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Everything You Need To Know About ESA Hotel Laws.

Posted on April 3, 2023 by Patricia Thompson
Say your therapist suggested that a vacation or trip will be worthwhile as per your diagnosis. So you have planned a vacation trip because of the recent things you have been going through. When it comes to booking a trip, you are an expert. But now you have your ESA with you. And your doctor advised you to bring your emotional support animal along to the vacation. Now, you have a lot of questions related to hotels and ESA. Hotel ESA laws are not that difficult to understand. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!
ESA Hotel Laws

ESA Letter & Its Benefits

When you are prescribed an ESA, you must have an ESA letter. This document is the only proof that you are allowed to have a pet as your emotional support animal. It is usually written by Licensed Medical Health Professionals with the details of their license and the type of animal prescribed. Remember, there is no such thing as a registry or certificate for your ESA. Only the ESA letter is legitimate which will make you eligible for all the perks and benefits of being an ESA owner.

A legitimate ESA letter can benefit you in the following ways.


According to the Fair Housing Act, landlords must allow the ESA to live with its owner rent-free as long as the ESA letter is honest and updated. The “No-pets” policy is not applicable to ESA.

Air travel

According to the Air Carrier Access Act, ESAs can fly with their owners free of charge. But, as per changes made in 2021 by the U.S. Department of Transportation, it might differ from airline to airline (As the airlines are not required to oblige ACAA). So, make sure to check with your airline before you book a ticket.

Get your Legitimate ESA letter quick

Getting an ESA Letter is Easy. Now you can receive a recommendation directly from licensed professionals in just 24 hours. All it takes is a few clicks on Fastesaletter. We have a selectively chosen team of healthcare professionals licensed in their respective states.

These health professionals evaluate patients following every guideline set by ESA laws, and only if those patients’ mental health condition qualifies for animal assistance get an ESA recommendation. If your illness qualifies for an ESA letter, our healthcare professional will send you your legitimate ESA letter on the same day. However, if your illness won’t qualify, you will get your money back on the same day soon after the health professional’s evaluation.

3 step process to get an esa letter

Emotional Support Animals in Hotels

With housing and transportation, the ESA letter approves your emotional support animal but when it comes to hotels (public places) it is a different story. Public access to animals that serve special needs such as service animals is granted. They are trained and skilled to help the patient in need. They assist them in doing the owner’s basic routine. However, emotional support pets are not trained. Sure, they provide comfort and emotional support. But they do not come under the special needs category. Thus, public access to ESAs may vary accordingly. There is no obligation for a public place to allow pets or animals to stay with the owner even if you have an ESA letter. So a hotel can refuse an emotional support animal no matter how cute and furry it looks. But, this cannot be the end of it, right?

ESA Hotel Laws

Unlike housing or renting property, hotels do not have to allow an ESA if there is a “no-pet” policy. Ok, we got the news clear! Now what? How do I go on a vacation with my ESA then? Luckily, there are several pet-friendly hotels in the world. A pet-friendly hotel will allow your emotional support animal to stay with you without any restrictions. They do not have laws against ESAs. In fact, your ESA is treated equally with you. Though pet-friendly hotels accept ESAs, they have to be well-behaved since hotels do not discriminate ESAs from other pets. Not necessarily trained, but your furry friend has to be mannered and a little obedience can get you a great stay. Google the best pet-friendly hotels, bring a copy of your ESA letter, and tame your emotional support pet. Wait, what if my ESA doesn’t like it there?

What to look for in hotels that allow ESAs?

Some of the hotels which are not pet-friendly can also allow your ESA when they have ESA hotel policies. Such nice hotels and hotel chains provide amenities to your furry friend:
  • Access – grants pets and ESAs access to their parks and walks, pools and beaches.
  • Amenity – plush towels, dog walking services, and popsicles.
  • Menu – everything from specific dog food brands to cooked meals like beef stew.
  • Take – everything from food and water bowls to toys, treats, and pet beds.

Can hotels charge for my ESA?

The roundabout answer will be a ‘yes’ but the charges differ from one to another. It might be rich for larger hotel chains that provide all the more luxurious treatment for you as well as your ESA. If the hotel has ESA hotel laws, then they might cost you less still with good care and accommodation. We recommend you do all the necessary research upfront to make a clear-cut decision for the much-needed vacation with your ESA. In conclusion, going on that vacation with your ESA is not that hard if you know the right steps. Let’s not cancel plans anymore.

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Patricia Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Patricia Thompson is a highly skilled clinical psychologist with over five years of expertise in the field. She possesses extensive knowledge and experience in using clinical guidance and providing recommendations for emotional support animals (ESAs) as a form of treatment for mental illness. Patricia's profound understanding of the therapeutic benefits of ESAs enables her to offer valuable insights and practical advice to individuals seeking emotional support. In addition to her clinical practice, Patricia also writes for Fast ESA Letter, sharing her expertise and advocating for the importance of ESAs in mental health care.


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