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ESA registration VS ESA certification: which is legit?

Publish Date: October, 12th, 2020; Author: Blake Quinn

ESA registration VS ESA certification: which is legit?
If you are someone who has an emotional support animal and looking to register their emotional support animal, our first question for you is

It is the most useless thing you can do by paying your hard-earned money. Please don’t feel embarrassed. Our motive was not to disappoint you from the very beginning of this blog. There are many pet parents, just like you, who are searching for online platforms to register their pets.

ESA certification is the only preferable option if you want to get the privilege of the U.S Housing law, Air Housing Act, and enjoy legal protections for your emotional support animal.

We are guessing that you are still not convinced with our opinion. Let us explain to you in detail what ESA registration is and why it is worthless. Our blog will also explain why emotional support animal certification is best for you and your pet.

What is an ESA registration?

ESA registration is a service that most private sites offer to register your animal in their database or digital register/record.
This type of registration has nothing to do with U.S laws and government. That is the reason why it is not a legal service. Any random company can make a database and charge you for just enrolling your pet in their records.

Why is ESA registration a waste of money?

It is a general misconception among people that ESA registration is some kind of legal registration with the U.S government that can provide them and their pets with every type of protection. It’s just a waste of money due to the following reasons:

  • With an ESA registration certificate, you cannot challenge the landlord to allow you to stay with your pet in a rental apartment. Since the Fair Housing Act doesn’t cover any protection for emotional support, animal registered owners.
  • Under, Air Access Act( ACAA), ESA owners used to have the right to fly with their ESA on any airline. From this year, only a few airlines have allowed this service. However, still, no airline allows ESA-registered pets on their planes. You have to pay extra charges for that.
  • You cannot stay at an Airbnb with your dog if your dog has any kind of ESA registration. As per the fair housing act, Airbnb owners only allow a dog in their property, only with an emotional support dog letter.
  • College campuses and dorms don’t consider ESA registration a valid document for the students to bring pets into college.

Reason; Why is ESA registration not legit?

According to U.S federal laws that is the Fair Housing law, it states that:
A U.S citizen has the full right to stay with an emotional support animal on a rental property if they have a mental illness. It is legal in the case where an ESA’s assistance can help them heal or alleviate their symptoms.
Now, taking the point of mental illness, only a certified doctor can approve the mental condition. Further, only this doctor can suggest whether emotional pet support can benefit the patient or not.
However, registration doesn’t cover any of the above guidelines and doesn’t claim approval from a legitimate health practitioner; that’s why no landlord and airlines see ESA Registration as a legitimate document.

Only an ESA certification follows these parameters and is considered a legitimate document.

What is an ESA letter?

An ESA letter is a legitimate document approved and signed by a certified health practitioner. You can get an ESA certification or an emotional support animal letter if you have a mental disorder, and ESA can alleviate its symptoms with their assistance.

A health practitioner can approve your application if you have any of the following mental illnesses:

  • Post Trauma Stress Disorder
  • Cognitive Disorder
  • Phobias and fears
  • Panic Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Learning Disorders
  • Other than this, some crucial disorders in which doctors find ESA assistance helpful.
  • Why is the ESA letter a legitimate document?

    To be precise, ESA certification is legit. These are the following reasons:

    • As per Fair Housing Act, no landlord can deny ESA on a no-pet building if the pet owner has a legitimate ESA letter no more than a year old.
    • A landlord cannot charge extra rental or security charges to accept an ESA-certified pet in their building.
    • As per Air Carrier Access Act, you can fly with your ESA on the plane with an ESA certification. However, due to few changes in ESA laws, only a few airlines allow ESA travel with an ESA letter. (Click to learn the name of the airlines)
    • Due to protection under the fair housing act, you can stay with your pet in college dorms and Airbnb with a legitimate ESA letter.
    • It is a document that a state-certified health professional signs on official letterhead. This statement is in its valid proof claiming the rightfulness of this letter

    How to get an ESA letter online?

    To get a legitimate ESA letter, you need to follow the following steps:

    1. Apply online:
      You can initiate the process by applying online and filling in all the details about your medical health condition by answering the questions regarding your pet. You need to submit the form to begin the further process.
    2. Get evaluated by licensed practitioners:
      After submitting the form, a licensed physician will contact you and evaluate your application. If the doctor finds that the animal benefits your mental illness, they will approve you for ESA certification.
    3. Get approved for ESA letter:
      Soon, you will receive approval for your ESA Letter, and you will have legal access to live with your pet.

    Looking to Apply for an ESA Letter for Your Pet

    Get Started by following these Steps:

    1. Start FIlling up the ESA Evaluation form with your details.

    2. Get Evaluated by a Local ESA Doctor once the submission is complete.

    3. Get Approved and Receive your Letter In Your Email.

    Apply Now


    Now you must have an idea that there is no such thing as a legal emotional support dog registry. So there is no need to fall for these online scammers, who are just after their money. If you want legal access to stay with your emotional support dog, you should get an ESA letter from a trustful platform. The Fast ESA letter can help you in this. Click to start now!

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