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Finding a Lost Pet

Publish Date: March 24th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Finding a Lost Pet

Losing your pet is one of the biggest nightmares that a pet owner afraid of. Nobody wants to get into such a situation, and every year, you must hear from guardians who lose their animal companions and have no idea how to find them.

If you fall under this situation, then getting panic is not a solution, and you cannot even find your lost pet back to you. You need to take some steps and get out of this situation.

Have you made every effort to find your lost pet? If not, you are at the right place, and in this blog, you will know the best answers to see your pet.

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Here are some tips for you to find a lost pet

Search inside your home first:

Firstly go and check your home. Check every corner of your house, and do not leave the hidden places. Well, it’s better to search your house area before you begin a wide search to find a lost dog and ensure that they have actually gone. There might be cases when your dog may be trapped somewhere inside your home, garage, yard shed, or elsewhere on your property. Thoroughly search and consider carrying some of your favorite treats for your pet.


Expand Your Search:

After you determine that your dog has escaped from your property:

  • Start checking your neighborhood, parks, schools, and other nearby areas.
  • Search out every nearby location of your town that you think your pet can go to.
  • Make alerts about your missing pet.


Get Social:

You must make posts on your social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms and create a buzz about your lost pet. Do share the pictures of your pet and specify the last seen location of your pet. Finding alone can take you a lot of time, whereas finding helping hands can help you better ideas and solutions. Doing so can help you in finding your pet soon. People living near you can contact you if they find your pet.


Stick to your phone:

It’s important for you to answer all the calls and numbers that you’ve posted everywhere. In case you missed a call, you need to answer it right back as it could be the person who saw you’re pet for the last time or have some information regarding your pet. Make sure that if you are unable to pick a call, leave an outgoing voice-mail message like: with your name, if you have information about my missing cat/dog, I need to speak with you.


Run ads in all local papers as well as on social media:

While posting news for the local paper, do not include too many details. Just include the title with “Lost [Cat/Dog], [Color], [Reward], [Phone Number].” If your pet has a uniqueness or pet identity, then mention it so that it is easy for you to find your pet. Please renew the ad before it expires and Check the ‘Lost and Found’ ads in newspapers daily. You can also make pamphlets for your lost pet.


Go Where Found Pets Go:

Well, sometimes, it’s more than you think. People from rescue centers might have taken your dog or cat under custody as they might be providing a shelter while your pet is found on the streets. Ask them if they found your pet. You can get information for your pet. Call the nearest rescue centers and ask them for every possible place to check. Check call veterinary hospitals, stop and ask on pet shops.


Make copies of the most precise photo you can find of your animal:

Visit the store where you can print photos from your phone, make prints from your computer, and make multiple copies so that you can paste them on walls and distribute them to all. Make sure that the picture of your dogs is accurate, clear, and color. Request that shelters save the photo and post it on their bulletin board, wherever they keep photos of lost animals.


Things you should mention on the poster

While making poster templates, you can add recent photographs of your pet. While making the templates, use the current and colored photo of your pet. It can help you find your pet soon. Make sure to add:

  • The name and breed of your pet,
  • Sex and approximate age,
  • Date lost and time,
  • Last seen location of pet,
  • Color of your pet,
  • Your phone number,
  • Size.


It’s not less than a painful accident for a pet lover, but hope is the only thing that can help you get through the darkest times. If you have lost your pet, then the information provided above may help you find your pet soon. Once your pet gets back into your arms, pamper your pet, give all the love and never leave your pets alone for the next time. Avoid all the sadness you’ve suffered from past hours, days and bring all the joy back to your pet.


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