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Designed to simplify the process to get a Bona fide ESA Recommendation Letter from Licensed Mental Health Professionals.

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Start with Online Evaluation Form

To qualify for an ESA, you don’t need to schedule an appointment with a therapist. Instead, you can go online and start the process by filling out an Online Evaluation Questionnaire in which you will summarize your medical condition, personal information, and the information of the pet. It is hardly a 15-minute process.

Get Matched with Therapist

Once you submit the Evaluation form, a licensed mental health professional from our medical team will evaluate you. Based on your answers, the doctor will analyze your medical conditions and then decide whether a recommendation for an Emotional Support Animal can help you. This process can be done either online or by a call.

Receive your ESA Letter

After the consultation, if the doctor approves you for an emotional support animal recommendation, you will receive ESA Letter via email on the same day. The ESA Letter provided by our therapists are legal and are acceptable throughout the United States.

Can You Get A “Reasonable Accommodation” Using An ESA Letter?

According to the Fair Housing Act, Act of rehabilitation of 1973 Landowner cannot discriminate if you have any mental disability, Landowners are not allowed to charge “Pet-fee” if an individual suffering from a disability (has an ESA Letter Signed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional) asks for accommodation. ESA Letters saves money for the pet owner.

To get a “Reasonable accommodation” for you and your pet, you can directly approach your landlord.

  1. Inform your landlord about your disability before signing any agreements.
  2. Present your ESA Letter to your landlord.
  3. If required, guide them about the Fair Housing Act.

Get Certified Today.

Can You Fly With Your Pet In-Cabin?

According to the changes in the U.S. Department of Transportation policies (DOT), emotional support animals are now not allowed to fly with their owners. This news is very disheartening for the ESA owners.

While Psychiatric Service Dog owners continue to be entitled to fly with their PSD in-cabin, several emotional support animal owners or ESA owners have inquired whether their ESA qualifies as a psychiatric service dog. The answer is yes; if your emotional support animal is capable enough to understand tasks that the psychiatric service dog performs for their owners, it can become a PSD. But it is essential to provide your dog with proper training. PSD are given special training that makes them different from emotional support animals. Once you know your dog is properly trained, you can apply for a PSD letter.

Under the Americans With Disabilities Act and Air Carrier Access Act, a licensed mental health professional will determine whether you have a disability that makes you eligible for a psychiatric service dog. If you meet the requirements for a PSD, an LMHP will provide you with a signed PSD letter, making you eligible to fly with your dog again!

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