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What Is Dog Insurance?

Every pet parent wants the best for their pet, and when it comes to having the best dog insurance plan, you become more conscious about the health of your pet. Your dog is your responsibility and they rely on you to get the treatment they need. Most of us will agree that pets come with many responsibilities, out of which heath is the main concern. With the help of a dog insurance plan, you can ensure that your dog is supplemented with the best treatment by a top-notch medical health professional and when required.

Why Do I Need Dog Insurance?

Maintaining health requires money and it implies to both humans and dogs. If you adopt one, it is your responsibility to take good care of their health. To keep your dog in shape, dog insurance can help a lot.
It can be expensive for pet owners to afford the best medical health treatment for their dogs. But with the help of pet insurance for dogs, it’s easy to receive the best medical facility regardless of your financial status. It can be advantageous in the following ways;

Ensures Best Heath

With the help of the dog insurance plan, you can ensure good health of your dog by providing your dog with the best treatment from the best medical health professionals without worrying about your pocket.

Saves Money

Veterinary expenses may severely impact your budget and savings. A dog insurance policy guarantees that your dog is always protected and that you never have to pick between your pet and your savings.

Protection Against Accident

Dog insurance protects from unavoidable situations like accidents which can occur anytime. But with the help of the dog insurance plan you can safeguard them from such cases.

What is Covered in a Dog Insurance plan?

We provide a wide range of coverage options to your furry friends. You can choose the best coverage option for your dog by understanding each coverage option carefully.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is the first type of coverage on the list. Under this coverage, we cover various medical expenses for your dog by protecting it from injuries, illness, accidents, or congenital infections. This type of coverage is the best option as it provides protection from all types of diseases, accidents and injuries.

Accident Based Coverage

As the name suggests, this coverage protects your dog from accidents. That is why most pet owners buy this pet insurance plan, which works well in emergencies. This type of coverage is good for old age pets as the chances of getting injured is more.

Illness based coverage

This type of coverage fits in your pocket as it is affordable. It protects your dog from illnesses like fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. It does not cover other options like accidents or regular checkups.

What are the Benefits of a Dog Insurance Plan?

Dog insurance provides a wide range of benefits that you and your pet will enjoy. These are:

  • Dog Insurance protects your savings.
  • It provides your dog with the best Medical health facilities.
  • Dog Insurance provides insurance for old pets also.
  • It helps in maintaining your monthly budget.
  • Dog Insurance gives you peace of mind.
  • Dog Insurance allows you to get the best vet care for your dog.
  • It helps you to afford expensive treatment for your dog.

What Are the Factors on Which the Cost of Dog Insurance Depends?

Dog insurance can be costly. The cost of pet insurance depends on certain factors mentioned below:

Type of Policy

The first factor on which the cost of dog insurance depends is the type of policy that you will select. The type of dog insurance coverage you select is one of the main variables that will impact how much your pet insurance plan will cost. Coverage with a wide range of benefits would be more costly than the other type of coverage.


You must reimburse this predetermined money before your insurance begins to pay. Plans with higher deductibles have lower rates per month.

Dog’s breed

The cost of the insurance you choose depends on the type of dog you have. As some dog breeds are prone to illness, the insurance plan for those dogs will cost you more.

Age of the dog

Many companies do not provide insurance for older dogs as the chances of being ill are more than young pets. That’s why the dog insurance policy costs more than the younger dog.

Pre-existing conditions

The pre- existing medical conditions in your dog may reduce the chances of getting dog insurance, as most companies do not cover insurance for pets who are already ill or injured.

Where you live

Location is also a factor that affects the cost of the dog insurance policy. The vet facilities in metro cities are expensive compared to rural areas.

Is Dog Insurance Worth it?

If you’re still unsure whether pet insurance is worth buying, consider how you would handle an unplanned expense.

You should get the dog insurance if:

  • Your pet is prone to illness.
  • You cannot spend savings to pay a high vet cost.
  • You feel more relaxed when having dog insurance.
  • You cannot afford expensive treatments.

Every pet owner should consider having dog insurance for their dogs. But finally, it’s your decision whether you want it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my premiums increase each year?

Yes, as your pet gets older, many diseases become much more common that is why the pet insurance premiums can rise even if you didn’t make any claims during the course of the year.

Will my vet accept the insurance I choose?

Yes, any pet insurance coverage, from any business, may be used at any U.S.-licensed veterinarian facility. You can thus visit any animal hospitals, experts, and your normal veterinarian.

What records will my pet insurer ask for?

Your pet insurer will ask you to show your pets past medical records. It is a primary way a pet insurance company determines what conditions are pre-existing when you purchase the pet policy.

How do I enroll in a plan?

To enroll in a right insurance plan you should first know your pets medical history and your budget. After knowing your pet medical history you will be aware of what conditions your pet meets frequently. That will help you in selecting the coverage which you want for your pet based on their medical conditions. Read the company policies carefully so that you can ensure reimbursement for the type of coverage you want.

Dog pet insurance cover Vaccines?

Different companies have different coverage options. It totally depends on your company and the type of coverage you choose.

Can a Dog of Any Age Enroll in a Plan?

Usually many companies do not provide dog insurance for older pets as the chances of being ill or injured are more than the young pets. But the Fast ESA letter provides you an insurance plan for older dogs also. The cost of insurance premium may be higher as compared to young pets..

Should I Wait until the Treatment is Complete, Before Submitting a Claim?

This completely depends on the Policy Holder. If more care is needed after the original course of therapy, you can submit a “continuation” claim for the same condition.
There is no fee for filing multiple continuation claims, as there is just a fixed excess on each condition in each policy year.

Will My Premiums Go Up If I Make a Claim?

No, after filing a claim, your premium won’t go up. You will be informed of your new cost in advance of any rise going into effect only when your policy renews.

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