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What Is Pet Insurance?

The worst-case scenario is learning how much pet Insurance is essential after being hit with a hundred dollars of vet bills. This could be even worse if your dog has a critical condition and you turn down treatment because you can not afford it. No doubt, it’s an expensive way of learning such a Basic thing. So, it is very important to know about Pet Insurance and invest in one before a massive bill for the vet falls into your hands.

Similar to health Insurance for humans. Pet Insurance is a type of Insurance policy that ensures you can afford to give your pet, such as a dog or cat, the best care, no matter the cost. Pet Medical Insurance policies pay for your general vet bills and cover accidents or critical health problems like cancer. Having your dog or cat protected by the best pet Insurance policy can put your mind at ease by knowing that unexpected vet bills are insured.

Why Would I Need Pet Insurance?

When your dog needs you most, you must be there with the best pet Insurance policy that offers robust coverage and comprehensive plans. You can show your love by ensuring your pet’s health with a policy that:

Safeguard from Accidents

Accidents happen even if you stay with your pet 24 hours a day. Your dog could have an accident that leads you to pay large vet bills. A best pet Insurance policy ensures you can recover a high percentage of the bills.

Ensures Best Health

By covering the high percentage of the vet bills, you can afford the expensive treatment for your pet. With the best pet Insurance, you can ensure your pet gets the best treatment whenever needed.

Affordable and Saves Extra Expenses

The cost of veterinary care has been on the rise. Pet Insurance ensures that you never have to choose between your wallet and your pet and never need to worry about unexpected costs.

Other Benefits

The death of your pet can break you emotionally. But pet Insurance ensures it doesn’t break you financially. Covers third-party liabilities if your dog bits or damages someone else property and gets insured if your pet gets stolen.
By considering the aforementioned tips and tricks, pet owners can lay their hands on the ideal pet insurance policy that best matches their needs and requirements.

What Are The Different Pet Insurance Coverage Options?

There are two types of pet Insurance coverage for your dog and cat: accident-only and comprehensive coverage. You may select one of these coverages according to your needs and wallet.

Comprehensive Coverage

The most common type of coverage offers a wide range of medical expenses, including hospitalization expenses, daycare treatment, and much more. In a nutshell, a comprehensive pet Insurance policy is an all-in-one plan that provides extensive coverage against your pet’s medical conditions.

What does the Comprehensive plan cover?
  • Infections
  • Dental Illnesses
  • Breed-Specific and Genetic Conditions
  • Cancer
  • Emergency care
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Preventable Conditions
  • Orthopedic Conditions
Pros of Comprehensive Insurance
  • Covers an almost all illnesses
  • Good fit for breeds that are more prone to health issues
Cons of Comprehensive Insurance
  • Higher Monthly premiums
  • Won’t cover routine care

Accident-Only Coverage

Some dog owners know that dogs can accidentally ingest toxic household cleaners and human food. It could be life-threatening for their pets. Buying an Accident Only pet Insurance plan means your pets are secure from unexpected accidents and injuries.

What does the accident-only plan cover?
  • Accidents
  • third party injuries
  • Accidental poisoning
  • Getting hit by a car
  • Foreign body ingestion
Pros of Accident-Only Coverage
  • Only covers accidents
  • Affordable monthly premiums
  • Suitable for young and healthy pets
Cons of Accident-Only Coverage
  • Covers only injuries from an accident
  • It will not compensate for the medical charges if your pet develops an illness.
  • Won’t cover routine care

How To Choose The Right Pet Insurance?

Finalizing the right pet Insurance for your dog can create a headache. It’s not easy as it looks because of different inclusions and exclusions, and it’s worth it to spend some time researching to find the pet Insurance policy that suits you and your pet. The best pet Insurance can provide benefits to both the owner and the pet. Before finalizing the pet Insurance policy, it’s good to check some of the factors listed below:


Don’t go for a higher deductible. Always choose a policy with the lowest deductible your wallet can handle. Deductibles, either annual or per condition. The annual deductible is more predictable because once it’s met during coverage time, you only need to pay a certain amount when filing a claim. In case the plans vary per condition, ensure you read Insurance documents clearly because every Insurance Company has its policy for the per conditions deductibles.

Renewable benefits

If you treat your pet for covered conditions during the policy term, some pet Insurance companies will consider it a pre-existing medical condition when the policy renews. As a result, the Insurance companies exclude coverage for that medical condition in the renewal policy.

Covered Conditions and Exclusions

No pet Insurance policy can cover all the treatments and ailments. But the best Insurance policy covers common medical conditions whether they require expensive treatments. Before finalizing, check the cover and exclusion carefully and always try to cover the common illness except for the procedures with complex conditions.

