Do You Need Pet Insurance for Your Puppy?

Publish Date: May 17th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Do You Need Pet Insurance for Your Puppy

Keeping a puppy lifts tons of your stress and turns your saddest life moments into delighted ones. Living up every moment with your puppies makes you feel happier, and caring for a living being itself gives you a purpose for life.

Puppies are great mood boosters that can change your bad mood into a cheerful one. They are full of energy and love getting surrounded by their owner.

Being a pet owner, you better know and value the proper relation of yours with your pet. Losing a pet is just like a bad nightmare that is full of pain and separation.

Reasons why you need pet insurance?

1 Raised Accidents:

Pets require emergency veterinary care each year, as per the American Pet Products Association, and medical accidents can occur at any time.

2 Caring for a pet is expensive:

Well, every few seconds, a pet owner needs to pay veterinary bills, pet food bills, and all stuff for their pet, which is way too expensive. According to Bank rate, only 40% of dog and cat lovers can afford to cover these bills on their own.

3 Your puppy won’t be young forever:

There is no lie that your small puppy will remain a pup forever. It may sound unusual to buy insurance for a young, healthy puppy, but it’s necessary to think ahead. Once your pet dog reaches its developing phase, it may get surrounded by many cancer, debilitating conditions like arthritis and diabetes. By getting pet insurance, you can save your money while preserving your pet’s standard of living well into their senior years.

Many pet insurers make filing claims as simple and straightforward as possible, similar to how humans file medical insurance claims. To get paid for most qualifying expenses, all you have to do is visit your regular veterinarian, collect an itemized invoice, and file a report.

Which pet insurance you should prefer?

There are several policies and pet insurance providers in the market that can assist you in getting your pet insured. Still, every policy has different terms and conditions and need different needs. So, sometimes, you may find yourself confused while picking up the best insurance plan for your puppy. However, if you know what your pet policy covers and the premium you are subjected to pay fits your budget, you can choose a better plan for yourself among all the programs out there.

Get Your pet certified as an ESA?

To get your pet dog certified as an Emotional Support Animal, you must follow these steps:

Apply now and get started by filling an online evaluation form with your details along with your mental disability. Submit your evaluation questionnaire online.

Once you submit your form online, your details will get evaluated by our licensed practitioners, and inform you soon via email for your approval.

Once you get evaluated by our licensed practitioners, you will receive an approval letter via email. Once you get it, you can save it, and your pet will be certified.

Apply Now

Check how much monthly premium you have to pay:

Pet insurance may come in broad ranges, from cheap to costly. You can get pet insurance for yourself with a monthly premium as low as $10, and you can scale it up to $100 in case you want a better premium for your pet. Pet insurance can offer you different kinds of payment options. For example, you can pay quarterly or annual payments, and it most often covers the standard accident and illnesses. If you want your pet insurance to cover everything that includes a day to daycare for your pet and congenital condition, you can choose the add-on options.

Selecting add-on and customization:

Add-ons may cover a few basic procedures like vaccinating your pet, microchipping, and pest prevention. Using customization and add-on options can make a huge difference in giving your puppy a perfect start as it can cover all the basic needs of your puppy to get started in this world.

Not every expensive pet policy right for you:

While selecting the right pet policy, do not make your decision based on sound coverage. Make sure to pick a policy based on your budget and also consider the needs of your pet and your pet while selecting one.

Additional cost may surprise you; make a note of them:

Always note the limitations, the exclusions, and the policy coverages to avoid the surprise costs in pet policy.


By the end of the day, getting toys and treats for your puppy might be fun, but getting proper insurance can be helpful throughout your dog’s life. That is why it’s essential to research and consider all the possible outcomes to determine the best possible pet insurance for your puppy and yourself.


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