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Legal protections for people with ESA in Michigan

The mid-western state offers complete protection to the Emotional Support Animal handlers. If you are one of those peoples whose lives are influenced by mental or emotional disability, and you own an ESA letter signed by a Licensed Physician, the state will offer you complete protection while flying and living with an emotional support animal in Michigan.


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Benefits of ESA Letter in Michigan

Patients influenced by medical and emotional conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, etc are eligible to enjoy the benefits that come up with an ESA Letter. The Benefits of an ESA letter includes:

  1. Exclusion from certain air travel guidelines as per the Air carrier Access Act.
  2. Protection from Unreasonable Eviction.
  3. Access to “No Pet Housing” without Pet Deposits.
  4. Free Air Travel for Emotional Support Animal wherever you go.
  5. Protection from Discrimination.