Health care you should provide to Dogs with Diabetes

Publish Date: August 24th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Health care you should provide to Dogs with Diabetes
As an owner, it’s way too sad to know that their dog is suffering from a disease like diabetes. Diabetes is impacting many dogs, and it’s becoming common to have diseases like diabetes in dogs.

Diabetes is an incurable disease that not only affects humans but also animals. It is getting common in dogs and cats too. Taking care of a sick pet becomes hard for an owner. As we know, caring is also a major part of loving your pet. With proper knowledge of diabetes, an owner can pet their diabetic animals too.


Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body is not able to use glucose usually (a type of sugar). Glucose provides energy to the body cells. The glucose level in the blood is controlled by a hormone called insulin which is made by the pancreas.

While the food passes from the intestine during digestion, sugar gets absorbed from the food. The sugar is then transported into the cells that fill the intestines and convert into simple sugars (including) glucose.

Type of diabetes

Diabetes in dogs can occur in two types, that is:

Insulin-deficiency diabetes:

When there is a lack of insulin production in the body, it comes under Insulin-deficiency diabetes. It is a common type of diabetes that can occur in dogs and cats.

Insulin-resistance diabetes:

This type of diabetes occurs when the body is unable to respond to insulin production due to which the glucose isn’t being pulled out of the blood and into the cells. It mainly occurs in older, obese dogs.

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Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs

There are different signs of diabetes in dogs that you will usually notice once your dog suffers from diabetes. Some of them are as follow:
Immense thirst: Your dog may feel thirsty frequently and may ask for water more often than on regular days.
Excess urine: The dog may go for urine more frequently. It can be because of the increased thirst or as the body is trying to get rid of excess sugar by flowing it out through urine with the water that binds to the sugar.
Weight loss: Even if your dog is eating a normal diet, it can lead to dog weight loss. Usually, it happens if your dog is not able to convert nutrients from its food.
Increase in appetite: Your dog can feel hungry every time as the cells may not get the glucose they require.

How can diabetes occur in dogs?

Various factors can cause diabetes in dogs. Some of them are as follow:
  1. Age:Diabetes usually occurs in middle-aged dogs. It can appear at the age of 5 or older than that.
  2. Gender:It can most probably occur in female dogs than male dogs. So, the chances for female dogs are more.
  3. Chronic or repeated pancreatitis:
  4. If your dog is diagnosed with chronic or repeated pancreatitis, it can cause damage to the organs, which results in diabetes.

  5. Obesity: Overweight leads to insulin blocking, which can be a risk for pancreatitis and cause diabetes.
  6. Genetic
  7. It can also cause genetics, it can occur in any breed or mix-breed pets. In breeds, the risk varies, some with low risk and others with higher risk.

Ways to provide health care to Dogs with Diabetes

If your dog is suffering from diabetes, then you must take some precautions to prevent your dog from this. However, diabetes cannot be cured but can be improved or controlled in dogs by taking proper measures. Things to do with your dog while they suffer from diabetes are:

Spay Your Pets:

Spaying your female pets can lead to various health benefits as unspayed female dogs have more chances to get diagnosed with diabetes than male dogs.

Maintain healthy weight of your pet:

Do not let your dog get obese or weight loss as both have risk factors that can result in diabetes. An increase in obesity can increase your dog’s chances of having pancreatitis that leads to diabetes. Therefore, provide your dog with proportioned meals to stay active that can help in lowering the chance of having diabetes.

Regular Checkups:

Well, dogs are good at hiding their health issues, so make sure to keep an eye on them and take them to the vet for regular checkups. If you notice the symptoms of diabetes, take them to vets.

Get the best dog food:

Best dog food means high-quality food. Sometimes, cheap foods may contain additives like chemicals, sugars, and fats that can only increase the chances of developing diabetes in your dog. You can consult vets to help with special diabetic dog food.


It might be hard for an owner to know that their dog is suffering from such diseases, but with the correct monitoring and management, your dog can also live a happy and healthy life. So, do not panic or dishearten in such a situation and take proper measures with time. If your dog is suffering from diabetes and high sugar, then make sure to have insulin for the dogs.

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