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Dog At Work

Publish Date: November 7th, 2020; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Dog At Work

Nobody likes to leave their pet dogs alone at home. For both the pet owner or the dog, it’s like a separating moment. Dogs always like to get surrounded by people and feel happy and joyful. Not only cats but dogs are also good attention seekers. They want to get more attention from their owners or the people about whom they care the most. 

Importance of dogs in human life

Dogs, being good companions, help to reduce stress, and provide several health benefits to humans in different ways. Going for outdoor activities like playing with dogs, running, exercising, or walking can help human beings to reduce their stress levels and increase their well-being. They assist people who are suffering from any mental disability or illness by overcoming their issues. 

Dogs adjust themselves according to human moods. As if a person feels happy, dogs like to stay with them and get more cheerful with them. At the same time, when a person gets upset, dogs also felt the same for human emotions. 

Many of us spend our maximum time at our workplace, and with work, there comes many responsibilities, stress, and workload. Since animals or pets always seem to give emotional support to any human in different ways.

Nowadays, people are carrying their pet dogs along with them to get emotional or mental support.  Dogs are good at providing mental help to the people who are seeking to get it. They help to reduce your stress and stay with you during your hard times. 

Whenever you are taking your pet dogs at your workplace, here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in your mind:


  1. Clean up your desk space: Make your desk clean and avoid putting errant food, plants, office supplies around your desk. Dogs often get indulge with some electrical equipment like wires that can cause harm to them. Remove all the extra things from your desk so that your pet can feel more comfortable.
  2. Socialize your pet with coworkers: While taking your dog at work, try to socialize them with your coworkers so that they don’t feel anxious. While you’re working, ask your coworkers to Play with your dog so that he/she feels more comfortable and happy. Also, it can help them to spend their time more readily.
  3. Bring supplies for the dog: Since you are the caretaker of your fellow friend, then you should take responsibility for your dog by feeding him timely. Bring as many supplies for your dog so that he won’t feel hungry and will not interrupt you in your work. You must include things like bowls, food, treats, a leash, and toys in your supplies.
  4. Create a separate space for your dog: Pets often cause distractions as they can do anything to get the attention of the people. So, create a separate space for your dogs as they won’t mess up the things and misbehave by putting things away from the desk. It can help them to feel relaxed as they can take rest by sitting in their personal space. 

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  1. Bring a dirty dog to work: While taking your dog at work, clean all the dirt from your dog. Remove all the smell and odor that can make a wrong impression of your dog on your colleagues. Make sure your dog is brushed, bathed, and will be looking best. 
  2. Forget bathroom breaks: Nature’s call is one of the most n factors that you must keep in your mind before taking your dog with you. Make sure to take your dog for proper bathroom breaks instead of making them spreading dirt. You have to take them to pee from time to time than regular days.
  3. Leave your dog alone: Try to give your dog more time and care. Don’t get much distracted with your work so that you forget your four-legged friend. Leaving your canine alone can make them feel depressed and disappointed. Your pet can get stressed while they saw their owner leaving them alone, especially in a new environment. 
  4. Let your pet become a distraction:  Sometimes, your pet can become a part of distraction as if a dog jumping on clients or colleagues, or if a dog starts howling in between meetings can become a big distraction and can make you feel awkward. Stop them while they make excess noise, and don’t let them run or roam in the office. 

Dogs are very patient and try to provide a person with all the comfort and love. They are one of the most trustworthy animals on this planet. Letting dogs at your workplace can boost the employee’s performance and decrease stress. Dogs are cute creatures but can also cause an occasional disturbance. In case your office has allowed you to take your pet dog to your workplace, it’s better to take some precautions for the safety or security of individuals as well as your pet. 


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