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Pet Insurance San Antonio

With the increasing purchase and adoption of pet animals, the veterinary industry has also become substantially expensive. Cancer treatment, Knee replacements, and critical allergy treatment, which were previously available to humans, are now available to dogs and cats. After seeing this advancement in veterinary healthcare, people have started to understand the importance of pet insurance. As a consequence, the demand for pet health insurance has increased. Pet Insurance is a health protection policy that primarily covers veterinary bills for a person’s injured or sick pet. Pet health Insurance companies may partially or wholly compensate for the pet’s healthcare treatment cost, depending on the policy taken by the pet owner. Some policies even cover costs if the pet gets lost or stolen or even in case of death. Accidents happen, it’s a part of nature, and a pet insurance policy may make you feel worthy in an emergency. The average cost of an unpredicted visit to the vet can cost from $1000 to $2000. This unexpected visit can quickly destroy your wallet. No one handles an unexpected cost as high as $1000. But the right plan can help pay for a large amount of vet care for an effective treatment. So, let’s learn more about pet insurance and almost everything you need to know before buying pet insurance.

Why Would I Need Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance provides peace of mind from unexpected vet bills. There are many amazing benefits the pet owner can experience by having pet insurance. Some of the few are:

Illnesses & Conditions

Whether it’s emergency care or a special appointment, pet insurance covers the fees for any vet visit related to illness or injury.

Helps with expensive treatments

Pets can also go through major treatments, which will be very costly. Pet insurance allows you to give your pet the best healthcare while saving money on expensive medical treatments.

Accidents & Injuries

Whether your furry friend bites or swallows something they shouldn’t, Your insurance will cover all these medical expenses.

Specialist Care

Allow treatments from veterinary specialists such as oncologists, behaviorists, and others, without thinking about the wallet.

What Are The Different Pet Insurance Coverage Options?

Comprehensive coverage, accident-only illness coverage, and wellness coverage; these types of coverage options are usually available. But among three of them, comprehensive and accident-only are the most common coverage options offered by the pet insurance companies in San Antonio. Let’s discuss them in detail so you can select the best insurance for your furry friend cum family member.

Comprehensive Coverage

The most common type of coverage option in which, from a minor stomach problem to a more serious chronic condition, everything is under comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive covers almost everything, such as:
  • Injuries
  • Chronic illness
  • Infections
  • Hereditary issues
  • Diagnostic care
  • Emergency care
  • Day care treatment
  • Pre-hospitalization
  • Post-hospitalization
Pros of comprehensive converge:
  • Wider Coverage
  • Good fit for breeds prone to illness
Cons of comprehensive coverage:
  • expensive than other forms of coverage
  • Wouldn’t cover routine care

Accident-only Coverage:

Accident-only Insurance policy provides financial protection to the pet owners against uncertainties such as accidental bodily injuries and partial/total disabilities from an accident of their pets. Various other compensations are offered for an accidental disability, such as loss of eyes or limbs. Accident only coverage option covers accidents including:
  • Injuries
  • Bites from animals or insects
  • Swallowed objects
  • Accidental poisoning
Pros of accident-only coverage:
  • Premium is less as compared to comprehensive
  • Accident happens
  • Best young and energetic breeds
Cons of accident-only coverage:
  • Doesn’t cover illness
  • Would not cover routine care

How To Choose The Right Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is intended to relieve pet owners’ stress and help them save money on expensive vet bills. But sometimes, pet owners choose the wrong pet insurance plans and put an extra burden on their wallets. Pet insurance has too many elements, and each element has its value. Educating yourself will have much more success during your pet insurance quest. First, see your wallet, then the pet insurance company. See, you know your wallet more than anyone, so there is no discussion on this, but for the pet insurance company, you may choose Fast ESA Letter. Our prices are low and have a wide coverage area with 100 % settled claims.

Type of policies you can purchase

Before purchasing a pet insurance policy, you must understand the policy terms and type. Because some companies have rules, the condition is considered preexisting once you claim for an illness or injury. And is unlikely to be covered by the renewal process, or if you change companies, the other insurance company can also refuse to cover those conditions.

Lifetime pet insurance

Lifetime pet insurance is best for long-term and chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. Two types of lifetime pet insurance are, one is the annual limit and the second annual limit per condition. The annual limit insures your pet for a set amount per policy year, and the annual limit per condition insures your pet for a set amount per condition per policy year.

Maximum benefit pet insurance

Like lifetime pet insurance, the veterinary fee cover does not need to renew each year. Maximum benefit pet insurance will cover your pet for a set amount per condition until the condition limit is reached. There is no time limit on when you can claim for the condition. This type of policy is a little cheaper than lifetime pet insurance.


