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How ESAs can impact student life?

Publish Date: February 22nd, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

How ESAs can impact student life

Teenage or student life is one of the golden periods of life that should be spent learning new things and gaining knowledge. Students learn new skills and explore academic knowledge, manners, good behaviors, discipline, and punctuality during this period.

Nowadays, students are more indulged in online activities like social media. Colleges and schools are becoming incredibly stressful time for modern adults. Rigorous academic courses, extracurricular, and social pressures, everything with time is increasing the anxiety and depression in students.

In such a crucial phase of life, students can spend their time with cute Emotional Support Animals.

Recent studies state that animals can help students reduce extra stress and anxiety during their studies. After spending regular time with an Emotional Support Animal, students can socialize in outdoor activities too.

An Emotional Support Animal is a regular companion that aids in providing therapeutic benefits to any person suffering from mental or emotional disabilities like depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.

Benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal in a student’s life?

Students may require pets for a different reason as keeping Emotional Support Animal leads them to various mental benefits such as:

Accompany Students:

Most of the students live alone in their rooms which sometimes, leads to disorders like depression. Animals give company to the students by being by their side anytime. They are better companions that can alleviate illness and remove the thoughts of isolation and loneliness from students’ minds.

Looking to Apply for an ESA Letter for Your Pet

Get Started by following these Steps:

1. Start FIlling up the ESA Evaluation form with your details.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local ESA Doctor once the submission is complete.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Letter In Your Email.

Apply Now

Help in easing depression:

Pets can help any individual who feels low and depressed because they are great motivators. Any pet like dog, cat, and rabbit can be good at providing companionship for mentally disabled patients. Depression can be reduced by touching your pet, sitting next to them, or playing with a pet. It can also allow them to relax and calm their minds.

Reduces stress level:

On a routine basis, students face the burden of exams, assignments, carrier planning, along with their personal life issues. At such hard times, rasping and petting are two healthy ways to manage stress levels quickly. Playing with dogs, cats, or other animals can lower blood pressure and help you feel calmer and less stressed.

Increasing exercise:

Going for regular exercise not only keeps you healthy but soothes your mind too. Taking a dog for regular walks, hike or run is a healthy way to exercise and add a routine to your schedule. Studies discovered that dog owners are more active and fit due to their daily exercise routines.

Fair Housing Amendment Act

Under Section 504 and the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA), no discrimination is allowed against mentally disabled persons in residence by their owners. People suffering from any mental or physical disabilities can live with their pets at any rental properties by owning an ESA letter without paying any rental deposits. If a disabled person requires reasonable accommodation to enjoy and use the rental unit equally, the landlord must provide the accommodation.

Also, as per FHA, Students can bring their pets to the college dormitory rooms if they fall under the “dwelling unit.”

Emotional Support Animals are allowed in the student residence hall bedroom or the student’s room’s common area, only if the student can handle the animal. ESAs are not permitted in other college areas such as the library, academic buildings, classrooms, dining areas, etc.

How can students apply to get their Emotional Support Animal Letter?

A student can get the Emotional Support Animal Letter quickly by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Fill-up an ESA Evaluation Form

The initial step is to fill an online evaluation form with your medical condition and describe your ESA. Select the recommendation you need and submit the form online.

Step 2: Get Evaluated by a Licensed Professional

After finishing with the form, a Licensed Mental Health Professional will review the form. Depending on your answers, they will approve your request for an Emotional Support Animal and sign a recommendation letter for you.

Step 3: Get your ESA Letter Instantly via Email

Once getting approved by your licensed physician, you will receive your letter instantly by your email. After that, you can download or save your letter and present it to the landowner.

Every student may face stress, anxiety, or depression in their life due to any reason they may find hard to overcome. In such a situation, they need someone who can accompany them, provide them with the comfort they need, provide social support, keep them indulged in physical activities, and keep them healthy, fit, and in shape to do routine tasks. In such time, no one can do the job better than a furry pet who can provide love, affection, and a feeling of having someone by their side. Having an emotional support animal is truly a blessing, and those who are blessed with it know their role and importance in their lives. If you are one of those who need an Emotional Support Animal Letter, you can get started here.


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