Everyday exercise for your Dog Routine

Publish Date: August 2nd, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Everyday exercise for your Dog
Everyone knows well that dogs require a daily routine, but have you thought about how much?

It depends on which type of dog you own, the age of your pet dog, and the health factors for your Dog.

The large breed dogs are harder to train or provide with exercises as compared to the small dogs. However, giving a large dog a good workout is possible.

You can teach your Dog with brain exercises and physical body exercises to make them strong physically and mentally.

In today’s blog, we are here to teach you some exercises indoor and outdoor.

How much daily exercise does a dog need?

Being a dog owner comes with responsibilities, such as taking care of your Dog’s health and wealth. Other than regular visits to the vets, it would help if you took care of exercising.
Regular exercise is essential to tone the muscles, encourage the body and metabolism to function well and promote good behavior in dogs.
Taking your dogs for exercise also lets you and your Dog socialize with different breeds and people.
On average, a dog needs 30 mins to 1 hour of daily exercise regularly to make proper growth. Some larger breed dogs, like retrievers, collies, shepherds, require more movement. Whereas small breed dogs, like terriers, Maltese’s, don’t require daily physical activity.

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How much daily exercise does a puppy require?

Small puppies are more active and cheerful as compare to adults. As mentioned above, exercise in dogs varies from breed to breed, and all the dogs should get a least two walks every day. During the developing stage of your puppy, puppies should increase exercise by 5 minutes per month. It works like a 3-month-old puppy should have 15 minutes of exercise, and a four months puppy should have 20 minutes of exercise.

How much daily exercise does an adult dog require?

If adult dogs do not get enough exercise leads to more problems such as weight gain and joint issues. Your dogs can get anxious if they do not get proper training regularly and can lead to unwanted behaviors such as barking, destructive chewing, digging, or more. For adult dogs, two hours of regular exercise is necessary for a day.

Indoor Dog Exercises you can provide to your Dog.

Stair play:

Moving up and down on the stairs sometimes can help to build the stronger muscle of your Dog. You can try this exercise as you cannot take your Dog outside for any reason, but do not push your Dog too hard as it can be challenging for dogs.


You can try to play Hide and Seek with your Dog to maintain your dog’s mental stimulation. With the physical body, it’s vital to support mental health as well.

Set up an obstacle course:

An obstacle course is another game that you can try with your pet. You can set some challenging hurdles for your Dog and let them cross it and let them make some efforts to pass it. It can also help them to make their muscles stronger.

Trick Training:

Trick training can be fun for both of you. Tricks such as high five, shake hands, and rollover can make your Dog act smarter and more intelligent.

Outdoor dog exercise you can provide to your Dog:

Go on a hike:

You can join your Dog for a hike and enjoy great outdoor activities. Taking your dog for a stroll is a next-level adventure where you can explore new parks and trails in your area.


You can take your dog swimming. Dogs often love water, and swimming helps to provide you low-impact exercise. For safety purposes, you can use safety jackets to stay longer in the water while taking your Dog for the first time.


Most dogs like to join their owners while going on cycle rides. You can go on trails, bike paths where your Dog can safely accompany you for cycling as the road is often dangerous.


You can take your Dog to dog-friendly parks and play different games such as boomerang, flyball, and other games.

Dog Sports:

You can take your dog for dog sports and can try a variety of activities or stick with your favorites. Sports games like Lure coursing, scent work, dock diving, Schutzhund, and Rally are few good options.


If you love skaters and let your Dog join you, then nothing would be better for your Dog than this. Once you teach your Dog how to go on skating, your Dog will love to have it every day.


Providing your dog with daily exercise is necessary as if you do not give your Dog the required exercise, then your Dog may face many health problems such as weight gain or joint disease due to obesity. So, if you own a pet, it’s better to give them the required training. The tips and tricks mentioned above can give you a few ideas for training your Dog with some exercises.

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