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What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance policies are quite famous these days. Not only in Houston, but people all around the world invest in Pet Insurance plans every day. But if you really want to know what Pet insurance actually is? Then, let us tell you, just like Human Health insurance, a pet Insurance plan is basically a policy that provides a financial cushion in any medical emergency related to your Pet. It means the Insurance provider would pay a certain cost of veterinary treatment that your Pet has to go through during the active period of the Insurance plan. It is very beneficial for pet parents, as they can afford better healthcare for their pets without compromising quality. Not only basic healthcare coverage, but some Pet Insurance policies might also cover the coverage if the Pet passes, gets stolen, or is even lost. The main purpose of these Pet insurance policies is to reduce the financial burden on the pet parents in unexpected situations. Where pet healthcare costs a fortune, investing in a Pet Insurance plan can avoid sudden financial pressure to pay for required medical treatments and vet bills. Therefore, the monetary medical expenses at an extensive rate can contribute to the progressive and healthy life span of your Pet.

Houston and Pet Insurance

Many of you might know that Houston is the place for the world’s largest medical center. Here the healthcare services are top-notch not only for humans but also for animals. Quality healthcare for pets might be a little pricey, but the people who already have invested in a good Pet insurance plan don’t need to worry about that. Indeed, Pet Insurance offers peace of mind to the citizens that they are ready to provide medical assistance to their pets in case of any health emergencies.

Characteristics of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance in Houston accounts for some amazing features. Some of these are mentioned as follows:

Extra coverage

Pet Insurance plans do not limit up to medical coverage. They can provide extra coverage in situations like where your Pet gets lost, stolen, or even attacked by another pet.

Financial security

The basic and the main purpose of your Pet Insurance plan is to provide financial support by claiming the coverage for vet bills and other medical treatment costs, depending on the plan you choose.

Customized plans

Most of the Pet insurance providers offer the Pet parents to choose the plan they want per their demands and needs. You can understand this by taking an example like your pet Insurance can be customized on the basis of the Pet’s age, breed, and the type of Pet you own.

Pocket Friendly

Pet Insurance plans are very pocket friendly, and their premiums are quite affordable for Houston residents. The dog and cat Insurance policies not only have a wide variety of plans but are also too cheap. The Fast ESA Letter is the only spot when choosing a Pet Insurance plan. Super affordable plans that you can easily customize as per your need.

Choosing The Right Pet Insurance In Houston

Pet Insurance is very beneficial. However, we cannot deny that picking a perfect pet insurance plan can be a little tough. So many policy options to choose from, each with different benefits of its own. So, it is puzzling what to choose and what not to. We have listed a few tips that can help you pick the plan you want for your Pet:

Go for a Credible source

It is very important to look out for a credible pet Insurance company that provides genuine Insurance plans. For that, you can trust the Fast ESA Letter. We have been in this business for so long and know what is best for our customers.

Young Pets

When it is a basic rule when it comes to pet Insurance, the younger the Pet, the better it is. That’s why experts advise insuring pets at a young age because some pet Insurance plans become expensive with the Pet’s age. Some of the insurance providers don’t cover old pets at all.

Coverage of the Insurance plan

Insurance coverage generally depends upon the plan you choose. Basically, there are two types of plans based on coverage: Comprehensive and accident-only. Pet parents can compare these two plans and choose the one that suits them best. By keeping these factors in mind, you can easily purchase the best plan from pet insurance companies in Houston. Pet Insurance is pretty common in Houston, as people here understand the benefit of getting one. For that very reason, Fast ESA Letter most pet insurance customers form here, and we truly appreciate this.

Types of Coverage offered By Pet Insurance plans

Following is the type of coverages a Pet Insurance plan can offer:

Comprehensive coverage

It is a kind of complete coverage that covers all the aspects that an Insurance plan can include, like chronic health concerns, emergency care, injuries, infections, genetic issues, accidents, and diagnostic care. It is a basic wellness care plan. However, this plan doesn’t cover routine care in most cases.

Accident-only coverage

As the name suggests, the coverage under this plan will be for instances like accidents. So, it is a plan that can benefit you in pet-related emergencies. Accidental emergencies could be bites, poisoning, sudden swallowing, injuries, and accidents. Pet parents should carefully evaluate both types of coverage plans and then choose what meets the best per their and their Pet’s needs.

Pet insurance plan for your dogs and cats in Houston

We understand selecting a perfect plan in Houston can be very difficult. As we already mentioned, there are a lot of options to choose from when looking for a pet insurance plan in Houston. So, one should do deep-in-depth research to lay their hand on the perfect plan. First, you should be aware of what you are looking for. After that, the rest of the task would be easy.

Plan’s Terms and conditions

We understand that no one wants to bother to read the terms and conditions of an Insurance plan. But, we must say it is really important to read these. It will help you understand what will be included and excluded in the insurance plans. With this, you can easily select the plan that contains your required inclusions.

