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Passenger Refusing To Sit Next To A Service Dog Gets Banned From Flight.

Published on April 08, 2024 by Darren Jorgensen

Today, more than 50,000 people in the United States lead happy and healthy lives with the aid of their service animals. These service dogs aid individuals with disabilities and help them live independently. Due to their array of benefits, the Americans With Disabilities Act ADA has allowed them to accompany their owners to various settings, including housing, planes, stores, malls, etc.

Passenger get banned Refusing To Sit Next To A Service Dog

However, cases related to people’s behavior towards service dogs are quite common. Even though many individuals understand and know their role in the individual’s life, some situations may get worse at times. Recently, a viral video showed a woman refusing to sit next to a “dangerous” service dog assisting her owner. The video spread like a forest fire and sparked outrage in the comments.

The video captured a heated argument between a woman and another passenger with a service dog. The woman is seen in anger and shouting, referring to the service animal’s behavior. She said, “I’m upset right now and having a panic attack, but I don’t have a dog jumping up on me.”

Despite the service animal not touching her, the woman was outraged and refused to sit beside the dog as the service dog assisted her handler by jumping partially on her lap. The woman argued with flight attendants about her history of dogs attacking her and said, “I do not feel safe. You can have a panic attack, but I have to sit here with my life being threatened by that [expletive] dog?”

The woman continued to yell while explaining her trauma related to the German Shepherd’s calling the breed the one who has ‘killing nature’. She added, “I have a history of those dogs attacking me. It jumped up on her … how do I know it’s not going to jump on me?” So, a flight attendant stepped in to mediate and try to de-escalate the encounter, explaining to her the need for a service dog for the other passenger.

However, after a highly heated argument, she swapped seats with another passenger. Moreover, due to her misbehaving and invalidation of the other passenger’s ‘medical illness,’ she was banned from future flights.

Many passengers urged the flight attendant to ‘get her off the plane.’ However, even after swapping seats, the woman continued making hurtful comments to the woman and her service dog.

She yelled. “You are a healthy person; you clearly don’t need the dog. I hope it [expletive] your future children in their sleep.”

The video was flooded with comments, some suggesting that the whole situation could’ve been handled respectfully if this woman had simply requested a seat change. Instead, she decided to degrade and guilt this woman and her dog for simply existing. However, the other section of viewers were shocked that this woman wasn’t immediately kicked off the flight.

A viewer wrote, “This poor lady and her dog looked so upset and uncomfortable. I’m so glad that the people around her and the flight staff came to her defense.”

This incident was a great shame on humanity as the woman with the service animal was abiding by the laws that protected service animals and was still humiliated and questioned regarding her illness as it wasn’t “outwardly present.” An individual should understand the need for assistance animals and build a comfortable and healthy environment for all.

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