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How to Qualify your ESA Dog as a Psychiatric Service Dog?

Updated on May 09, 2023 by Daulton Dougan

Your emotional or mental health problem can be managed with the use of an emotional support animal (ESA). These animals provide you with love and affection whenever you are in need. The only exception to this is where you live. Additionally, airlines no longer allow emotional support animals to fly with you. But a psychiatric service dog (PSD) is capable of all the aforementioned tasks and more. What you need to know if you’re considering turning your emotional support animal into a Psychiatric service dog while looking at it.

Qualify your ESA as a PSD

Difference Between Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Dogs

An essential component of managing a person’s emotional or mental health problem is having an emotional support animal. A qualified mental health professional will provide you with an ESA letter, which serves as supporting documentation, and certifies that the ESA owner requires one for their mental health. An ESA only needs to provide comfort to its owner in times of need; professional training is not necessary. The federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) protects ESA, enabling them to live with their owners even in apartments with a no-pets rule. An ESA cannot, however, travel with its owners outside the home to locations that prohibit dogs. A psychiatric service dog, on the other hand, goes through considerable training to carry out specific responsibilities for its handler. A PSD can go with its owner anywhere that the public is permitted, unlike an ESA. Movie theatres, parks, and retail centers are some of these places. Even in situations where dogs aren’t generally permitted, federal statutes like the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Air Carrier Access Act allow a PSD to live and travel with their handler.

Can My Emotional Support Dog Become a Psychiatric Service Dog?

Firstly, a psychiatric service animal must be a dog. A rat, cat, or rabbit may be adorable, cuddly, and cozy as an ESA, but they cannot be considered a PSD. It could be possible to get approved for a PSD if you have a dog that is an ESA, but it takes a lot of work.

How to Qualify your ESA as a Psychiatric Service Dogs

Assess your situation first. Do you have any necessary tasks that a service dog must carry out for you? If this assignment were completed for you, in what ways may your health or quality of life improve? Can your emotional support dog be taught to perform this task? Is the task required to help you with your mental illness? After that, assess your dog. Your dog might be great at playing catch and giving affection, but is your emotional support dog eager to learn? Is your dog also simple to train? Can it easily obey commands, get along with strangers, and have animal tolerance? All service dogs must behave themselves, especially in public places, however, not all dogs are able to keep their cool or carry out difficult service dog tasks. Evaluate your requirements and the capabilities of your emotional support dog to see whether it can perform the duties of a psychiatric service dog.

Training your ESA for becoming a Psychiatric Service Dog

A psychiatric service dog is trained specifically for your emotional or mental health situations, which is what distinguishes it from an emotional support animal. To become trustworthy and reliable service animals, the majority of service dogs undergo months or even years of daily training. Your ESA must complete the same training and carry out its designated service dog function in order to be considered a mental service animal. An emotional support animal must go through rigorous task-based and public access training in order to be certified as a psychiatric service dog. Training for public access makes sure that your dog will display the traits required of a service dog. Service dogs must behave safely and under control, because they are permitted to accompany their owners into public spaces. Despite successfully carrying out its assigned duty, a service dog may be asked to leave if it displays aggressive or disruptive behavior. If a service dog is not safe in public, it cannot perform its duties. During public access training, dogs learn to maintain their composure in the presence of people, other dogs, loud noises, and busy streets.

Get your Psychiatric Service Dog Letter

Once your ESA has completed all the necessary training to become a psychiatric service dog, you are free to travel anywhere the general population is allowed, even in places that do not let dogs. A licensed healthcare practitioner who is the author and endorser of the psychiatric service dog letter discusses whether or not a person has a qualifying impairment for keeping a psychiatric service dog. A PSD letter provides owners with assurance and proof of their mental health disability. Obtaining ID cards, registrations, certificates, and other service dog accessories are additional optional steps for PSD owners who meet all requirements.
process to get psd letter
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