Coverage type

Coverage is the paramount factor when purchasing an insurance plan. Some insurance companies might offer comprehensive plans with incomplete coverage. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive plan, the coverage is complete. Accident-only plans are also good as these offer emergency coverage with lower premiums.

Plan Deductibles

Plan Deductible is also an important factor one must consider before investing in an Insurance plan for your Pet. Primarily, the deductible is the cash amount that a person pays before claiming the reimbursement by the Insurance plan provider. You can choose the plan whose deductibles are affordable for you to pay. If you don’t want to bother Looking for a plan, you can simply Choose Fast ESA Letter. We offer the best plan that can be easily customized at the customer’s convenience.

Cost of pet insurance in Houston

Below are the factors on which the cost of a Pet Insurance plan depends in Houston City:

Pet’s Type

It is the primary factor on which the overall cost of a pet Insurance plan depends. Of course, the pet Insurance cost will vary with the type of Pet we are considering. Most Pet Insurance companies offer Pet Insurance services only for Dogs and cats. It is because the Insurance coverage is uncomplicated to supervise domestic pets like dogs and cats by companies. That’s why it is hard to find insurance plans for other pets.


Just like the Pet type, even the Pet breed can make a difference in the Insurance plan’s cost. See this way; some breeds are sensitive, while some are less prone to illness. Therefore, the plan might vary with that. The more sensitive the breed more are the premiums.

Geographic Location

Healthcare services vary from place to place. For example, the same healthcare treatment for your Pet can cost a lot less in some other city than in your resident city. Due to this reason, the Pet Insurance plan also might vary with the city.

Customized plans

Good Insurance companies give you the liberty to customize your own plans. Therefore you can choose the coverage you want, leaving the one that won’t serve any purpose for your Pet and hence lower the cost of your plan.

Age of Pet

The older the age of your Pet, the more costly the pet insurance plan. As older pets are more prone to illness, insurance companies charge more for older pets. Even some Insurance companies don’t provide plans for more senior pets.

Dog insurance cost

The average dog insurance in Houston(Texas) costs between $20-$100. As you can see, the cost is quite affordable, but the sum will depend on the coverage and ad-on you pick.

Cat insurance cost

Cats’ insurance cost in Houston is cheaper than the dog Insurance plans and can cost you between $15-$50. Similar to the Dog Insurance plan, the price might differ depending on the coverage and ad-on you pick.

Eligibility standards

There are some eligibility criteria that your Pet must match to enroll in a pet Insurance plan. Some of these are mentioned as follows:


The cost of a Pet Insurance plan varies with factors like the Pet’s type, age, breed, location, gender, etc. Therefore, you must know what your Pet will cost you when picking an Insurance plan for it.

Aged pets

Some pet Insurance companies don’t offer pet Insurance for older pets. So, if your Pet is aged, make sure to find an insurance provider company that provides Insurance plans for older pets. Fast ESA Letter can help you with this.

Young pets

Most Pet Insurance companies don’t provide pet Insurance for pets below eight weeks. So, if your Pet is younger than this, you can wait for a few weeks until it will be eligible.

Pre-existing medical illnesses

Pre-existing medical conditions are usually not covered by Pet Insurance Plans. So make sure to check this in the Pet insurance plan’s inclusions and exclusions if your Pet has some pre-existing medical condition.

Exotic pets

It isn’t easy to get insured for your exotic Pet. So it will be a little bit difficult to find an insurance plan if your Pet belongs to some exotic species. If your Pet qualifies, you can get it insured with the Fast ESA Letter. Plans made especially as per your need that even cover pre-existing medical conditions.

The Bottom Line

Until now, you must be convinced that pet Insurance is necessary for your Pet. The benefits are enormous with just a little bit of investment. No matter what you need, the Fast ESA Letter can help you with the plan of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the best pet insurance plan in Houston?

You can easily pick up a good Insurance plan in Houston by keeping a few things in mind. You must check out the medical conditions, coverage, deductibles, etc., before finalizing the plan if it is up to your expectations.

What different types of pet insurance plan coverage are available in Houston?

There are two types of pet Insurance plans based on their coverage in Houston, named comprehensive and accident-only coverage plans. You must understand both before picking the one best for your Pet.

What affects the premiums of pet insurance?

Factors like pet breed, age, type, location, and coverage type affect the cost of premium you need to pay for the plan you choose.

What are pre-existing medical conditions in an Insurance Plan?

Medical illnesses that your Pet was already suffering from before purchasing Pet Insurance are termed Pre-existing medical illnesses. Most Pet Insurance companies don’t provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

Can I change my Pet Insurance policy later?

Not all, but most companies let the pet parents make amends to the chosen plans. If you are looking for this option, make sure to discuss this with the Insurance provider before picking up the plan.

Are matured pets insurable in Houston?

As the chances of getting ill are more in matured pets, most pet Insurance companies don’t provide coverage for matured pets. However, the Fast ESA Letter happily ensures older pets. You can choose our insurance plans if you are looking for coverage for older pets.

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