How to Identify a Fake ESA Letters?

Publish Date: October 5th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Spot Fake ESA Letter

There are ample uncertified Mental Health Professionals that provide fake ESA letters to permit people to keep an ESA with them. With the latest trend for handling mental conditions, people seek help from Emotional Support Animals to deal with anxiety, stress, or any other mental illness. People get easily trapped in online scams and get hold of a fake ESA letter in such a case. While searching for online services, it is essential to locate a legitimate document provider. An ESA letter is a crucial document mandatory for acquiring the federal authorities’ privileges to stay with an ESA or travel with one.

As per the National Institute of Health, studies indicate that the animal helps diminish the loneliness, enhances the feelings of social support, and augments the mood. Having an animal as a companion is one of the most effectual non-pharmaceutical antidotes to anxiety. An ESA Letter gives the additional privileges to reside with an ESA in rental accommodation or travel overseas. But it is essential to acquire a legitimate one. A fake Emotional Support Letter can legally put you in trouble whether you prefer to have a fake ESA letter for traveling or staying to save money on whether it is an uncertified Mental Health Professional who is offering fake services to earn money. In both cases, an individual and the Health care professional are liable for legal actions. It is always good to prefer legitimate services. Here are a few points that are essential to be noted while acquiring an Emotional Support Letter. 

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How to Spot a Fake ESA Letter?

The Promise of immediate Turnaround:

The issuance of a legitimate ESA letter generally takes time. It cannot be magically issued in a few hours. A legal process takes time. A licensed mental health professional must evaluate the individual’s health condition before approving and assigning the ESA letter.

A Licensed Professional does not prescribe the letter, or there is No Contact Information in the Letter:

An ESA Letter is not recognized if it is not recommended by a certified healthcare professional. The letterhead must have the details regarding the health professional qualification, license information, and other information essential for categorizing the document as a legal document.

The LMHP is not Properly Licensed:

The licensed Mental Health Professional must be a licensed professional who is well recognized by the state authorities.

The Promise of Cheap Rates:

A legitimate Mental Health Professional never bargains for the rates or proves itself to be the cheapest service provider to attract the audience. A licensed mental health professional approves an individual for the ESA letter only if the individual qualifies the mental condition for acquiring an Emotional Support Animal letter or taking therapeutic advantages from ESA.

No Client Support:

The approval process for acquiring an ESA letter does not just end with getting an ESA Letter. But even after getting an ESA recommendation from a licensed mental health professional, it is essential to provide the post client support if they face any issue while traveling or residing somewhere.

Site Claims it as a “Registry” or Offering a “Certification:

As per the federal laws, an Emotional Support Animal need not be registered anywhere. An ESA Letter is enough to take the therapeutic benefits as well as other privileges from it. An ESA letter itself is a whole document that doesn’t require any further explanation or justification. It is purely a misconception that an ESA needs to be registered. Moreover, there is no official certification that appropriately qualifies as an Emotional Support Animal. Certification or registrations are not the appropriate statements for categorizing it as an official document for owning an ESA.

The Site Issues a Letter with No Assessment: 

To qualify for acquiring a legitimate Emotional Support Animal Letter, it is mandatory to get evaluated by a legitimate Mental Health Professional. An essential point that requires the attention is that a legitimate Mental Health Professional never guarantees to provide an Emotional Support Animal Letter; rather, it depends on your medical state whether you qualify the conditions for acquiring one. Not all the individuals who apply for the ESA letter get one. It is required to be analyzed well, whether you need it for your medical condition or not.

Don’t get scammed by online frauds that offer fake ESA letters to earn money.

Get in touch with the legitimate ESA providers. Fast ESA has been a trusted source of providing legitimate services for years. Being an excellent legitimate service provider, Fast ESA is one stop for all the queries in your mind concerning a valid Emotional Support Animal Letter. 

Don’t fall for the cheap rates; choose the legitimate!!

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