How to Keep Your Dog Happy in an Apartment?

Publish Date: August 30th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
How to Keep Your Dog Happy in an Apartment?

Your dog can start feeling low or bored while spending a whole day in the apartment. To help your dog with such a situation, you must keep them happy by providing them with the living arrangements by providing the best apartment dogs.

Dogs can indeed feel depressed or anxious if left alone for some while. So, you must bring a lot of toys, extra care, and extra food supplements for them.

No matter which type of dog you have, small or large dog breeds both come with responsibilities. If you are owning a dog, then you must provide dog-friendly apartments for pets with a large backyard with large rooms for your dog.

You may not leave your dog outside on the lawns while you are at work. So, here are the tips you can follow to keep your dog happy in the apartments.

Get a suitable dog apartment

Many dog owners suffer challenges while looking to get rental apartments for them to live with their pets as some landlords follow no pet policy.

It might be difficult for you and your furry friend as some rental houses allow only a specific type or size of pet breeds. Therefore, find a house that is suitable for both of you for a long way.

While getting a new apartment, you must take care of friendly neighbors who can look after your dog sometimes, enough space for your dog, and a lot of toys.

Those who own emotional support animals can find an apartment much easier as ESAs are legally protected under the Fair Housing Amendment Act. The law protects its owner and the ESA from getting discriminated against for their disabilities. ESAs can even live on a property that does not allow pets.

Tips to Keep a Dog Happy in an Apartment!

Get them pet toys- To make them happy:

There are a lot of good toys for dogs available in the market that can help them feel less bored. If your dog chews up the things around, then you should get toys like Kong toys so that your dog does not chew your stuff. Get some puzzle toys too so that they can figure out the puzzle to get the treat. It can engage your dog’s attention instead of feeling alone.

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Regular Exercises- To keep them fit:

Since your dog is staying alone at home, your dog can get overweight or feel lazy all day. For that, you should take your dog for regular exercises, by doing so, your dog can feel energetic and stay fit. You can take your dog for walks or for hikes, it can help your dog get loose.

Take them for walks- To change the environment:

It’s obvious that your dog may feel bored while being at small dog apartments for a whole day. You must not let them feel that they are alone and take them on walks at least two times a day. It is not only good for your dog but also for you. While taking your dogs for walks, you can also find some other pets there whom your dog can play with.

Extra care- To make them feel loved:

Showing extra care to your dog can make your dog feel happy. As your dog might be waiting for the whole day to get pampered by you, don’t spoil their mood and give your pet more attention than any other. You do so by providing them with extra cuddles, special treats, and some quality time. Avoid shouting and don’t show aggressive behavior to your dog.

Comfortable pet furniture- To get relaxed:

Providing your dog with the proper furniture is necessary to make them feel more comfortable. Dogs are more fond of taking naps, so make it more comfortable by getting your dog better sleep beds. It doesn’t matter whether the space for your dog is small or large, you only need to put on a relaxing and cozy soft bed as they can sleep well.

Place meals before leaving the house- To get a proper diet:

If you are leaving your dog alone in the apartment, make sure to provide your dog with a sufficient amount of food. Do not let your dog feel hungry as it can impact their health too. Serve them with extra food items for maintaining their diet.


So, if your dog is living in an apartment, these are the things to do with your dog. Apart from this, you must also provide your dog with some basic commands or rules that you can teach your dog to stay in the discipline. Giving your dog special treatment or extra attention will make your bond stronger.

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