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Growing Trend of Emotional Support Animal

Publish Date: October 8th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Growing trends of Emotional support animals
The growing trend incorporates the emotional support animals to endow with the mental assistance to a person with a diagnosable mental condition or an emotional disorder. Having an ESA is a different form of medicine that one can acquire only by having a legal ESA Letter only, not through the mouth or some syringe.

People are still confused about the health benefits that whether an Emotional Support Animal can provide to a person suffering from anxiety, stress, or any mental condition; but are uncertain about the benefits of having one. Having an animal around can be an imperative tool in the toolkit to feel a little bit more on the safer side and loved. Apart from the medical health benefits in several conditions, some other advantages are also there that are left unseen. Let us take a look at them.

Benefits of having an ESA

Individuals are required to visit a doctor when they feel depressed or influenced by a mental condition. Talking to a medical health professional openly and sharing everything with them is mandatory in this process to get over it. Though talking about mental health is still considered as something abnormal or unusual topic. But at the same time, this is treatable and requires appropriate guidance. Anti-depression pills are not the only solution for mental problems. Sometimes simple advice or an ESA would be a great help to deal with this. Emotional Support Animals tend to provide companionship, lessen loneliness, and help in dealing with depression, anxiety, and absurd fears. A medical health professional will facilitate you with the appropriate treatment and take manifold sessions to deal with it.

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ESA facilitates you reconnect to reality

While going through the difficult emotional times, a person possibly loses touch with everyone. An ESA provides undivided attention during those difficult times when the emotional feelings, sadness, and loneliness overpowered the senses of a person. Having a valid ESA Letter lets you keep an Emotional Support Animal with you, and ESA helps in jolting you back from the depressing world you have entered into. 

ESA facilitates in producing Neurotransmitters

Emotional Support animals augment the dopamine levels along with the other neurochemicals that are associated with love and binding. Studies state that a boost in the dopamine levels makes you feel less depressed and enhance the capacity to show up the love and care.

ESA’s Work in Conjunction with the Other Forms of Treatment

ESAs are not only the pets that help to fight with the stress alone but can be integrated with the other forms of treatment that provide relief from the anxiety, stress, or any mental illness. Whatever the form of therapy works for the patient, an Emotional Support Animal can be easily integrated with it to come out with better results.

ESAs Endow with the Unconditional Love

Having an ESA with you gives an assurance that the individual will never be alone. The unconditional love, care, and affection are enough to pull the individual out of the stress condition.

Calm the anxiety on Planes

During the travel, it gets essential to carry the ESA along as lots of people are afraid of traveling alone or on flights. Flying with an ESA helps to control the anxiety that the person is going through and makes the travel light one, devoid of any stress. Not all the travels are for vacations, sometimes it can be stressful boarding a plane, and that might lead to high anxiety and panic attacks. An ESA Letter is the only need to fly with your ESA. Make sure you have a legal one.

Provides Social Support

ESAs are famous for improving the owner’s health by being a fantastic social companion and a reliable friend. Studies state that such social support enhances the functioning of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and immune system. 

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