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Pet Insurance Bakersfield (Buy Insurance Plans for your Dogs & Cats)

It is not hidden from anyone; even a kid knows what a pet can provide for its owner. Pets can contribute to positive mental and physical health through companionship and can help their owners live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Right? But only a few ask or try to understand what their pet wants.

Apart from love and food, they need proper medication and treatment, like humans. Only love and food are not enough for humans to survive. How could this be enough for your pet? If you think the cost of proper medical care for your pet is expensive, then yes, you are right; it is expensive.

But there is a cost-effective way in which you can provide proper medical treatment to your pet without putting an extra burden on your wallet. The method is pet insurance. With pet insurance, you can ensure your pet lives a long, healthy, and happier life. If you think pet insurance in Bakersfield is expensive, then no, you are wrong. Even so, you can customize the cost of pet insurance according to your wallet. Now it sounds interesting. Let’s make it more interesting by looking at other benefits of having pet insurance.

Benefits of Having Pet Insurance

With a pet insurance policy, you can avail several other benefits. If you’re still unsure whether you have to get pet insurance or not. Here are some convincing reasons we have prepared for you to get one for your pet cum family member.

It keeps your savings safe

Accidents can happen anytime despite your utmost care. In such cases, your pet insurance comes as a savior to help you get reimbursement for the costs of the treatment and help keep your savings intact.

Offers additional Coverage

Apart from covering your pet against accident and illness, pet policies also allow you to get Coverage against third-party liabilities, overseas travel, loss, or stealing of the pet.

Gives peace of mind

With pet insurance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can provide the best treatment for your furry friend for various veterinary care.

Helps in taking care of expensive treatments

If your pet suffers from a significant illness requiring expensive treatment, then your pet insurance will help you to get the treatment done without much hassle.

What Are The Different Pet Insurance Coverage Options?

Pet insurance companies in Bakersfield offer two different types of pet insurance coverage. Still, the common thing in both of them is they provide financial benefits to pet owners to meet the medical expenses of their pets. Let’s find out the different coverage options in detail.

Comprehensive Coverage

A comprehensive pet insurance policy offers all-encompassing Coverage under a single policy, meaning that you don’t have to look out for plans for each medical condition.

Unlike basic accident-only insurance plans, comprehensive policies tend to cover expensive treatments. It acts as a financial pillar in case of medical emergencies. A comprehensive policy covers

  • Consultationsv
  • medical tests
  • hospital stays
  • Injuries
  • Chronic illness
  • Infections
  • Hereditary issues
  • Diagnostic care
Advantages of comprehensive pet insurance
  • It covers a wide range of illness
  • Covers vet-diagnosed sickness or disease
  • Covers Critical Illnesses
  • Good fit for animals that commonly experience health issues
Disadvantages of comprehensive pet insurance
  • Won’t cover routine care
  • Won’t cover dental care
  • Monthly Premium will be high

Accident-Only Coverage

Accident-only Coverage is a type of coverage that covers any expenses or losses arising out of an accident. Under this policy, pet insurance also provides compensation if an accident leads to permanent total disability of your pet. The coverage area of the accident-only policy are:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Bites from animals or insects
  • Swallowed objects
  • Accidental poisoning
Advantages of Accident-Only Coverage
  • Best for young and energetic species
  • Low monthly premiums
Disadvantages of Accident-Only Coverage
  • Covers only injuries from an accident
  • Won’t cover routine care

    How To Choose The Right Pet Insurance in Bakersfield?

    You need to know your pet’s medical conditions and also your budget to find the right insurance plan for your pet. After that, you should list what matters most to you, such as the types of illnesses and accidents you want to cover and the percentage of the vet bills you can pay. The best pet insurance policy can save you money in the long run. However, knowing what you need before picking a policy for your beloved pet is essential.

    Here are some insurance terms every pet owner should know that help to find the right policy and get the most out of it.


    The part of the vet bill you’re responsible for paying before the insurer begins to contribute. Deductibles come in either “per-issue,” which means how much you’ve spent on an ongoing issue, or “annual deductibles,” which indicates how much you’ve spent on covered services within a year. Consider the starting amount of what your wallet allows when considering a deductible.


    The amount you get paid back by your pet’s best insurance company in Bakersfield after the deductible has been met. The amount varies anywhere from 60 to 100% of the bill.


    The premium is the amount you pay monthly to the insurer to keep your pet insurance policy active. A higher monthly premium means you cover more pet insurance elements. Elements include breed, age, species, and location of the pet.


    It defines what items the policy will cover and at what rate. Marjory pet insurance plans cover illnesses and accidents, though some offer wellness packages for preventative care and vet visit. Carefully read the policy or terms and conditions before finalizing it. It would be best if you remembered that a reasonable approach would cover a wide range of treatments with minimum cost.


