Feeling Shame for Needing an ESA? Here is why You shouldn’t

Publish Date: September 13th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Why You Shouldn't Feel Shame forgetting an ESA letter
Pets are not just animals but are forever friends or companions that support us when there is nobody around us. It’s not necessary to choose only a dog or a cat as your support companion. You can select any comforting animal that can assist you in maintaining your mental health.

According to recent research, pet owners tend to live longer than those without pets. Indeed, people with pets often experience more significant health benefits than those without pets.

Animals that help people deal with their mental or emotional health issues by assisting are mental health animals or Emotional Support Animals.

People nowadays feel ashamed to own animals for their mental illnesses as they think people will judge them and will not treat them in the same way. Somewhere, that shy or anxious factor keeps them torturing mentally from inside, and things keep going. You must know that if you do not relieve your mental symptoms at the initial stage, then the situation may get worse.

Pets are not something we should feel ashamed of, but we should accept them and get a purpose of living life again.

People feel embarrassed to keep pets around them. Why?

There can be many personal reasons for a patient to feel ashamed about getting an ESA by their side, however, here is some most common reason that applies to over 90% of the people:
  • An individual may be anxious about telling people living around them about their disabilities.
  • Afraid of people’s lack of understanding regarding the use of animals for mental health treatment.
Mental health conditions can leave a person in a state of disgrace. It’s like, accepting the truth of mental health is hard for anyone. Keeping the health benefits of pets in mind and knowing that they can heal you from these conditions, more people nowadays are adopting animals.

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Animals as a Mental Health Treatment for any individual

When medications fail to soothe a person’s health, pets can act as a better lubricant. Practitioners recommend emotional Support Animals to disabled persons by writing a legal document that describes an animal as a necessary part of an individual’s treatment. ESAs are not just normal pets but are the treatment that helps to manage the disruptive symptoms.

How pet treats Mental Health?

Various studies over time found that animals can help a person in many ways. Here is what the researchers state about the body of a person who owns a friendly pet:

  • They experience fewer blood pressure problems.
  • They have a managed heart rate.
  • Their stress and anxiety levels are comparatively lower.
  • Their muscle tension is relieved.

Other health benefits of owning a pet

There are several benefits of emotional support animals. Some of them are as follow:

ESA eases isolation and loneliness:

People who suffer from medical health issues need more attention than others, but we cannot provide them with the company they require due to busy schedules and hectic life. Having an ESA by their side can help them with better companionship and helps them in calming their mind. The presence of an animal can ease the feeling of isolation and loneliness that they suffer.

Overcome the symptoms of PTSD:

A loss in business or sudden death of loved ones can cause trauma to any individual. There can be other personal and professional reasons for PTSD, and getting out of such a state is quite a difficult task. Petting an animal and taking comfort from a kind soul can generate a sense of life in a person. It can improve their mental health conditions further.

Indulges us in physical interactions:

Undoubtedly, work-life leads to loneliness, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and many health-related issues. However, owning an ESA can help you in this. Pets indulge you in physical activities that keep a proper balance in both your work life and personal life. Along with that, you meet or interact with new friends too.

Relieves our mental health:

Pets help reduce our mental health issues such as daily stress, symptoms of anxiety, and depression. When you grow older, you can face many mental health concerns at that time, but with a companion by your side, you can help yourself quickly. Pets like dogs can sense our emotions better than we do, and they try to adjust themselves according to our moods. If you get mentally upset, they will always try to cheer you up with their activeness.


Even though you feel ashamed while getting an Emotional Support Animal, you must be worried about getting over your mental disability as it is a more serious concern. People make perceptions for one day and then forget about it. So, instead of feeling shame, you must spend more time with your pet and enjoy every moment of your life.

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Darren M. Jorgensen has a fondness for all animals, though dogs especially, have a huge home in his heart. He enjoys quilting, making handcrafted soap and bodyworks and anything that produces practical products. Jorgensen lives with his own service dog who doubles as an Emotional Support Animal. He gets it.


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