your nose on these nights. We won’t be surprised if you will be googling the next day; “What can I give my dog to sleep at night?”

Bed Slobs:
Dogs are like our babies, but sometimes they forget their weight. That’s why while sleeping beside a 34 kg cute retriever, don’t be surprised if you will find yourself on the floor in the middle of the night. It might be that your dog sleeping on the back changes its position and sprawls over you.

Can My Dog Sleep With a Cone on?

Don’t even think of removing your poach cone at night. Just like humans, they lose their senses while sleeping. It is possible they might end up hurting themselves by mistakenly biting their wounds in sleep. For fast healing, we will advise you to leave their cone on full-time until they recover.


In the end, we can say that it’s your personal choice if you prefer your dog to sleep in its dog bedroom or if you adore nights gazing at your dog sleeping with your tongue out.
However, even if you don’t want to sleep on the same bed, you can still keep your furry friend in the same room. A specially designed dog bed and comfy furniture can help you and your dog to sleep comfortably.

If you are in a dilemma, you can follow the following tips and tricks to stay with your pet and also avoid suffering:

Assign an area for your dog and you so that you can sleep on the same bed without entering each other’s space. You can take the help of pillows for that.

Train your pet not to be violent during sleeping time. Make it realize that you won’t tolerate this type of behavior.

Poop and pee before sleep:
Don’t forget to take your pup for a poop stroll before sleep. You and your pup neither will prefer to sleep on a wet and messy bed.

Mattress Cover:
There are many sheet covers specially designed for pets. You can choose them too, to keep allergies away from you.
Keep your pet clean: Don’t forget to clean your poach feet and coat before welcoming it on your bed. We prefer you to give them baths every once in a while.

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  1. Christcom oletti

    Is it unsanitary to let your dog sleep with you?

    • Blake Quinn

      For sure, you can get allergies if your dog sleeps with you. However, if you ensure to clean your dog’s feet and coat before inviting it to your bed, you can minimize the risks of allergies. It is also better to potty and pee-train your dog, as no one would like to sleep on a bed that will have dog feces.


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