Reading the policy is always worthwhile because you might find unpleasant surprises. Sometimes, most medical conditions covered under the procedure might be medically unnecessary or elective or cosmetic treatments. Typical exclusions are declawing in cat insurance policies and administrative fees related to veterinary visits.


Depending on the pet insurance company in San Antonio, you’ll have a choice of deductible amounts. The more deductible you pay, the lower your premium. Factors that affect the cost of pet insurance: the deductible will play the most significant role. You can save a lot of money by choosing a higher deductible, but at the same time, it will make your wallet light.


The monthly or yearly amount you will pay to the pet insurance company for covering your pet’s health. Generally, the wider the coverage area, the higher the premium. To avoid high premiums, list what you need in your pet insurance policy and what’s not before finalizing the pet insurance.

What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost Of Pet Health Insurance?

Insurance is based on risk means the more health risk your pet poses to have, the more you can generally expect to pay for your pet insurance plan. But there are more factors pet insurance companies consider when calculating your premiums.


The type of animal you have can impact the cost of pet insurance. For instance, dogs and cats usually cost more than other animals because of more claiming requests. At the same time, exotic animals are hard to insure.


The breed of your pet will determine your coverage options and policy pricing. Some breeds are more prone to illness and injuries. Usually, pet insurance companies have a list of those breeds and generally cost higher for their coverage.


Generally, pet insurance companies make higher premiums for male pets, and the reason is mainly that male pets are prone to accidents.


The older the pet, the higher the premiums will be. Aged animals make pet health insurance expensive because older animals are prone to illness. Moreover, Most pet insurance companies in San Antonio won’t cover pets after a certain age.


Where you live affects the premium of your pet insurance plan. For example, suppose you live in a large metropolitan city such as LA or Washington, DC. In that case, you can expect your veterinary insurance premium to be 25% to 40% higher than in the suburbs and rural areas.

Eligibility for Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance companies in San Antonio have an entry age criteria of two months. So, you can buy an Insurance plan for your pet once they turn two months old. The maximum age limit varies from insurance company to company. Generally, pet insurance companies avoid insuring older pets. For instance, if you want dog health insurance at age 12, most likely, your dog is not eligible for the insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get pet insurance for older dogs and cats?

Generally, pet insurance companies in San Antonio refuse to cover older dogs and cats. They consider ten years of dogs or cats as old. Fortunately, the Fast ESA Letter allows you to get pet insurance for older dogs and cats.

Can I add wellness and routine care coverage to my plan?

Many pet insurance companies in San Antonio provide standard policies, but Fast ESA Letter allows you to customize your policy at any time. You can add or remove any plan.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Generally, companies avoid covering pre-existing conditions. Still, you may contact Fast ESA Letter if you want to insure your pet with pre-existing conditions. Your monthly premium is slightly high, but the Fast ESA Letter can cover it.

Will my premiums increase each year?

Yes, pet insurance is just like health insurance for humans. Every year, pet insurance companies will increase your premium based on the cost of living and your pet’s age. Generally, pet insurance companies in San Antonio increase by less than 5% per year.

When does coverage start after I enroll?

Every insurance company has waiting periods. The insurance policy doesn’t start from the day you enroll for pet insurance. After enrolment for pet insurance, companies remain and monitor the medical condition of your pet. The average waiting period for accidents and illnesses is two weeks.

Are Spay and Neuter covered?

Most companies avoid covering Spay and Neutering. Fortunately, Fast ESA Letter has plans that cover spaying and neutering. Our pet wellness plans, also known as preventative care plans, can provide some reimbursement for spaying and neutering.

Does dog pet insurance cover Vaccines?

Pet insurance is designed to cover accidents and illnesses. However, you can add wellness and routine care coverage to cover vaccinations.

Do you need my pet's medical record?

Every pet insurance company needs to see the medical records before covering the pet. But in case of adoption from the streets, you need to verify its health with the vet, and if you adopt from the shelter, we’ll use the shelter’s medical records.

Can I change my policy later?

You must wait until your policy expires; that’s the law by many pet insurance companies in San Antonio. But luckily, the Fast ESA Letter allows policy changes at any time. Fast ESA letters allow policy customization in the middle of the time.

How will I get paid for the claim?

If your pet gets ill or injured, show the medical report and vet bills to your insurance companies made by the vet.

Does pet insurance cover medication?

Yes, but only for covered illnesses. The medication related to another disease not covered under the policy is not eligible for the claim.

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