Veterinarian networks

Some pet Insurance policies have terms and conditions that require you to just use a specific network of veterinarians, while some companies offer you the choice of your vet. So, if you are looking for an Insurance Company with a vet network, be sure there’s a veterinarian in your area, so you don’t need to travel to another city for treatment.

What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost Of Pet Health Insurance in Fresno?

Pet Insurance costs in Fresno do not depend on one or two factors, but many other factors contribute. Some of these are listed below.

Pet Age

Younger dogs are likely to require more Insurance coverage than older pets because they have a longer life expectancy. A younger dog is more energetic and, thus, more prone to accidents and injuries. On the other hand, older dogs are more likely to have developed health problems. So the age of your pet can impact the cost of pet health Insurance.

Geographic location

The place you live in will affect the premium you will pay to insure your pet. For instance, pet Insurance costs in Fresno are higher than in Tennessee because veterinary fees are higher in Fresno than in Tennessee.


Some breeds are more prone to health problems than others, so you need to buy a higher coverage limit for dogs prone to health issues. While not all dog breeds experience health problems, you must be aware of the potential issues breeds may face. Insurance companies short-list some breeds prone to health problems so they can increase the cost of their Insurance.


The reimbursement percentage can make a difference in your monthly premium amount. Insurance companies in Fresno offer reimbursement from 50 % to 90%. Choosing a higher reimbursement rate means more of your pet’s expenses will be covered by the Insurance Company, but it also means that your premiums will be more.


Pet Insurance companies in Fresno cover dogs and cats effortlessly because they have been the pets of humans for ages, and both are low-maintenance animals compared to other animals. Many Insurance companies only insure dogs and cats and refuse to insure exotic animals like reptiles.

Eligibility for Pet Insurance in fresno

Most pet Insurance companies only offer cat or dog health Insurance. So the owner of animals, reptiles, or birds such as horses, snakes, rabbits, and other exotic pets faces no from most companies when it comes to pet Insurance.

Pet Insurance companies in Fresno generally accept dogs and cats from 8 weeks to 8 years old. There is a reason behind this, puppies and kittens under eight weeks can develop a pre-existing condition. Dogs and cats older than eight are considered old, as they are now more prone to heart and cancer-related diseases.

Although some plans have no maximum age limits, your premium will be high, but they can insure older pets. Some policies also require your pet to have seen a vet recently or ask that your pet must undergo an exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pet Insurance cover spaying or neutering?

Most of the time, no, unless you add extra wellness and preventive care. Generally, Insurance policies are prone to cover critical illness and unexpected accidents and see spaying and neutering as routine care for your pet.

Does pet Insurance cover vaccines?

Pet Insurance companies in Fresno consider vaccination routine care. They would not cover vaccines unless you add extra coverage for wellness care.

Does pet Insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Many pet Insurance companies in Fresno do not cover pre-existing conditions, but fortunately, Fast ESA Letter covers pre-existing conditions.

Does Pet Insurance cover medication?

Insurers usually pay for medication prescribed by your vet as long as it’s treating a covered illness. Medication for pre-existing conditions or uncovered surgery will be covered by Insurance companies.

Can I get pet Insurance for a street dog that I’ve adopted?

Yes, you can. Fast ESA Letter offers pet Insurance for recently adopted street dogs. Obtain a medical letter from the vet and apply for dog health Insurance in the Fast ESA Letter portal.

How to get pet Insurance for older dogs and cats?

Generally, pet Insurance companies in Fresno cover dogs and kittens between 8 weeks to 8 years of age. After eight years of age, companies consider them old animals, but Fast ESA Letter offers pet Insurance for older dogs and kittens. The Insurance policy could be more costly than what you’d pay for a younger pet.

Does pet Insurance cover congenital and hereditary conditions?

These are pre-existing medical conditions. So, most pet Insurance providers deny coverage, but a Fast ESA Letter can cover it. Our plans cover most of the medical conditions.

What are the waiting periods for pet Insurance?

Most pet Insurance policies have a 14-day waiting period for illnesses and two days for accidents. Waiting periods start on the date you apply for the policy, and your policy is fully active after completing the waiting period. Conditions that occur during the waiting period are considered pre-existing conditions.

Can I change my policy later?

Yes, you can change your pet Insurance policy at any time. Buy a policy and if you do not like it after someday and want to change it. Sure, you can change it. Fast ESA Letter offers modification for an Insurance policy on any day with a smooth process.

How can I buy the best pet Insurance for my dog?

Contact Fast ESA Letter any time. No appointment is needed. We have a wide range of policies with discounts and exciting offers and have a smooth process.

How much will a pet health Insurance policy cost me?

The cost of pet health Insurance in Fresno depends on many factors, such as the age, location, breed, and species of your pet. Other factors, such as current health and pre-existing medical conditions, also affect Insurance prices. For a consultation, contact Fast ESA Letter. We have policies for every pet owner.

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