Mental Disorders and Emotional Support Animals

Publish Date: February 18th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Mental disorders and Emotional Support Animals

With the change in time and day-to-day life, many people suffer from severe mental health concerns affecting their lives. Mental health issues get to turn into mental illnesses when continuous signs and symptoms cause constant stress and start affecting function.

Sometimes, while suffering from all such issues, it is hard to get over your emotions even by consuming medicinal treatments. Still, from recent studies, it has been found that people can overcome their mental health disorders by owning a pet animal. Globally, the role of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) in promoting mental health rehabilitation attracts rising interest.

An Emotional Support Animal is more than a pet and is a good companion. It is challenging for a person to suffer from a wide range of emotions each day, but an emotional support animal helps its owners control emotions and lower the stress.

What can be the causes and symptoms of mental illness?

Any individual may get affected by certain genetic and environmental factors that may vary their thoughts and emotions.

  1. Inherited features or traits can cause mental disabilities. It is most often that people with relative blood also have a mental illness.
  2. It could be Environmental exposures before birth, like while in the womb, if women possess environmental stressors, inflammatory conditions, toxins, alcohol, or drugs that may be linked to your mental illness.
  3. Another significant cause of mental disability is brain chemistry since neural networks that carry signals to other parts of your brain and body may get impaired can lead to depression and other emotional disorders.

Symptoms of mental illness

Symptoms of mental illness depend upon the disorder, circumstances, and other factors. Mental disease symptoms can affect the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors of a person. Some signs and symptoms include:

  • Sad or low feeling,
  • Overthinking, confused thinking, or decreased ability to concentrate,
  • Extreme overthinking and excess feelings of guilt or worries,
  • Extreme mood swings like high and low,
  • Rejection or departure from friends and activities,
  • Continuous tiredness, stress, and low energy,
  • Lack of sleep,
  • Incapable of coping with the daily problems,
  • Understanding troubles and situations baffled,
  • Excess use of alcohol or drug,
  • Variations in eating habits,
  • Sexual changes,
  • Excessive violence, hostility, or anger
  • Suicidal thinking,

Often these symptoms of a mental health disorder start appearing as physical problems, such as stomach pain, back pain, headaches, or other unexplained aches and pains.

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How do animals benefit mental health?

The human-animal bond is far more potent and powerful. The positive correlation between pets and mental health is irrefutable.
Many scientific studies validate the mental health benefits of owning pets like a dog or cat. Animals help in alleviating depression, anxiety, and stress that a person suffers from. Also, they provide companionship to ease the loneliness. Not only that, but animals can bring us joy and unconditional love.

Animals are good at providing love and care to us and also help us in making our lifestyle healthy:

Help in increasing physical activities:

Owning a pet like a dog can indulge you in physical activities like walking, hiking, or running is fun that enrolls a person in daily health exercises and can be a part of a daily schedule. Studies have proved that dog owners are far more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements, and regular exercise is excellent for the animal.
It can make your connection with your pet more robust and keeps you and your pet healthy and fit too.

Provides Companionships:

Animals provide us companionship that helps in preventing illness and relieves isolation and loneliness that lead to depression. Spending time with an animal and caring for them can help make you feel needed and wanted and takes away all your problems, mainly if you live alone. Many dogs or cat owners talk to their pets to ease their daily troubles. Petting an animal can provide you comfort and endless love.

Makes you socialize with new people:

Pets or animals are good at making new friends and could help you start and maintain new friendships. Pet owners can talk to each other and accompany each other on walks, hikes, or in a dog park. Pet owners can also meet new people in pet stores, clubs, and training classes.

Reduces anxiety:

Animal companionship can offer comfort, help ease anxiety, and build self-confidence for somebody anxious about going out into the world. Pets do not worry about what’s happening today or tomorrow and can help you become more mindful and appreciate the present’s joy.

Add daily routine & structure:

Pets like dogs need regular exercise and feeding that can make your daily schedule too. Providing regular exercise can keep an animal balanced and calm and can work for you as well. It does not matter if your mood is depressed, anxious, or stressed. One look at your pet can make you feel calm and stress-free.

Pets and depression:

Pets are great motivators for any individual who feels low and depressed. Both dogs and cats are beneficial for those suffering from depression by calming and loving their owners. By touching, sitting next to, or playing with a pet can give owning a chance to relax and calm their minds.

Pets, elders, and Children:

Pets are good at providing love and companionship to both elders and children. Old age people may suffer from loneliness and certain mental diseases that pets can treat. Children have sensory issues like autism that are common among them. Kids with autism often find it calming to work with animals like dogs and horses.

Mental health issues are becoming a serious concern among people these days. People need someone with whom they can talk to, spend time with and share their personal space. Pets are known to be the proven solution for all these issues. They are loyal, loving, caring and provide people with a sense of relief that they badly need. Every day, when people come home, they come out with a lot of stress and tension but looking at their furry friends takes their anxieties. Pets provide people with a sense of purpose, and if you are among those who need someone for company, you can get a pet and certify it as an emotional support animal.


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