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How to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dogs?

Publish Date: April 2nd, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

How to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dogs?

People always love a pet with positive behavior. To make good behavior in your dog, you need to teach him good manners and excellent communication.

A dog is a highly energetic and truly remarkable animal that serves companionship, love, and company to its owners.

When your dog is a puppy, you should begin training and promoting good behavior in them. Younger dogs are quicker to understand and adapt to rules than older dogs. We all know that no matter how much we love our pets but discipline will eventually become necessary.

In this blog, we will give you some tips about training your dog without threatening or making them scared.

What is a pet’s Positive Behavior?

To have a positive behavior in your pet, you also need to put your efforts and time into cooperating with your dog. Positive support techniques do not include punishing or frightening your dog or pet. Fear can only yield short-term results and can disturb your dog. You need to reward your dog each time for good behavior and pamper him with all your love, but if your dog does unacceptable things then, you must punish him for some time.

By doing so, your dog will understand the difference between acceptable and improper behavior. It can encourage your dog to behave well, and these positive dog behavior techniques allow you to discipline your dog without scaring him.

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Tips to Encourage Positive Behavior in Pet Dogs

1. Spend more time together:

Dogs are social creatures fond of attention and love, so dog owners need to spend quality one-on-one time with their puppies. Dog does not like to be abundant or rejected. They need to be surrounded by people so that they do not feel ignored. Spending quality time together with your pet can help in their positive behavior. Dogs are more likely to listen and follow their owner if they spend more time with them.

2. Try to give one-word commands:

One-word commands can lead to positive behavior in your dog. Commands like sit, stand, come, eat or stay are basics that your dog should be aware of. If your dog listens to your orders and shows positive behavior, then reward your pet with a treat, or also can pamper.

3. Play Training Games:

Make a schedule for your pet to regularly play training games, as doing so will alleviate your dog’s bad behavior. If your pet is not taking the exercise they require regularly, then lousy behavior will emerge in your dog for sure. Games like chasing the prey, hiding the treat or hide & seek, fetch and run can make your dog happier and remove all the bad habits and behavior from him. You can take your dog for an ideal walk depending upon the dog breed, as excess energy can make them restless, noisy, anxious, hyperactive, and destructive.

4. Discourage him from Biting and Nipping:

Biting, nipping, or mouthing may look cute in the puppies of 5 to 6 weeks but could be a severe concern when it comes out to be an adult dog. If your dog does nipping or chewing things around should be stopped at an early stage. Teach your puppy to be gentle with human skin as the skin is very soft. A small bite can make you bleed immediately. You can warm or act one to be heavily injured so that your puppy can understand and stop biting you.

5. Love and Establish Communication:

Your family should cherish your pet spend time with him, and reward him with treats. Your dog should take the commands of your whole family. You and other household members should also practice different commands, and it helps you ensure whether your dog responds to all family members. You can build your dog’s communication by making him interact with other family members or other friends. Pets are closer to children, but if your pet is in the learning stage, make sure to keep him on a leash.

6. Travel with them:

Puppies or dogs often love to go on walks. You can take them to the shopping malls, parks, and public places like beaches, museums and many more. Taking them to the traveling can make them happy and socialize them with other people. Regular walks for dog parks can help them in making new furry friends. They can play, move, walk, visit places, go on treks, or do many activities.


Whether you have a dog, cat, or any pet, but positive behavior is necessary for any animal that you are keeping as a pet. A dog should be trained from low age and should know basic commands like sit, stand, run or come. For positive behavior, training is the first step that you must take for their betterment. If you are a beginner or new to dog training, you must follow the tips mentioned above, hope they will help you for sure.


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