How ESAs helped people Impacted by the Internet During the Pandemic?

Publish Date: September 7th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
How ESAs helped people Impacted by the Internet During the Pandemic
Internet is extraordinary, something that we all are relying on.

The Internet has become a daily life need of any individual no matter what age they belong. It’s hard to imagine living a life without the Internet.

If you talk about the pandemic situation, researchers have shown that more than half of the world’s population depends on the Internet.

Internet not only impacts people’s daily lives but also affects their mental health during the pandemic. Pets during the pandemic helped their owners during these circumstances to get better with their mental health situation.

Emotional support animals are loving creatures that play a vital role in many people’s lives. With the overuse of the Internet, pets make people indulge in many activities such as playing, cuddling, and physical works.

Increased Internet Use During the Pandemic

During COVID- 19 situation, nobody was allowed to move out of their houses and were supposed to maintain the restrictions such as social distancing, which made people restless. That’s where the Internet becomes people’s regular dose.

Since people are not allowed to move out of their houses to reduce the spread of the virus, they started spending their time on social media and, ultimately, the Internet.

The negative impact of the Internet during the pandemic

Like every story has two sides, the Internet is not as good as it seems. It is a vast technology that provides us various benefits, along with that, it also has negative impacts.

Too much screen time:

Not only Children, but while spending time on the Internet, it’s normal to get vision problems in adults. Screens cause various eye problems. The more you are browsing the Internet, the more you spend on screen, due to which your eyes can get tired and strained from that extended screen time. Not only that, but it can also irritate your eyes, and you may need to rely on medications.

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Family avoidance:

The whole day suffering Internet on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook makes your distance from your friends and family. You will get more engaged with your virtual friends instead of your real-life friends and family members. Not only adults but children also spend most of their time playing online games and watching videos. At last, parents have to impose restrictions on their children’s internet use.

Behavioral Health-Related Measures:

Using a lot of the Internet can lead to many behavioral health-related problems, including drug use, lack of sleep, and physical exercise. On average, it’s necessary to have 6–7 hours of sleep for an individual and have physical exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming for at least 30 mins a day. Nowadays, people do not want to put effort and spend their time playing indoor games late at night that causes many illnesses.


Internet somehow leads to depression as it triggers negative thoughts in your mind. Recent research shows how much time people spend on the web and the type of content they consume from it. The actual reason for feeling depressed is that online websites aim to replace real socialization with virtual ones and cause mental disorders. People are using the Internet for seeking entertainment instead of getting informational content.


Since everything went online during the pandemic, it also impacted children’s studies as they started learning remotely, but it helps children continue their education. However, online classes make distances from friends and tutors, due to which students start dealing with problems on their own. It makes an impact on their minds emotionally and caused self-isolation.

How pets helped individuals during the pandemic?

Emotional support animals play a vital role in many people’s lives. With the overuse of the Internet, pets make people indulge in many required physical activities:

Indulges into physical activities:

Undoubtedly, the Internet indulges us in more indoor works, whereas pets keep us more indulged in physical activities. You can take your dog for walks, hikes, or runs that make you healthy. Going for daily exercise makes you free from diseases and deepens your relationship with your dog.

Providing companionship:

People can get over the feeling of isolation with their pets as pets provide companionship to them, and ultimately they get a friend forever. A better companion helps in preventing illness and adds years to your life. A pet by your side makes you feel needed and wanted, which takes your focus away from your problems if you live alone.

Socialize new people:

Pets are socializing animals for their owners as they help you start and maintain new friendships. You can stop talking with other dog owners while going on hikes, walks, pet stores, and dog parks. So, they can also help you in getting new friends.

Reduce anxiety and depression:

Pets help reduce the anxiety and depression in you as they build self-confidence in you and let the feeling of anxiousness away. Pets live in the present moments and do not worry about yesterday and tomorrow and let their owners follow the same. If you feel depressing, spend some time with your pet, cuddle them, and they will help you ease depression.

Make you follow the schedule:

Once you own an animal, you will feel happier as it will add structure to your routine. Doing all the things structurally can help you keep an animal balanced and calm, and the same works for you as well. If your mood is depressing or stressed, that one look from your pet will melt your heart into pieces.


The Internet has several benefits as it is a medium to get all the world’s latest updates without going anywhere, but it has negatively impacted our minds. Pets act as therapy animals, assistance animals, and service animals by providing us with various therapeutic benefits. Whether your friend is with you or not, but an animal will always be for you during your difficult period.

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