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Learn How an Emotional Support Dog Can Help With Social Anxiety

Publish Date: March 26th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Learn How an Emotional Support Dog Can Help With Social Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural response to stress, also known as social anxiety disorder, which is different from the feeling of nervousness that involves excessive fear and anxiety. Social anxiety occurs when you feel overwhelming worry and self-consciousness about daily social situations. You keep worrying about others, like judging you or being embarrassed or exposed.

In all such situations, we need someone with whom we can talk or speak about our daily life and express feelings. Suppose you feel or experience a social anxiety disorder. In that case, an Emotional Support Dog (ESD) may benefit your stress levels and motivation and offer an experience of love and care. These Emotional Support Dogs provide non-judgmental support as keeping them as companions is a challenge for you to take responsibility for their care and well-being. Dogs naturally inspire strangers and provide constant companionship and support in these challenging interactions.

People who have social phobia are most often anxious about:

  • Being asked a question and job interviews
  • Using public restrooms
  • Shopping
  • Eating in public
  • Talking on the telephone

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Causes of Anxiety Disorder

There are several causes of social anxiety disorders. Some causes of anxiety disorders are as follow:

  • Genetics: Anxiety disorders can run from family to family.
  • Brain chemistry: Researches suggest that anxiety disorders are linked to the faulty and confused circuits present in the brain that controls fear and emotions.
  • Environmental stress: Environmental stress can occur due to the stressful events you have seen or going through. Your daily life events are linked to anxiety disorders that include childhood abuse and neglect, death of a loved one, or being attacked or seeing violence.
  • Drug withdrawal or misuse: Regular use of drugs or overdosing can increase anxiety levels rather than decreasing them. Sometimes, drinking excess alcohol can also cause anxiety.
  • Medical conditions: Health issues related to heart, lung, and thyroid conditions can cause symptoms similar to anxiety disorders or make them worse. When talking to your doctor about anxiety, getting a complete physical exam to get over other medical problems is necessary.

How Emotional Support Dogs help us with social anxiety?

Reduce work-related stress:

Work stress is one of the significant conflicts that harm every third person as an employee in the workspace. Around 40% of people say that their jobs are causing health-related issues in their life. Recent studies have proved that pets in the workplace help reduce stress and improve employee satisfaction.

Help increase productivity:

If you feel anxious in your workspace due to any reason, but if you make a dog join your workspace, it can boost your confidence and take the environment to the next level. Dogs can make you focus better and provide excellent companionship as a pet.

Improves mental health:

Many people feel anxious due to their unstable mental health condition and struggle for many years. Keeping a pet dog helps you in cheering up and can help you manage your mental health issues rapidly. Due to the dynamic nature of dogs, they support us and help us to stay healthy and motivated.

Help in being more active:

Regular exercises, daily schedules like walking, roaming, and playing can make you more active, social and also keeps you fit and strong. Pets give us a reason to get outside, get some fresh air, and get involved.

Provide a sense of togetherness:

People suffering from social anxiety like to be alone at home and are not involved in any social activities like family gatherings, parties, and other such programs. Keeping or owning a dog can help them socialize with people and remove the feeling of loneliness. When pet owners touch, play, and talk to dogs, it brings a sense of goodwill, joy, nurturing, and happiness.

Dogs do not judge:

People feel anxious while being judged by others for their work, physical appearance, disabilities, knowledge, and put questions on them. The best part of owning or keeping a pet is that they do not judge you, do not put questions on you, and do not ask for anything in return from you.


Suffering from anxiety disorder can be challenging and frustrating for any individual. The constant fear and worry can make you feel tired and scared. The continuous fear of being exposed, abused, and teasing can also lead to anxiety disorder. Taking medications can be harmful to us and can make us addicted at some points. Anxiety can be quickly decreased or reduced by owning a pet as they give you a purpose in life by motivating you and being by your side forever. Get your Emotional Support Dog today and live healthily with them.


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