    The best pet insurance policy needs to provide most of the benefits to the insurer. All these benefits need to come under low premiums, i.e., the low the Premium and high on coverage, the best policy.

    What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost Of Pet Health Insurance?

    Geographic location

    Perhaps you are not familiar with where you live will also affect the cost of your pet insurance, and it is something to consider. For instance, the cost of pet insurance in Bakersfield differs from that in Washington because the cost of living differs.

    Age of the pet

    Your pet’s age will directly impact the cost of your pet insurance. Generally, companies avoid insuring the senior pet because aged pets are more likely to develop an illness, increasing your chances of making a claim. Some pet insurance companies in Bakersfield offer aged pet insurance, but you need to pay more to insure.


    Certain breeds of dogs or cats are more prone to health problems than other breeds. Pet insurance companies restrict some breed’s pets to insure, or some allow any breed but at a higher premium.


    Pet insurance companies easily insure dogs and cats compared to other animals. Compared with dogs and cats, Dogs have a higher chance of medical problems than cats. As a result, dogs have higher premiums than cats. It doesn’t mean to say cats have a low probability of medical issues, but cats are generally low maintenance and are prone to illness.


    Male pets are often more expensive to insure because they are more likely to get injured or develop an illness. By pet insurance companies, owners of male pets submit more claim applications than females.

    Eligibility for Pet Insurance in Bakersfield

    Pet insurance companies put age restrictions on when you can or can’t insure your pet. Most pet health insurance requires your pet to be a minimum of eight weeks old before they are eligible to be certified. Pets between 8 weeks to 10 years old get easily insured by pet insurance companies. After your pet meets this age requirement, it can be eligible for insurance under your desired policy.

    Pets below eight weeks can develop pre-medical condition, which is not covered by many pet insurance companies. Pet above ten years is more prone to develop a severe illness like cancer. Pet insurance companies hesitate to insure the age range below eight weeks and above ten years. However, Fast ESA letters do not have an age limit restriction for older pets, so you can purchase a pet insurance plan for your pet today, even if you have a more senior pet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I still use my vet?

    Depends on your insurance company. Some pet insurance companies offer their vet chain, while others allow you to visit any licensed veterinarian, specialist, and emergency provider.

    What's not covered?

    Most pet insurers don’t cover grooming and preexisting conditions. See policy documents carefully for a complete list of exclusions.

    What Are Preexisting Conditions When It Comes To Pet Insurance?

    Pre Existing conditions are illnesses that are already present and have a good chance of occurring or reoccurring based on previous symptoms. Most pet insurance companies will not provide premiums to a preexisting pet. Unlike other companies, Fast ESA Letter offers the best pet insurance to pet owners that have a pet with preexisting conditions.

    How much pet insurance do I need?

    Every pet owner and their pet has unique needs. So, Fast ESA Letter provides the ability to customize your Coverage. Coverage is customizable, so you can choose the plan according to your need and wallet. We offer deductibles ranging from $0–$2,000 and reimbursement percentages from 50%–100%

    When does cover for my pet begin if I apply for pet insurance?

    Pet insurance companies offer waiting periods between 2 and 14 days for accidents and between 14 and 30 days for illnesses. The waiting period will vary depending on the pet insurance company you choose. The waiting period only applies in your first policy year. After completing the first year, there is no waiting period on your policy.

    Can I get pet insurance for older dogs and cats?

    Absolutely, yes. Many pet insurance companies do not accept applications for older dogs and cats, from 8 weeks to 8 years. Fast ESA Letter believes pet insurance should be available to dogs and cats of all ages. With our vast range of policies, even senior pets can access Coverage.

    Does pet insurance cover congenital and hereditary conditions?

    Hereditary and congenital conditions in dogs and cats can appear in the early days, but problems often develop later in life. Your dog or cat may develop a hereditary or congenital condition that’s very expensive to treat. Pet insurance companies consider it a preexisting condition as it grows in the early stages of life and is costly to treat.

    Fortunately, the Fast ESA Letter’s best pet insurance plan has your pet’s back. Our policies don’t place coverage restrictions on hereditary or congenital conditions.

    Does pet insurance cover vaccinations?

    Generally, pet insurance companies will not cover vaccinations because they’re considered routine care, and most pet insurance plans only cover illnesses and injuries. You must purchase a wellness plan if you want the best pet insurance covering vaccinations and regular care.

    What's the best pet insurance plan for my pet?

    When choosing the best pet insurance plan for your pet, research and compare different programs. Fast ESA Letter offers other pet insurance plan options so that you can select by your wallet and the current medical condition of your dog.

    Does pet insurance cover medication?

    Yes, but only for covered illnesses. The medication related to the disease that is not covered by the policy is not eligible for the claim.

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